My Vampire System Chapter 2007: Unexpected Team (part 2)

MVS 2007

How strong was Jim Eno? If his clones were anything to go by, Layla didn’t think she had much to worry about. However, Jim Eno was once classified as a strong vampire and it had been a 1000 years since she had last seen him.

At the same time, he had a great mind, and she was sure he would have multiple tricks up his sleeve to protect himself. Perhaps the Jim Eno that was giving orders here wasn’t even the real one, and that was the frightening thing about the person.

Which was why she wasn’t outright going after Jim Eno, but trying to find out what the trick was to this mind business. Exploring the large ship she had to wait for the right moments to run across halls as quickly and quietly as she could.

‘With my telekinesis ability I can float myself over them, and make my footsteps not touch the ground, but it’s harder to keep up with my natural speed that way.’ Layla thought. ‘The annoying thing is, the longer I stay here, the more likely I am to get caught.’

Rather than continuing to do that, in one of the many halls, Layla had levitated herself to the ceiling and was among the pipes and electric wires that would go through the entire place. It was the safest way for her to travel, but she had no clue where the vampires went, or where they were being hidden.

Eventually, she had seen two masked vampires walk in a certain direction and she did her best to follow them from above until they had finally reached a sealed door. The vampires used their fingerprint to enter the place, which meant one thing, that only Jim Eno could enter into such a place.

‘If I was him, then I bet the tombs are kept in one of these locked away areas. I could go back and chop one of the fingers off from the other guards… but that would take time, heading back the way I came in, and I don’t have that much time.’

Just as Layla thought of this, she could see that another masked vampire was pressing his finger on the scanner. For a brief second, Layla put her hand out and forced the finger of the man to stay on the scanner for a little longer.

After that, Layla quickly floated her body past the door while he was focused on his finger.

“That was strange.” The masked man looked behind him, wondering what that was, because it certainly was unnatural.

When Layla entered through the door, the entire area she was in was strange. For one, everywhere was covered in a strange red light. It looked like she had entered a lab of some sort that was on the spaceship.

There were several large cables, electrics and more, and even more so, there seemed to be a large number of people that were moving in and out, all in their own world, recording their own data as well.

Still using her ability to float herself in the air, Layla was trying to delve deeper and follow where these scientists were going. Whether it was to the vampires or not she wasn’t so sure, but maybe it was to something else.

That was when she saw it, large tubes filled with a strange liquid, and in the tube itself, there were Dalki. Green liquid was being drained from their bodies, and entering canisters.

‘Has Jim been creating the Dalki again? If he made them before, then there wouldn’t be much to stop him from making them again.’ Layla thought. ‘But the Dragon… it was with Quinn right. How is there more material to create the Dalki? And why has Jim brought them back to the vampires in the first place.’

Getting closer, there was something else Layla wanted to check, from the angle she was at, she was unable to see the number of spikes on its back. The Dalki weren’t too much of a problem, depending on the strength or level of the Dalki at the moment.

‘I need to see if they’re alive as well.’ Layla thought, as she started to move into position.

“I thought as much, it looks like there is a rat in here!” A loud voice said.

Looking down, Layla could tell she had been caught, and although he was wearing the same mask as the others, she instinctively knew that it was the man she had used her ability on.

However, she had to leave his finger pressed on the button longer so he was distracted while she flew through.

The masked men were alert to Layla’s current location, but none of them started to attack just yet, because if they did they were worried they would destroy parts of their precious lab.

‘I see, well if I can’t stop the originals from coming back, then I can at least destroy their equipment!’ Layla thought, as she jumped down on the ground. As she did, she swung her sword, slicing the head off two of the vampires.

Then, running forward, flames started to gather in her mouth and a ball of fire could be seen between her fangs. When she was in front of the large console, she tilted her head back and huffed out the fire. </>

With the fire, if it spread around the lab, then it would be able to do quite a bit of destruction, but as the breath left her mouth, a large figure was seen standing in front of the console.

The figure was covered in flames, and soon with a clap of its hands, all of the flames had disappeared, turning into nothing.

Now right in front of her, Layla could see that it wasn’t just anybody, but it was a Dalki… and a 6 spike Dalki at that.

‘This thing… it’s at a level higher than Slicer… but I have grown a lot since then. I have grown since becoming the leader of the Red vampires. I am not the same as before.’

A fist from the Dalki was thrown out, and Layla’s fast reactions allowed her to dodge the hit as she was ready to swing the sword, but a strong gust of wind had hit her in the stomach soon after, sending her flying back.

Before she had crashed into the wall where she had entered from, she began to use her telekinesis ability to slow herself down. She wasn’t hurt as her second stage Qi did well to block any damage, but she was left confused.

‘What was that… his attack missed, but something else hit me… it’s almost like it had an ability, but how? The Dalki can’t learn abilities.’

At that moment, it wasn’t just one Dalki though, landing right by the other side, was another 6 spiked Dalki.

All of the vampires, Layla could sense their emotions, they were smiling underneath the mask of theirs.

‘Jim Eno… what have you done, what have you been creating, are you trying to doom the whole world again?’ Layla thought.

Thankfully, her hat and disguise was still covering most of her face, only showing her mouth.

“All staff have been alerted of your presence on this ship.” One of the masked men said. “And on this ship, there are more than just these two Dalki. I know you might be strong, strong enough and brave enough to enter this ship, but this will soon be your grave.”

As soon as the masked vampire finished those words, the sound of the doors opening behind her were heard.

“Why did one have to go into one of the most dangerous places there is, of all places.” A male’s voice was heard, holding onto one of the masked men and his hands.

As he dropped him, the masked vampire fell to the floor, and stepping forward was a long haired blonde human. Looking at him, Layla hadn’t seen him in person but knew of him because at one point he was a very prominent figure.

“Russ…” Layla mumbled.

“I don’t want to be here, but I have to be. Don’t worry, I’m sure you have a strong image of a certain someone in your mind. With him, it will be easy to get out of this place.” Russ smiled.


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