My Vampire System Chapter 2003 Doing My Job

After Quinn had suddenly disappeared, everyone was looking for the great hero. News reports were spread by AJ and his stations. Logan had tried to implement a face recognition software in his city and others that would identify his face if they saw it, but there was nothing.

The world felt like they had lost someone great and it had become a great mystery. In the end, everyone still needed to live their lives and get to work, this included Layla who was in charge of the new reformed Red vampires.

After taking Minny with her, the two of them, including Xander, were running the Red vampires as they had been doing all along. Although there wasn’t as much infighting, there were still vampires that were scared of humans and the same was true the other way around.

Layla had decided that she would create a place where vampires felt safe, and she was sticking to that goal, but it was hard to keep her mind off a certain somebody, especially since she had felt something in her stomach.

Currently, her belly wasn’t any larger and there were no signs of such a thing, but almost as an instinct she knew there was a life growing inside of her. As she stood on the balcony of the tower looking out into the settlement, tears started to roll down her cheeks.

‘This baby… will you grow up to not even know what your father looks like?’ Layla thought.

“Mommy, please don’t cry… when… when Mommy cries, it makes Minny want to cry as well.” Minny said, as she started to sulk and walk over to Layla.

Seeing this, she picked up Minny and held her tight in her arms. The two of them hadn’t known each other long, they hadn’t spent much time with each other, but they shared a deep love for the same man in their life. They both were deeply saddened by this person who had gone missing.

“I miss daddy.” Minny said, as she sniffled.

“I… miss him too.” Layla replied.

A knock on the door was heard, and both Layla and Minny quickly wiped their tears away. Minny had even used her hand to wipe some of the areas on Layla’s cheeks that she had missed and then hopped down as if everything was normal.

When the door opened, Minny could see that it was uncle Xander at the door, but he wasn’t on his own, as there was a beautiful woman standing by his side, Muka.

When coming in, the two introduced each other, and Xander served everyone a few drinks, while also standing at the table in the room.

“I assume there has been no luck on the Quinn front?” Muka asked.

Layla shook her head.

“Unfortunately not, and I’m guessing it is the same for you, with the vampire tombs?”

Muka shook her head and both women sighed at the same time.

“Actually, the reason why I came here today was to speak to you.” Muka took a sip from her drink and gently placed it down.

“I have a feeling that during my time, I might never find the tombs, but I do believe they will be found one at a time somewhere out there. Just as I was woken up, and the same with the Blood Fairy Alex.

“Which is why I wanted to do something for our ancestors if they ever did wake up.”

Layla was all ears, as the tone from Muka’s voice was quite serious.

“This place reminds me of the vampire settlement quite a bit. Perhaps that was due to Laxmus’ involvement. However, living in a mountain… I don’t think it is a life for the vampires to have.

“The vampires, in a time where Quinn had fought for their freedom, I think should be outside. Although the vampires have places such as the Graylash planets and the Vampire Corps, I believe that a place like this is still needed.

“I wish for the settlement to be rebuilt on the Daisy planet, where it was once before.” Muka suggested. “With this, I want the place to be well known, and slowly we can introduce it back into the society of others when they are ready. At the same time, if the vampires out there are woken up, they will be able to find a place that is recognizable and well known.

“I’m not asking you to do this on your own. I will be by your side as we do this together. The old vampires, if woken up, won’t understand this new world and will need to be slowly introduced to it, and I think we can make the perfect place for them.

“I think… Once I have built a place for all vampires, I will feel like I can rest in peace knowing that they have somewhere they can be.”

Layla didn’t think it was a horrible idea. At the moment, getting supplies to a place like this was a hard thing to do. If they became a society of some sorts, went to another planet, then maybe they could even trade for resources and do better for their lives. ]

It was just, she had been so focused on Quinn, that she didn’t even have time to think about what to do with the current settlement.

“I think that is a good idea.” Xander added in. “There were problems with the old settlement. Making vampires worthiness be dictated by their strength. Splitting them by their families and so on. I think we can improve on the last settlement.

“And slowly as they come and go, we can open up to the human planets.”

With that said, Layla felt like she had no choice but to agree. The vampires were asked if they wished to leave to build a new home. The idea was explained to them and the majority thought that it would be good for them all.

The vampires were transported to the Daisy planet, and where the old settlement once was, they started to rebuild it. In a similar manner to how it once was. A castle was built as well, however only a single one had been made.

Honestly Layla didn’t even want that, but the people insisted. They saw her as their leader and wished for her to live in a grand and lavish place. They wanted her to lead them, of all people.

Things were going well for the Red vampires, and Layla had kept in contact with Logan mostly, out of everyone, to talk about Quinn on certain days and to see how Earth was doing. There was a lot to do on his end as well, as he was trying to mend the relationship between the two parties, those that supported Pure and those that supported the Green’s.

Thankfully, Chris managed to play a big part in bringing both groups together. Once again, Layla was left in the castle’s main room looking out of the settlement on her balcony. Minny was busy exploring the place, as she had been given quite a lot of freedom in the new settlement.

Not many vampires would be able to take her on in the first place, which was why Layla wasn’t too worried about her, as things were going well at the moment, until…

A large ringing was felt in Layla’s head. It was painful and her horns began to ring, and not only was it happening to her, but it seemed like the whole settlement was being affected.

She could see a strange fog covering all of the vampires in the settlement, she could tell that they were all in pain, and she could hear it as well.

“AHHHH!” Layla fell to her knees, and at that moment, a sudden voice entered her mind.

“I promised I would protect you, so I guess it’s time to do my job.” The voice, it was one Layla had heard before. The special sword that once had the marking of Immortui but now had Quinn’s marking instead.

On top of that, it had the ability to negate any ability, power, effect, anything that touched the sword. The energy from the weapon was spreading all over her at the moment, and the pain had suddenly disappeared from her head.

When standing up, she looked down, and could see that the fog of pain was disappearing, and the sounds were dwindling as well.

‘What was that? Was it some type of ability? I need to see if things are okay.’ Layla rushed out of the room, and as she did, she immediately started to look for where Minny could be.

Instead, she had run into Muka.

“Layla, are you okay… it looks like something happened to everyone.” Muka said.

“Yeah… I’m fine.” Layla replied. “The sword… even now, it looks like Quinn is helping me.”

“Quinn, is that the name you have given your sword?” Muka asked.


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