My Vampire System Chapter 2013: The First Day (part 1)

Most days at the vampire settlement were quiet as a whole. There would be times when vampires were injured having explored the rest of the planet. Unlike the last vampire planet, this one was full of dangerous beasts.

Although it wasn’t completely dangerous, because as far as Quinn knew there wasn’t a demon tier beast here, but he knew beasts could evolve so there was always the chance that there would be one someday.

This was why, at times, vampires who were too confident in themselves would go out, and get injured. However the settlement would never get attacked, it was almost as if the beasts knew how dangerous a place was.

Although there was one time, when Quinn was patrolling the outskirts of the area, he had seen a beast and locked eyes with it. Releasing just a little bit of his energy and pressure had made it run away in seconds.

Thinking of the dangers out there, while in the kitchen Quinn had used his shadow for a brief second and pulled out a particular crystal.

‘You still haven’t used it after all this time?’ Alex said. ‘Are you perhaps taking my suggestion to heart, since it’s that day?’

The crystal that was in Quinn’s hand was the upgrade crystal, but not just any upgrading crystal, it was one that could turn an item from the demon tier to the god slayer tier.

‘I don’t think your suggestion is a bad one, it’s just for one Minny doesn’t have any Demon tier items. I would have to either leave the place for a while, or go with one of the scouting teams. Then, if she did get a god slayer tier item, would that make her at the god slayer tier level, or is it just simply an item?

What I don’t want to do is make the celestials target her. She is strong already with the energy from when I was a celestial.’ Quinn explained.

“Daddy, I’m ready!” A voice shouted out and coming around the corner Minny was seen. She looked up and could see a flicker of a shadow disappearing and a shocked look on Quinn’s face.

“Dad, did you just use your powers?” Minny complained, pouting out her big cheeks. “You said that Minny was never ever to use her powers unless she felt like her life was on the line, and that Minny shouldn’t complain because you were going to do the same.”

Quinn was struggling with what to say, he didn’t want to be a hypocrite and at the same time he wanted Minny to grow up with a strong sense of values. If she couldn’t trust her father over something like this, then would it mean all of his words would become useless?fr𝘦𝒆𝙬e𝘣𝘯𝒐vel.𝒄𝗼𝙢

“You two should hurry up, otherwise you’re going to be late for work, and you’re going to be late for your first day at school.” Layla said, as she stopped by the hallway door, just outside the kitchen.

“She’s right, let’s hurry up now Minny.” Quinn said, as he shoved her with his body outside the front door. Glad that Layla had given him this chance.

The two of them were walking towards the school, which was inside the settlement on the West side. Not close to the border as there was a worry if there was ever an attack that the children would be hurt.

However, the worrying thing was, Quinn’s guarding station was more situated toward the east side as that was where the ninth family was from. As the two happily walked though, Quinn couldn’t believe how much his life had changed.

How much he was enjoying just sending his little girl to school. When they got closer, Quinn could see many other vampire parents taking their kids to school as well. Currently, Minny would be attending primary school.

It was a school that took kids aged from 5 to 13, after that, the secondary was a lot more varied. It was more based on one’s skill so there were even some adults in the secondary school. At some points there were also large breaks as they needed enough people to study due to the strange rules in the past of limiting vampire numbers and children but those rules weren’t around anymore so school worked more or less the same for humans on earth.

Minny was considered 7 years old for her size, so there would certainly be some kids that were bigger than her, which worried Quinn, but it was the natural worry of a father.

Eventually, Quinn and Minny had arrived at the entrance of the school. Here kids of all ages were entering the building. It was quite large because at the vampire school they not only taught normal academics, but how one would use their powers as well.

“Have you seen that father… he’s so handsome.”

“Do you think he’s single, I haven’t noticed him before.”

“He is certainly handsome, but look at his clothes. He’s just a guard, it’s such a waste for a pretty face like his just to be a guard. Maybe he should be a model for some of the clothes merchants or something.”

Quinn could hear a lot of comments about him, but he didn’t care about them, and just knelt down to be at eye level along with Minny.

“You remember all the rules that me and your mother set while you’re at school right?” Quinn said.

Minny nodded with a big smile.

“I’m sorry that you can’t try your best, but… you have to understand that’s just because Minny is special. Your mum will be here to pick you up when school ends, okay? Daddy still has to work for a couple of hours after that.” Quinn rubbed her curly hair.

“Thank you, Daddy.” Minny said, as she gave him a kiss and started to walk to school on her own. When seeing some of the other vampires, walking with their friends, and those they knew from other families worried him. pan(da-n0vel.c)om</>

What if she was unable to make friends, what if something happened and Minny wouldn’t tell him? At this point, he wished he had the connections he did before to know what was going on in the school.

He even wished he could take the day off work and watch Minny from the shadows just to see how she got along, but he restrained himself. Minny needed to live a normal life as well.

“Do you think they’re really father and daughter, the two of them look nothing alike.” Two women said.

Turning his head, Quinn looked directly at the two mothers. It was an intense stare that was intimidating for them, that caused them to look away, but when one of them looked back they noticed that the man was gone.

“What was that?” One of them asked. “It looked like he was going to hit us. And here I thought with such a face he would be a gentleman.”

“Maybe, we shouldn’t talk too loudly in the open next time.”


Standing just outside the 9th castle’s area, Ronkin was tapping his feet away as he waited for his partner to appear, he was never late, and although it wasn’t time for them to start work yet, he had never seen Quinn appear this late.

A gust of wind was felt on his cheek, and when he looked up it startled Ronkin as a vampire had appeared out of nowhere in front of him.

“Where did you come from?” Ronkin asked.

“Sorry.” Quinn replied. “I wanted to take my daughter to school since it’s her first day and all.”

It was embarrassing for Quinn to say these words, but in a proud way. He was almost too happy about saying these words he never thought he would hear.

“Your daughter, 7 years old, doesn’t that mean she’s going to Roland primary school, that’s all the way on the other side of the settlement, how did you get here so fast?” Ronkin asked.

Vampires were fast, but not that fast to get form the opening time of school to here in time. Not unless they had the speed that Quinn had of course.

“We went early so I wouldn’t be late, and then I ran here. I’m pretty fast.” Quinn stated.

“Oh… I think that’s the first time you have ever said you’re good at something around here.” Ronkin smiled, as the two of them continued to walk, starting their protocol.

“I mean its a good thing if you did go early. I wouldn’t want my son to see me with all the other kids.” Ronkin said.

“What do you mean?” Quinn replied confused.

“Did you forget, we are guards, it’s one of the lowest jobs, anyone can get this role even if they don’t know how to fight. It’s almost a pity job for vampires. Have you ever heard me complain about this? If the other kids see us, there is a good chance that the others will make fun of her. Kids are meaner than you think, they have no filter when they talk to people.”

Had the simple act of taking her to school ruined her chances to make friends, and what if the other kids teased Minny to the point she decided to do something… if that was to happen.

“Anyway, I wanted to ask you a favour.” Ronkin said. “Would you help me…and fight against me?”


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