My Vampire System Chapter 2017: Stay Out Of Trouble (part 1)

A school full of vampires was bound to be different from a school for regular children. For one, there was a big focus on making the vampires understand how to utilise their strength. The vampire settlement never wanted the kids to shy away from doing so.

Which was why the playground wasn’t a simple place either. There were advanced climbing frames that were built high up in the air. Monkey bars had a great distance between each bar. At the same time, there were even fake dolls that were on poles for the students to practise hitting and targeting precision.

The dolls were quite resilient and also had a strange self-healing mechanism, so if they were scratched or attacked with vampire aura, they would survive and eventually return back to normal.

Right now, it was a simple break rather than lunch, so the kids weren’t being served a meal, but they were free to eat any snacks they had brought from them. Minny and her new friend Abby were both sitting on what looked like a large log. It was sturdy and could fit around fifty students on it based on how large it was.

They were sitting on one end, away from the other kids watching all the others as they drank their juice boxes. Unlike Abby, who was drinking her juice slowly, bit by bit, Minny was already down to the bottom as the straw was making a slurping noise.

“Ahhh!” Minny exclaimed with a big smile.

“You must have been really hungry. You can have some of mine if you want,” Abby smiled as she offered her juice box.

Straight away, Minny’s eyes were sparkling. She knew that Abby would be a kind-hearted soul the second she met her. For a kid to offer their juice to another was not easy.

“It’s okay,” Minny, however, shook her head and looked away from the juice box but taking a peek now and then, she continued, “My dad…he limits how many of these I can have.”

“Oh, I see, that’s the dad…you said you like being with, right?” Abby asked as she continued to sip her juice slowly.

“Yeah, I miss my parents…because I don’t know anyone at the school, but now I have met you, I think…maybe we can enjoy school together, hehe” Minny let out a sweet laugh at the end.

The two of them got to talking, and apparently, Abby didn’t know anyone because her family had only just decided to move to the settlement. It was a sudden decision, but Abby didn’t mind too much because she didn’t know any vampires her age anyway.

Just like Minny, it was hard for her to approach a group of kids that were already friends and knew each other, but she had promised that if she met others her age, she would try to make friends, and that was why she had approached Abby in the first place.

“I see,” Minny said. “It’s the same for me. I don’t know anyone my age, either. Anyway, now that we have drunk our juice is there anything you want to play with?”

The two of them looked around. The playground was mixed with kids of all sorts of ages, so there were some bigger vampires using a lot of the equipment, and Abby also noticed that Minny’s eyes were more focused than the combat equipment.

She was watching a group of boys who were showing each other a set of moves, punching the doll and making it rock back and forth. A bunch of kids had even gathered around one that was using his vampire aura to surround his arm.

“Are you interested in fighting?” Abby asked.

Minny turned around at quite a speed. And scratched the back of her head.

“Not really, It’s just sometimes I’ve had to fight here and there. So I have seen quite a few things.”

“You know, I heard the school plans to have a monthly assessment,” Abby explained. “All the kids are to show what they have learnt, and the leaders of the family will visit us. If the leaders think you are strong enough or have potential, they will take you under their wing and train you.”

Gone were the days when families cared about their own blood. Now they just cared about raising talented vampires to be loyal to their families.

“Ah, it’s okay,” Minny replied. “I already have a really good teacher if I need to learn to fight.”

“You have a teacher. Who’s that?” Abby asked. </>

“My dad, of course.” Minny pointed to herself. “My dad is stronger and a better teacher than any of those leaders.”

“HAHAHA!” The gag of loud laughter suddenly came from behind them, and as they turned around, they could see that it was Tobi, the boy who had made the comments earlier about Minny’s father and a few of his friends.

There looked to be two other boys and two other vampire girls that were walking around with him. For some reason, Tobi looked to be a popular boy.

“It looks like we really met a delusional one, right guys?” Tobi asked, and the others couldn’t stop laughing. “Did you really say that your father, the one that is a guard, is a better teacher and stronger than the leaders?

“You know, not just me, but if the leaders heard that, they might chop off not just your head but your fathers as well. Then we would really see who is stronger and who isn’t.”

Minny was angry at first. Because, of course, Tobi was making fun of her, but then an image appeared in her head. Suppose the leaders did attempt that. She could just imagine her father doing the exact opposite to them, and then a smile appeared on her face.

“Hey, what do you think is so funny?” Tobi asked. “Do you like the thought of your family dying? Are you some type of sick freak?”

Hearing these words….it had a set of images in Minny’s head. Because she had a family that had died, her mother…her real mother that she never was able to see again was dead, and now she had a new family thanks to Quinn, who was looking after her.𝚏𝑟e𝒆𝙬𝒆𝗯𝑛𝙤vel.𝘤o𝑚

? Who was this person, and who were they to say such mean things to her? Minny clenched both of her fists behind her, and Abby could hear a slight cracking noise.

When she looked at the large wooden log they were on, Minny’s nails were ripping it to shreds.

“I haven’t said anything about your family…so why…why do you keep saying stuff about mine!” Minny said as she got off the log and looked up at Tobi.

She was staring him in the eye, and her eyes were starting to glow slightly red, which usually meant a vampire aura was starting to burn from within.

“You… you’re looking at me with those eyes!” Tobi shouted back.

At this point, the shouting match between the two was catching the attention of the others, in the higher grades and the lower grades. Fights happened on the playground all the time, and kids were always excited to see the outcome and what would come of them.

“You really want to hit me, don’t you? Go on then, show me what your useless father has taught you!” Tobi shouted, trying to look strong upon seeing everyone’s attention on him while also feeling somewhat confident about taking on Minny.



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