My Vampire System Chapter 1999 VIII

As Quinn stared at the man in front of him, and wondered if he knew this unfamiliar leader, but in his entire memory bank, there wasn’t a picture in his mind that would match up. But at the same time, he also wondered why it was that the energy that was surrounding this person felt similar. It wasn’t just a vampire aura that he could feel from him. It was closer than that.

‘It’s been a long time since I was asleep, so there were quite a few vampires. Did one of them become a leader? Maybe someone Muka mentioned, or is it like I thought, what I’m looking at right now is one of the past leaders in front of me? Whatever be the case, I should first try to calm things down.’

Quinn felt like he should still tip-toe around the situation. After all, just because the person in front of him was someone that he didn’t know didn’t mean he was a bad person, and since the latter was part of the Fortuna family, he believed he had a better way of dealing with this.

“I apologize for this sudden intrusion,” Quinn said, bowing his head down slightly. Although this looked like it was out of respect, in truth, it was so the other person couldn’t see his face so clearly. “I am a friend of one of your family members, Muka Fortuna. If you were to call her up here to verify, then I believe that we will have no problem. Just to assure you, I am not looking for any trouble and it would be better if we talk about this.”

The man who had stated his name was Edvard smiled. He stood up from his seat and looked to be wearing quite modern clothing. He wasn’t dressed like a typical vampire would and even had what Quinn could only describe as a hawaiian shirt on.

The man looked like he was ready to go on holiday and relax on a nice beach at any second, especially with the sunglasses that were covering his eyes.

“I know of Muka. In fact, many people do, but I’m not interested in your relationship with her or why you’re looking for her. What I’m interested in is who are you?” Edvard started to walk on the red carpet with both hands in his baggy short pockets.

“You see, I haven’t been awake for long. So there are a lot of new people in this world that I still don’t know. However, for a person to set foot in this room without making such a noise and for one to be able to speak to the leader of a family and to speak with me with no fear in his voice, no fear for his life, now that is a person that I would like to know.”

It seemed that Quinn’s theory was right, judging by the sentence that was said a moment ago. If Minny had been asleep for around a month, then this person in front of him, like he said, had been awake for a long time and was most likely one of the past leaders of the Fortuna family.

“Ah!” Quinn said, slapping his head. “Now I understand. You should have said it earlier, not only are you the current leader of the 9th family, you are the creator. I apologize. I didn’t realize that you were one of the Original vampires.”

Quinn bowed even lower this time, to show his respect. The Originals would have no idea of who Quinn was, but he was hoping that if Muka was still part of the family, she would have at least updated this man, so he decided to give it a shot.

“My name is Quinn Talen, believe it or not, but I am the previous Vampire king. I apologize for not recognizing you sooner.” Quinn said.

There wasn’t an easy way to explain himself out of the situation, so Quinn thought about what better way to get out of it than by telling the truth. It would make sense how he would personally know Muka and also explain the strength he had to get into a place like this.

That was until he saw that Edvard was now laughing.

“Did you really think that I wouldn’t have been updated on the current world’s doings? If you were going to pretend to be the king of the old, then you should have at least used his name. I have to admit you are a brave one.”

Hearing this, for a second, it made Quinn think, even if he met Muka, would her memory of him have changed as well? Had she forgotten everything about him? If that were the case, then how would this person in front know him?

“In these new times, I was warned that there are new vampires from all over that have great strength. Well, let’s see how these new vampires will do.” Edvard took his hand out of his pocket, and as he did, a single slash of aura came out of it.

It was a powerful red strike. The condensed energy was more refined than Quinn had ever seen before. It was more impressive than any of the leaders that were alive during Quinn’s time, even stronger than Bryce’s with his sword.

“So it comes to this in the end,” Quinn said as his hand was covered in its own red aura, and when the slash came towards him, he swung his arms out, shattering the red slash into particles.

They broke into thousands of pieces and fell to the floor, revealing Quinn standing there unmoved as they dissipated. The expression couldn’t be clearly seen on Edvard’s face, but never in his wildest dreams did he think this would happen.

“So you don’t believe that I was the previous king?” Quinn said, lifting both of his hands. “Then let me show you something that will make you believe.” ]

Summoning from his red aurae behind him, and filling the entire room, were thousands of blood swords all floating in the air, pointed toward Edvard. Right now, Edvard was just mesmerized by what he was seeing.

“This…something like this is only possible with absolute blood control… but then.” Edvard was truly confused, but he believed maybe if he got a closer look at this person’s face, he would be able to see something, but going through these 1000-blood swords, would be a hard task even for him.

It was then that a distant memory from the past flashed in Edvard’s head.

‘If you ever find yourself in a tough situation that you are not sure you can get out of with your power, then use this.’

‘A tough situation that we can’t get out of? Do you really think that we are so weak?’

? ‘I already displayed the current power of beings that we can now produce. Vampires are no longer at the top of the food chain like they were thousands of years ago. You have to throw away your pride. Trust me. I wish to see a day when we will be back at the top once again. And with this, we can.’

“Okay, you win!” Edvard said, raising both of his hands, and started to walk behind his desk. “I believe that there is a simple way that we can solve this. Let’s call Muka like you suggested and get her to verify.”

Edvard started to walk back towards his desk and pulled out one of the drawers.

Honestly, Quinn wasn’t so sure Muka would be able to help in this situation, but he did want to confirm whether she had forgotten about him and Layla or not. On top of that, he didn’t want to start mastering vampires left and right just because they didn’t know who he was.

When closing the draw, a pop was heard and looking in front of him…Quinn could see a flask. A flask used to contain blood, and it was similar to one that he had seen before.

‘That… that’s a flask with Dalki blood. An original drinking Dalki blood will give him a big boost depending on the level of the Dalki blood used. I thought about this before, but if that man was selling three spiked Dalki blood to strangers, then what level of Dalki blood would the leaders have? Surely they would keep the best for themselves.’

On the metal flask, there was a V with three III, together looking like VIII.

Drinking it, the original could soon feel a great rise in power that he had never felt before.

“Let’s see what you can do, King!”


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