My Vampire System Chapter 1997 The New Vampire Settlement (Part 1)

It was a tense moment as the bartender looked Quinn up and down. She stared at his face for a few seconds, looking at all the features: His clean skin, strong eyebrows, and flowing hair that curled ever so slightly.

In the end, her face started to gain a shade of bright red as she realized just how beautiful this person was in front of her, not to mention vampires tended to be images of perfection in the first place.

“I’m sorry, I’ve never seen you before, but if you would like, we could get to know each other better.” The bartender tried her best to hide her emotions behind her voice.

Quinn didn’t answer though. Instead, he was staring off as he clenched a fist. If he was holding onto the edge of the table right now, it would have surely crushed in that instant. With his hood down still, Quinn slowly stood up from his seat.

It was clear from his expression that he was annoyed, and he was not trying to hide it. However, all this made the bartender wonder if she had offended him somehow. Not saying anything to Minny, Quinn started to look at all of those that were talking.

It was a busy inn with a lot of tables. There had to be around a hundred vampires in this place alone. It was packed with those standing up and drinking as well, and not just limited to those that were sitting down at the seat.

Walking through the room, Quinn skimmed through everyone, making eye contact with several people who had decided to just turn away as they saw him. Some of the females lingered longer looks or pretended that they weren’t noticing Quinn but were staring at him quite intently.

‘How can this be…is it the type of mass Influence skill…no, no influence skill could be used to this level.’ Quinn thought.

In the end, standing there in the middle, not a single person recognized him. Sure it made sense for the odd one or two, but if something like this were to happen in the past, he would be rushed with the horde of people, and the whole place would be crowded in seconds. Quinn Talen, the Hero, was bigger than anyone in the whole world.

Bigger than any movie star or celebrity, but right now, it didn’t seem like the case at all. Noting that nothing was coming of it, Quinn headed back to his seat and pulled the hood down from Minny, reassured that there was no reason for the two of them to hide their identity.

With this, Quinn picked up the drink and started drinking away. Minny did the same, imitating her dad while giving side glances towards him. She didn’t want to say anything because he seemed to be in a bad mood.

‘I… I don’t understand how this could happen. I’m trying to put everything together, and right now, I can only think of a couple of things.’ Quinn thought. ‘Either, Minny was in her Shadow space for a lot longer than she thought. The time that had passed wasn’t one month at all, and the space that I was in was a lot longer as well.

‘However, would so much time have passed that people managed to forget about me? On top of that, you have Layla still returning and helping Minny at one point with the juice cartons which means my second theory is much more likely.’

Quinn didn’t want his second theory to be true because, in his mind, it was a lot more dangerous. His head kept going back to Erin’s words. She had a deep hatred for the Dalki because they were the ones that had killed her parents.

According to the information they found, Erin had eventually learnt to control the dhampir urge. It was something all the dhampirs were able to do, so why so much hatred for Leo, of all people? In the end, she apologized and blamed everything on Jack Truedream.

‘It’s almost as if her memories…they were changed? Did she believe that the vampires were the ones that killed her parents rather than the Dalki? It would explain where her strong hatred was directed to.’

This was a scary thought, and the ability to change memories was beyond scary and had a great effect.

‘Jack Truedream never had a power like that though, and at the same time, it wasn’t one of the powers that Sil had.’ Quinn thought. ‘Either way, there is a chance that what happened to Erin is the same thing that happened here. Everyone has forgotten about me…Quinn Talen, and Layla, by the looks of it.

‘To be able to do something on that level, it has to be an incredibly strong power, a power on the God Slayer level.’

Quinn quickly finished his drink and ordered another one. He was quite stressed out by everything that was going on.

‘Okay, let’s say this was all the doing of Jack Truedream, but why would he do this? Why would he make all of the vampires forget about Layla and me? Is there any motive behind it? What would he get from all this?

‘I mean, for all he knew, I was most likely dead on the day I disappeared. The man hadn’t even lived on earth for so long!’

Quinn slammed the drink on the table.

“Daddy slow down…you look a bit funny,” Minny said.

Without realizing it, the drinks had been coming one after another, and once again, Quinn had gone through around six glasses of some seriously strong stuff made for vampires to get drunk.

? ‘Human alcohol never used to affect me…did I get worse?’ Quinn thought. ]

Either way, he was nowhere near as bad as he was the last time, and he thought he should stop himself before he talked about himself to anyone or about how famous he once was. The one good thing out of all this was Quinn could for the time being live like a normal person.

There was no need to hide his face, and he could enjoy himself in the vampire settlement while trying to find out what had happened and also about the current state of the vampire settlement.

Just as Quinn was ready to leave, an older gentleman with a large trench coat came to sit right next to Quinn.

“I’ll have the same as him and get another one for my good friend here.” The man said, pointing towards Quinn.

This was a first, a stranger buying him a drink. He had heard things like this would happen in the past, and he was showered with items from others when he was leader and king, but now that no one knew him, it felt a bit nice.

Which was why Quinn had accepted the drink.

“Thank you.” Quinn raised the glass, and they clinked them together.

“I haven’t seen you around before. My guess is you just entered the Settlement. Let me guess, are you from one of the Graylash Planets?”

“I’m from the Earth,” Quinn replied.

“Oh, I see. Perhaps you didn’t feel too at home anymore. Anyway, you will feel at home here.” The man replied. “Since you are new, my guess is that you will be taking the assessment at some point to join one of the families.”

Quinn honestly wasn’t going to bother with some assessment. It was strange. He was not only one of the vampire leaders in the past but the last king. Not that he had a big head or anything, but if he wanted to meet people, then he would just meet them directly.

The man looked to his left and right and waited for the bartender to go around the corner. Then from his large trench coat, he opened up one side, revealing a metal flask. There was more than one attached to the flask, and there were numbers on the flask written in roman numerals.

On one particular one that the man pointed at, there were three that looked like large ‘I’ on it, III.

“I’m sure you have heard about this before. For you, my friend, I am giving you an opportunity of a lifetime. If you take a sip of this just before you take the assessment, you will be sure to impress the families and get to a higher rank.”

Suddenly Quinn’s mood had gone sour. The man wasn’t being friendly to him, he was just trying to sell him something.

‘I really should just leave this place…but I wonder what it is that he has.’ Quinn thought.


Looking at the flask, Quinn used his inspection skill.

[Blood from a three-Spiked Dalki]


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