My Vampire System Chapter 1998 The New Vampire Settlement (Part 2)

Quinn was using all of his energy to stop himself from clasping this vampire around the neck and questioning him about where he had received the green substance. However, there was another way for him to do things, and his anger allowed him to use it without realizing it.

Quinn’s eyes were glowing red, and the influence skill was being used.

“Why do you have Dalki blood with you?” Quinn asked.

Unlike those that could utilize Qi to protect the influence skill from working, it wasn’t the same for a vampire who hardly used such a thing. In the first place, the influence skill didn’t work well on vampires. It was something that could only work if one had masses of superior power over the other, and in this case, Quinn was indeed the one with the upper hand.

The man’s expression went blank as his eyes looked to lose life in them.

“I am a member of the fourth family. Due to my position, I receive these on a daily basis as well as a reward for doing well.”

If Quinn remembered well, the fourth family was the Talon family, which had the power of blood explosions, although he wasn’t so sure that things would be the same as they were in the past. For one, the number of castles and now the use of Dalki blood.

From the explanation, it seemed like all the families used Dalki blood as a norm to give to their families, and this vampire was selling it to the regular folk in order to earn some extra money.

“Do all families receive Dalki blood?” Quinn asked to confirm his specifics as he knew his influence skill was working.

“Yes.” The man answered straight away.

‘The Dalki blood is a substance that strengthens vampires. In a way, it is superior to human blood but they had problmes…if they managed to modify their reproduction and life span capabilities. Sil had claimed he had seen the Dalki out in the wild. If they were giving out blood like that, it would most likely mean the Dalki had returned somehow.’

Quinn wanted to ask more questions, but just as he was about to, the bartender returned, and Quinn quickly dropped the influence skill. “Pay for everything after we leave, and forget everything here,” Quinn instructed the vampire as he left the Inn with Minny by his side.

Walking through the streets, Quinn continued to look around to see if he could see anything. Now that he knew the Dalki had possibly returned, he thought he might see them here, or maybe they were trapped somewhere being used for their blood, but he surprisingly found nothing strange.

Standing in the centre of the pooling area while the vampires walked around him, Quinn looked up at all the castles in different directions.

‘It’s not like they would have the Dalki out in the open. So maybe it’s hidden behind the castle walls.’

Looking around at the people walking past, Quinn looked eyes with one of the females. Just doing this would make one gravitate towards him.

“Sorry to be a pain,” Quinn said with a smile that would mark most people melt on the spot. “I am new here, you see, and I was wondering if you could tell me about the families and which castles belong to which?”

The woman blushed as she pretended not to be paying any interest in Quinn but continued to glance his way.

“I would be happy to. The families have decided to keep the same number as they did in the past. Although many vampires are unfamiliar with it, it takes some time. The first castle belongs to the Toppy family. The second castle is the 4th family, the Talon family. After that, the third castle belongs to the 5th family, the Kent family. The fourth castle belongs to the Muscat family, the 6th family…”

The conversation went on, and it was a lot for Quinn to follow, but he had to place it in his head, so it didn’t get so confusing for him.

1 – 3rd Toppy Family

2 – 4th Talon Family

3 – 5th Kent family

4 – 6th Muscat Family

5 – 7th Dawn family

6 – 9th Fortuna family

7 – 11th Scutter Family ]

8 – 12th Kilton Family

9 – 13th Sanguinis family

These were the positions of the castles related to their families. Now that Quinn remembered this, he would just remember the name of their families.

“Thank you so much for your help. If you see me and would like to do anything, please let me know.” Quinn stated.

The woman bowed down as she walked off, but not without getting a mean look from Minny.

“When we meet mom, I’m going to tell her that you’ve been flirting with all kinds of women,” She pouted.

Having looked at the list of families that had been rebuilt, Quinn was trying to find some sort of pattern behind them. The 10th family disappearing made sense, most of the Cursed was no longer, and there was no leader’s ability to pass down with Richard now long gone.

The first family would almost be impossible to revive due to what had occurred with most of their powerful leaders, and the same could be said for the 8th family.

‘The family names are still the same as they were before. Why keep the names from…’ Then it hit Quinn. His theory from before about the tombs having been found. It was most likely true.

The families that were there right now still had past leaders that were great and strong that could lead a family. The ones that hadn’t been built practically had none left to build them. The members they did have had been blurred out after 1000 years, so they could only rely on those that were strong in the past.

‘I guess it’s decided then. Why don’t we pay one of the family heads a visit? But the question is, which one?’

Thinking about it, Quinn was on good terms with the Talon family, the Fortuna family and the Sanguinis family. However, it was unlikely that Fex would be the head. He was more likely to be on Earth looking after the vampire corps with his son.

If it was a past leader, they wouldn’t recognize Quinn, and it was the same for the Talon family, which left Quinn with one choice.

‘I’ll head to the Fortuna family.’ Quinn smiled. ‘The current leader should be Muka, and she always had a smart head on her. Even if she forgot who I was, I’m sure I could convince her just like in the past.’

Using his shadow travel, he and Minny quickly went through the ground, through the walls and past all the guards. They eventually entered the castle. Now that they were in dangerous territory, Quinn had informed Minny to hide in his shadow space for the time being and promised not to make her wait for long.

Just like in the past, several of the doors and walls had the special combination lock that wouldn’t allow anyone past unless they knew the combination, but Quinn didn’t need that with his shadow travel. Eventually, he reached the top of the castle where the leader would stay, and Quinn could sense a presence, it felt familiar but off at the same time.

As he rose through the shadow, he began to walk down a red carpet that led to a desk rather than a Thorne, which was a nice change. There were quite a few books at the desk while the chair was spun the other way.

“A visitor that managed to get past all of my walls with no problems, and your footsteps are incredibly light. You would think I would know every person possible that would be able to step foot in this place, yet I don’t know you.” As the chair turned around, Quinn was surprised that it wasn’t a female sitting on it; rather, it was a male instead.

He could tell by the voice, but the male in front of him was of osmose he had never seen before. He had jet-black sunglasses that covered his eyes while also having curly hair.

“Who…who are you?” Quinn asked.

“That’s what I would like to ask you as well.” The vampire stood up. “It is polite to introduce yourself before you ask for others’ names, but I will lead by example. My name is Edvard Fortuna, and I am the creator of the 9th vampire family. Now, tell me. Who are you.” Edvard said, lifting his sunglasses to peek at the man in front of him.


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