My Vampire System Chapter 2008 The Current Situation (Part 1)

With two six-spiked Dalki and a ship full of possible enemies, Russ didn’t like his chances in a situation like this. Especially since he had already tried to enter silently, but the vampires could smell him. Even if he tried to hide, they would surely sniff him out.

However, he was thankful that Layla, the one he had been asked to protect, would indeed have a good image of one of the strongest people he had ever met.

‘All I need to do is summon him, and we can get out of here!’ So Russ thought as he reached his hand towards her head and activated his ability.

Both of the Dalki, at that moment, charged forward from their spots, even hitting some of the masked vampires in the way. They didn’t care if they were severely hurt or not.

Seeing this, a large current seemed to be speeding up both of their movements, confirming a lot of Layla’s thoughts that these Dalki had abilities.

“If you came here to help, then do something!” Layla shouted as the marking on the sword lit up.

The explosive energy was being transferred from the sword right into her as the red and white energy began to emit from her body like a bright flame.

While at the same time, all the veins on her body began to bulge, from her forehead, face to forearms, everywhere. It was almost as if there wasn’t an ounce of fat on her body.

Bursting from her position, she charged towards the Dalki and, seeing this, both of them threw out their fists. With speed, the strength of their bodies and ability, the attack was sure to rip a hole through most opponents.

However, when Layla swung her sword through the air current, the incoming momentum completely disappeared on the spot. Layla was then able to turn the sword creating a significant slash against both of their chests, and green blood splattered over the area.

‘This isn’t an ordinary sword. It could even damage the dragon you guys came from and can stop any ability. Not to mention, with the energy it’s giving me, I get a speed boost, power boost and overall strength. As long as I’m faster than them, I can do this!’

Layla swung her sword a few more times, making cuts on their body, but none of them seemed deep enough to do real damage, but while fighting, a thought flashed in her head. What if, right now, the two Dalki were getting hurt on purpose? After all, getting injured would normally allow them to get stronger.

‘I hate to tell you this, but I can sense more on the way. You have to get out of here now!’ The sword stated.

“Damn it!” Russ suddenly shouted, “You think so highly of that person that I don’t even have enough MC cells to summon him for a second. Lower your expectations!”

Russ seemed quite annoyed, but Layla had no clue why. With his arrival, she thought she had been granted a way out of there, but it didn’t seem to be the case since he had done nothing so far.

At the same time, Layla stopped her attacks. She had no other choice. After all, she was only raising their power unless she could finish the Dalki in a single hit. As she jumped back, the sword was only held in one hand, and throwing out her hand, multiple black orbs shot out all over the place.

While some touched the Dalki, chains started to appear on their bodies, pinning them and keeping them in place, but Layla knew this attack wouldn’t be able to hold them down for any considerable amount of time.

“Hey, you were with that man a lot right?!” Russ said, being a little panicked compared to how he usually would have been. “Tell me, if he was in this situation and wanted to get out of here, is there any of his shadow power we could use to leave this place?”

Layla was confused, why was Russ asking about Quinn’s powers now out of all times. With the others chained up though, she soon decided to grab him, picking him up and running as fast as she could back towards the way she came.

‘Not this way! Not this way, there are more of them!’ The sword was trying to help but couldn’t find a way for them to get out of the place.

“Will you listen to me?! Imagine a shadow power in your head right now, and explain to me how he used it!” Russ asked.

She had no idea whether it was worth it or not. Neither she knew why he was asking about shadow at a time like this, but because of how desperate Russ sounded, she explained anyway.

“A skill, he had a skill called Shadow Travel, which would allow us to sink in his shadow and travel as a shadow, going through any objects, walls or anything. If we had that we could get out of here.” She explained.

At that moment, Russ smiled, and a round shadow appeared below them. Seeing this, Layla didn’t question it right now and instead deactivated the power that surrounded her from the sword and placed it back in its sheath as the two of them sunk in, escaping the place. ]


While telling the entire story, Layla could see that Quinn was nervous throughout her narration. It was quite cute because of how tense he was, even though he knew the situation had turned out okay.

“I’m not happy,” Quinn said. “You were taking a huge risk. If Russ wasn’t there at the time, there is a very good chance that you wouldn’t have been able to get out of there. If I came back and I found out what happened…”

Layla could only imagine that rather than sneaking around the place, he probably would have stormed and fought against Jim no matter what the public thought about him. When Quinn was angry, it acted first and thought about the consequences after.

In the story, there was a lot to take in, especially with the return of the Dalki and them having abilities. It sounded similar to what Sil had told him about his encounter. On top of that, Jim Eno took credit for everything he had done.

Quinn didn’t know how to feel about this. Right now, the feeling of vanity was almost numb. He had been through so much, done so much at this point, it was almost what he could do. Not to mention, it wasn’t as if he had done those things for recognition.

In the first place, it was amusing that someone wanted to take recognition for the things that he had done while not being able to do it themselves.

“In the end, the original vampires and some of the past leaders were brought back to life by Jim Eno. And if Jim has changed their memories as well, I can’t say that for sure. But with a power like that, it would be easy to manipulate any of them to follow him, and it looks like they do. I didn’t try to enter the ship again. As you said, it felt too dangerous and I had another life to look after.” Layla said, rubbing her stomach.

“They built the castles, and the King system was brought back, with Jim Eno being the top. It seems like this was something Jim always wanted, and now that he has all the Originals and past leaders working for him, he has achieved everything he wished.

“And from what I have heard, Jim wishes to make the vampires stronger than they currently are. He feels that the vampire’s strength has weakened, which is why he has started to distribute the Dalki blood, but I have no idea how many Dalki he has, their level or anything related to them.

“In the end, Jim left two days ago after doing all of that. And I wanted to make sure he wasn’t going to come back, at least not soon, and that’s why I felt it was safe to head back to Minny and see how she was doing, perhaps continue to live the way I have been doing with Minny for a while.”

Judging by what Quinn had seen so far, Jim had spread an eight-spiked Dalki blood around as well, but most likely, only the leaders had that. But to make the vampires stronger, was there a reason for it? Was Jim trying to build a strong army? Or was he pushing them to be stronger for the sake of it?

‘I guess he really did achieve what he wished. Now everyone is using his blood substitute just like he wished in the past.’ Quinn thought.

“What about the Earth? I have seen what the vampire settlement is, but did you ever manage to get in contact with the Earth and the others.”

It was then that Russ stepped forward.

“While Layla was happily living her life, I found news on all the ones that she told me to keep track of. Just like the vampire settlement, Earth is different from what I remember. In fact, it’s a bit too different.”


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