My Vampire System Chapter 2005: A Dead Person Walking

Lately, Layla had been hearing words coming out from other’s mouths that she never thought she would hear. She was drawing a blank, but quickly realised that in the current situation that she might be the strange one, and if she was to continue acting a certain way, she might start to worry others as well.

So she decided to keep a straight face. From what she could remember, Jim Eno had been killed. Although there was the instance where there were multiple clones of him on the Dalki made planet as well.

Still, it was assumed that the real one was dead. However, the world never really came to know who Jim really was. A great mind that was related to Vincent, and Richard, an Eno who had the ability of equivalent exchange and the person behind the creation of the Dalki in the first place.

Being cautious, Layla did decide to push Xander on certain thoughts, asking him questions in a certain manner that wouldn’t be so suspicious, trying to bring up good memories of the past without mentioning Quinn’s name, and that’s when she realised…

‘Quinn�� not only has he been forgotten by everyone in the settlement. All of his deeds, everything he had done had been replaced by Jim Eno. The vampires now see him the same way as they saw Quinn.’

The fury was hard to keep down, and Layla’s horns were reacting to it, which caused Xander to back off. He could tell that she was furious because of this, but had no clue why.

‘How could anyone believe him, of all people, was a Hero! All the hard work Quinn did, is now forgotten, the people that died helping Quinn�� it’s just WRONG!’ She screamed in her head. ‘But how, how could Jim even do this. Even if he had his old powers, something like this isn’t possible, right?

‘And to think that if I didn’t have the sword. If it hadn’t used its powers to protect me, then I too would have forgotten about Quinn, and I would have thought that damn Jim was the one that saved us.’

Just thinking about it was making Layla so angry that it was starting to make her feel sick. She felt like, if Jim was right in front of her, she wouldn’t be able to hold her tongue or actions and would attempt to attack him right on the spot.

“You said he would be here in a few hours, right?” Layla asked.

To which Xander nodded and before he could say anything else, she was already out of the room. Heading to her room, she quickly found Minny and told her to come along. On top of that some supplies were brought along as well.

After that, with a large sack on her back, Minny and Layla had decided to leave the settlement and find a nice place for Minny to hide.

“Minny, I can’t really explain much to you now, but there is most likely going to be some big trouble. I don’t know how long I will be, but I need you to stay put and stay hiding okay.”

“Mommy, Minny is strong, I can help you as well.” Minny said, as she showed her talents, running ahead, climbing on some trees, and quickly landing on the floor and shooting off again. She certainly was a talented vampire.

One that would be able to face the old leaders, she had that much power and talent.

“Minny, I understand you are very strong. In a lot of cases, I think you may be stronger than me.” Layla explained. “However, you are the only link with your father at the moment. If he comes back, the first person that he’s going to go to is you, through your shadow powers. So no matter what, you need to stay safe.”

After finding a safe location, Layla looked around the area to try and remember where she had left Minny and at the same time, due to her over worrying nature, she believed that she might have not provided enough supplies or food for Minny.

Rushing back, as soon as Layla got there, she headed back with more supplies and gave a big kiss to Minny on the forehead saying that she would be back. When Layla returned to the settlement this time, she had brought along a cloak as well as a hat with her.

The cloak covered the top half of her face, having slits that allowed her to see, there were also holes in the cloak for her horns to stick out of, which was what the hat was for. This was a disguise that Layla regularly used when she wanted to get out of the settlement and not be seen.

This time, she wanted to enter it unknown.

‘I don’t know what is going to happen when Jim arrives, but if they all think of him as Quinn. They will be treating him as a hero. The others, they might not even listen to my words, so if I need to do something. I need to do it hidden!’

Inside the settlement, Xander had already made everyone aware of the arrival of the Great Hero, Jim Eno. Many were pleased that he would be paying a visit, wished to see him and thank him personally for everything he had done. </>

That was why, when they could see a relatively large vessel approaching the planet in the distance, the vampires started to point and gossip in excitement. A landing area had been created for ships that was off to the side of the main castle.

At the back was a relatively large garden, full of life and plants, which neither Muka nor Layla wanted to destroy and had left in place. It was where a large tablet once used to be as well.

When the ship landed, Muka and Xander were standing side by side, as they waited and were ready to greet the guest.

“Where is Layla, I thought she would have been the first person to be here?” Muka asked.

“She has been feeling unwell recently. She said to not worry about her, and to continue running things without her for now.” Xander replied.

When the ship finally landed, a ramp descended from the ship, and coming out from it was Jim Eno. A vampire who looked to be in his mid thirties, with a black stubble around his face, neatly cut, which matched his hair style that was stuck upright and off to the side slightly,.

He was also wearing finely crafted clothes, as he walked down the ramp. The other vampires had been cordoned off so they were unable to head to the ship docking area. They had been ordered not to get too close, but some could spot him and started to shout as they saw his face.

“This is a great welcome.” Jim said, with a smile so wide that the sides of his mouth almost touched his cheeks.

“It is good to see you again Jim, thank you for coming here.” Muka said, as she bowed down and lifted her head, and Xander had done the same.

“It looks like the place has been rebuilt, but it looks quite different from the last time.” Jim stated. “It is a shame that it is not as great and large as the past.”

“Yes.” Muka replied. “Yes, we talked over it with Layla, and we decided for the place not to be the same as before. There is no King or separate families. We hope it’s to your liking.”

As soon as Jim heard those words, his face had dropped. The smile was wiped away from it. He only knew so much about this place, from the others, but it had drastically changed, and who was this Layla person in the first place?

“Worry not. I will make this place great again, in fact I will make it even greater than it once was before. I have a gift for you all. On board the ship, I have done a great task once again, and I have found the tombs of our ancestors.

“We shall wake them up, and with it, we will recreate the strongest vampire society that has ever existed.” Jim stated, as he smiled to himself.

Right by the ramp, toward the back, there was what looked like a young human. A young adult that seemed to be around 21 years of age, and had slightly tanned skin which was strange for a vampire, but that was because the boy wasn’t a vampire at all�� He was the human named Malik.


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