My Vampire System Chapter 2018: Stay Out Of Trouble (part 2)

An enormous rage was burning inside of Minny, one that was almost impossible to contain. She knew that she could finish off this vampire in front of her with a single hit. There was no need for her to even transform…but the words of her mother were going through her mind.


“Minny, I know Quinn said for you to only use ten percent of your strength…but I think that’s because he is comparing his strength to yours.” Layla said as she was helping Minny get ready for school, making sure her information was on properly.

“At your school, I doubt there is a vampire that would even be stronger than you, even at your ten percent. So instead, I have a special request…try your best not to get into any fights, and when you are really angry, just think about how happy you will be when you finally come home.”

That distinct memory and not wanting to upset her mother had caused Minny to take a deep breath, and the red glow from her eyes had disappeared.

‘Phew.’ Abby thought, breathing out as well. She was nervous for Minny because of who had approached her. If there was a vampire like Tobi that had people surrounding him, it meant one of two things. His family were in high positions, and he himself was a strong vampire for his age.

Even at this age, the vampires were taught by their parents to get close to those that were strong, and it would help them out in the future.

‘I’m happy that Minny managed to calm herself down. I understand why she’s angry but getting into a fight with these guys would just bring more trouble to her family..and from the sounds of it, Minny loves her family.’

“What’s this?” Tobi said. “I was giving you a free hit, and what? You still won’t touch me.”

Tobi looked away for a second and smiled in the air.

“If I let little brats like you badmouth the leaders and look down on me, that’s what starts rebellions. So I should teach them a lesson before things get out of hand.”

Turning his head, immediately using all his speed, Tobi went to grab Minny’s hair, but as he clenched his fist, he grabbed nothing but the air. Minny had bent down, and his move had completely missed.

‘Did she expect me to do that?’ Tobi thought.

“Come on, Tobi…you said you would teach her a lesson. She just made you look like a fool.” One of the friends shouted.

Tobi chuckled a bit.

“Don’t worry! I’ll get her!”

Tobi moved his hand, attempting to grab her again, but Minny had moved out of the way once more, now to the side, his arm contumely tried to catch her, but she kept moving out of the way.

Frustrated, Tobi started to use both hands, attempting to grab Minny, but each time, she avoided the hits.

The idle kids were watching, and the others were quite impressed. Minny’s movements were small, and Tobi wasn’t slow by any means yet. He was unable to catch her.

‘I’m keeping both promises this way, right, mommy? Minny isn’t fighting, and I’m only using ten per cent of my power to avoid his hits.’ Minny thought she was quite proud of herself.

For Minny, one of the most impressive aspects of her genius self had always been her speed, and she was untouchable to Tobi, who soon turned his grabs into punches but was still hitting nothing but the air.

Over by the door section, there was a group of older boys, one of them, a pretty short-haired boy, couldn’t help but be mesmerised by what he was seeing. He was one of the vampires that were using a vampire aura surrounding his arm as a group gathered around him.

“Are you seeing this, Jared?” One of the girls, with dyed pink hair, named Hebe.

“Yeah… she’s fast..really fast. I think maybe as fast as me.” Jared replied. “It looks like a talented student has arrived in this place after all.”

Eventually, Tobi slowed down. He was running out of energy just trying to catch her, and the friends he had arrived with had decided to take a step away. There were some giggles from other students, and even they thought it was embracing his confidence and bragging, which was why they didn’t want to be seen with Tobi right now.

“Arghh, you b*tch!” Tobi shouted as he launched with most of his legs and went for a grab, but Minny had moved away again, only this time there was a scream shortly after. </>


Minny turned to look, and her heart started to beat wildly as she saw what was taking place.

“You don’t look so confident now. All you can do is run about, and my guess is you can’t really fight right; you’re just fast and weak! So, maybe if I hold your friend here, you’ll stop running away!” Tobi claimed as he held Abby up by her pigtails.

“LET HER GO!” Minny shouted.

“Come at me then!” Tobi shouted back.

He pulled down her hair tightly, which caused pain and tears to fall down. Abby could feel a tinge of pain on her scalp as Tobi was pulling quite hard.

“If you won’t come to me, then I’ll just have to hit your friend!” Tobi said as he made a fist and punched her right in the stomach.

All the air was knocked out of Abby, and spit came out of her mouth. Her eyes felt like they were trying to bulge out of her head. Abby was trying to cry. She was so scared, but she was unable to due to the pain and shock.

Minny was shaking her head, holding her fists so hard that blood was dripping from her hands.

‘Why…Abby is now hurt just because she wanted to become my friend. Why is there someone so mean in the world like this?’ Minny thought. ‘What did us two do? We were just talking to each other. All I want to do…is keep my promise to Daddy and Mommy…Minny wants to be a good girl.’

Since Minny was doing nothing, Tobi felt like he was on the mark, this little vampire wasn’t much of a vampire, and he lifted his fist again and punched Abby right in the stomach. She screamed in pain, and in doing so, Tobi pulled her head back by her hair, having it in the air.

At this moment, Hebi, who was with Jared and the other older students, went to step forward.

“That damned kid, he’s so cruel he needs a beating or two,” Hebe said as she stepped forward, but Jared put out his hand.

“I don’t think you have to worry…that little vampire isn’t just going to stand there,” Jared stated.

Minny slowly started to walk towards her friend and Tobi, stopping just short of arm’s distance.

“Abby… I’m sorry…you hurt me before… I want to help you…so please…just say yes to what I’m about to ask you.”

Abby could hear the words from Minny. She was frightened for her life at the moment and didn’t want to be hit anymore, but still, for some reason, she was clinging to the words of Minny.

“Do you feel like your life is in danger right now?” Minny asked.

Listening to Minny’s words from before, she was shocked for a moment but immediately gave an answer the next moment.


Her scream resounded through the hall.


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