My Vampire System Chapter 2009 The Current Situation (Part 2)

The two explained more about what happened during the month in the vampire settlement while Quinn was away. For one, the attack or break-in that Layla and Russ had been a part of didn’t really result in much.

There was no search for the two of them, nor was there any announcement or news of manhunt. In fact, after a few days of letting the heat cool down, the two of them decided to let go of their disguises a little.

Layla still kept her hat on to cover her horns, as Hanyma’s were rare in general, and with the vampires not remembering what she looked like, she believed that her class would make it up for that, so she attracted some attention.

It was the same with Russ. Since he was a human, it was a similar deal. However, there was a solution to his problem. A special solution was made a long time ago that allowed humans to blend in with vampires.

The only thing was, in the vampire settlement, that was very hard to come by, so they had a limited supply, and Russ would only need to use it on an emergency basis.

But in conclusion to everything, they found out that their faces hadn’t been recognised by anyone and they weren’t being chased, which meant they could live their life more freely.

While Layla wanted to still keep an eye on the castles, vampires and Jim to see what would occur, the two of them had agreed for Russ to find out what was going on on Earth.

There were vampires that had friends or relatives that lived in the Graylash faction, as well as the Vampire Corps. Many of them tried to convince them to come to the settlement, and in some cases, it worked as there was quite a large amount of immigration into the settlement, but all this meant Russ could gather as to what had happened on Earth.

“Most of what occurred on Earth is still true. What happened at the Chained event that you ruined has been replaced with Jim Eno arriving at the time. The Dhampir that had gone on a rampage and Zero, the leader of Pure, trying to open a portal to the world of the Celestial, is all still there.

“However, two major things have changed with the people that don’t make sense to me. The first, the Dalki are living on Earth and are living on planets across Earth. In fact, there are large cruise ships like vessels all over the solar system with Dalki on board.

“The humans are all accepting of this because of one person, a man named Jack Truedream. Your friends gave him the greenlight, Logan Green, Chris, Peter and so on. You see, Jack Truedream to the humans is known to have worked together with Jim to not only defeat the Dalki during the war but have also brought peace to both races and live side by side.

“I don’t know how or why, but with everyone’s support, especially Jim Eno’s, Jack Truedream is now the leader of earth.”

It was expected that Russ didn’t know much of Jack Truedream, so much had happened that many forgot his influence. A man who tried to attack the Blade family just because he thought he could get his hands on the Shadow power. At the same time, the one who originally would steal powers from students from different academies every year.

Due to his power, even in the past, he had great control over the military, and his disappearance was one of the major factors that contributed to the Civil war.

“Quinn, I want you to pay a lot of attention to what Russ just said,” Layla added as she could see he was in the middle of thoughts and getting angrier by the second. “Jack Truedream may have become the leader of Earth, but I confirmed it as well, everyone is safe.

“Maybe it’s not right for him and Jim to change the memories of everything that happened, but the truth is, humans are banding together and there is less infighting compared to before.

“It’s the same with the vampires as well. In a way, because they all see Jim as a Hero, all of the vampires, including the leaders listen to what he says and due to there being one direction, the vampires are happy as well.”

Thinking about it, both Jim and Truedream wanted to be leaders, and they have managed to become leaders without spilling blood and changing everyone’s views. The sad part was, it was after Quinn had cleared all of the troubles, and now everyone had forgotten his name.

But, if Quinn were to fight against them now, to disrupt the peace, and fight against what everyone believed was heroes, and take them out, just because people didn’t knew who he was, it would be an incredibly selfish thing to do, or worse, infighting could break out and the lives of others would be in free fall once again.

‘It looks like the celestials have stuck to their promise as well and haven’t gotten involved. If I lay low, then I can just live my life?’ Quinn thought.

There were still others he didn’t know were okay, what about Vincent? What about Sam, who was meant to be with Bliss…what about both of them? Vincent had said he had lived a full life a long time ago, but Sam? ]

“Well there is one group, and I’ll be honest I’m not too pleased about this myself. There has been no sign or word about the Blade family.” Russ explained.

“What about the memories of them?” Quinn asked.

“People still remember them, but in the first place, the Blade family had become mercenaries of the galaxy, taking on troubles and tasks by being hired, and one day, they just suddenly vanished.”

There was no doubt in Quinn’s mind that most likely this had something to do with Truedream. He would have the biggest grudge against the Blade family, and if Sil returned, that would be devastating for him as well.

For a second, Quinn felt Layla grab one of his hands with both of hers and place it on top of her belly.

“Quinn, I don’t want you to miss the birth of your child. I really mean that. I know you care about your friends, but everything is peaceful right now. With no one remembering our faces, can’t we live a happy life and begin from scratch?

“At least until the baby is born and the child is older, can’t we put the Great Hero Quinn to the side?” Layla pleaded.

The Dalki weren’t causing trouble, the vampires weren’t causing trouble, the celestials were minding their own business, and the humans were developing themselves and working with the Dalki of all things.

How important was it for the people to know the truth…and for Quinn to get revenge on those that had been hurt? His fist was tightening as he asked himself this question, he wanted to just punch the head off both Truedream and Jim.

“I know you…I’m not asking you to do this forever.” Layla said. “I’m sure one day the world will need you to act again. It just comes with the responsibilities of who you are and your great power, but just live a life with family for now.”

Looking around the room, and looking at Minny, who had already fallen asleep on one of the beds, he realised they had lived a hard life of fighting, running or something for a while now. Maybe it was time for him to live his own life.

“I want to see my baby be born as well.” Quinn smiled.

“It will work out.” Layla smiled. “As long as no one does anything that would get us noticed by the leaders or Originals. It will be fine, we can live a happy life.”

Quinn smiled at Layla, but then thought entered his head as he repeated back those words. Images of him entering one of the leader’s castles, battling in front of them, getting right in their face.

“No…Quinn.” Layla said as she noticed this look. “What did you do?”


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