My Vampire System Chapter 2015: The First Day (part 3)

In the assembly hall, the introductions by the staff were eventually over, and the principal gave a speech welcoming all of the students and wishing them good luck with the school. With that, the classmates moved along as they headed to their new classroom.

The classroom had around twenty students in total. They all looked around the same age as Minny, and there was one desk per student in the classroom. It was loaded with technology as the desk itself was a giant tablet that the students could use to write notes and project videos for them to watch that were related to the lesson.

The Leader had given the school the best upgrades, and with a nice flow of crystal, it was easy for them to power everything with them.

As the students stepped into the class, they could see their names hovering above the individual desks, and each student could see where their designated seats were.

“Ah, we are right next to each other. This is great, Tot!”

“Yeah, we’re not only in the same class but are next to each other as well!”

Most of the students were already chatting to those next to them excitedly, apart from Minny, who was seated in the centre of the room, in the middle row, neither talking to the one in front, behind, to the left or right.

“Okay, everyone, sit in your seat and quiet down.” The female teacher said. The teacher had long black hair tied up in a ponytail down to her waist. This person was someone Minny hadn’t seen around before, but she had a friendly smile which made her feel a bit more comfortable.

As the class calmed down, the female teacher began to introduce herself.

“Before we go through their serious stuff and class rules, I thought it would be nice if everyone introduced themselves and stated their name and something they liked doing, a hobby of some sort.” She turned around and wrote her name on the board. “My name is Miss Bedford, and I like to play the piano in my spare time.”

After that, the rest of the kids clapped as she smiled and gestured towards the next student.

One by one, the children stood up from their seats as they said their names and talked about their hobbies, such as playing games, fighting, and other things like cooking, and it was finally Minny’s turn.

“My Name is Minny Talen…and I…I like…spending time with my dad and mom.” She answered.

The teacher thought it was a sweet answer, but the other kids started to giggle when they heard this, which caused Minny to go slightly red and sit down straight away.

“No laughing, you guys. Family is an essential part of our lives and plays a crucial role in developing our character. Your mum and dad are why you are even here today, so you should treasure them.” Miss Bedford said.

Minny was happy that the teacher stuck up for her, and she thought the next student would quickly say their name so everyone would forget about what she had said, until a boy from before spoke up, one named Tobi.

“Isn’t your dad a guard?” Tobi’s words were loud and directed at Minny, “I saw him this morning, and my parents were talking about it as well. Man, if I had a father as weak as yours, I would be embarrassed even to say I have a father.”𝘧𝑟𝘦𝑒w𝒆𝗯𝙣𝘰v𝐞l.𝒄𝒐𝙢

“My dad is strong!” Minny shouted immediately in response, banging the table.

The group of children next to Tobi started to laugh.

“Come on, I know you’re like us, but how can you be that stupid? Your dad is weak because that’s why he’s a guard. Everyone knows that if you want respect, you have to be strong.”

“Tobi, stop it now!” The teacher instructed him to stop, afraid things might go out of hand.

“Come on, miss, it’s true. Even to be a teacher, a vampire must have a certain level of strength, and everyone knows a guard is just a job that anyone can have.” </>

Miss Bedford narrowed her eyes and stared right at Tobi.

“For not listening to me and being disobedient, someone will have to clean the classroom after school.”

Topi immediately stopped. He hated cleaning, and it was something his parents didn’t even make him do. So he just kissed his teeth and looked at Minny, who was staring him down with daggers in her eyes.

“Okay, class, let’s continue with the introductions.” Miss Bedford said.

The lessons continued as normal, and Minny followed along with the teacher as they studied Maths, English and so on. The physical lessons were only on certain days and mainly in the afternoon. For the first day, there won’t be any though.

After the first two lessons, it was time for them to have a break, and one of the other girls came up to Minny. She had braided hair and was holding a book in her chest.

“You’re Abby, right?” Minny asked when she noticed the young girl.

“Yeah…hello, I was wondering if you wanted to spend the break together,” Abby asked. “I…you see…I don’t know anyone, and I don’t like to drink my juice alone.”

Just like Minny, Abby knew no one, and Minny was happy to see that she wasn’t alone in all of this, and with that, the two of them felt like they had a connection with each other.

“Really, I have lots of juice boxes. We can drink lots of juice together.” Minny said.

The two headed out together, holding hands to enjoy their break.

Tobi had a few other boys around him as they were packing some of their things away.

“Do you guys see the way she stared at me?” Tobi asked his friends.

“Yeah. I think she wanted to rip your throat out.” Another boy replied.

“Yeah, staring at me, the strongest in our grade. She did look at me like she was ready to fight. I guess we should see for ourselves if she was actually ready or just faking it.” Tobi smiled as he got up, ready to follow Minny.


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