My Vampire System Chapter 1995 Father And Daughter (Part 2)

A month had only passed, which made Quinn thankful that he didn’t delay the time becoming a god slayer. Otherwise, he imagined that with a year passing by, things could have got worse.

However, one thing was clear; the situation wasn’t normal, at least when concerning Minny and Layla.

“Minny, can you explain everything that happens, between when I disappeared and now?” Quinn asked.

Minny nodded her head as she was happy to reply.

“After Daddy went gone gone, everyone tried to find you. Not just on Earth but everyone went back to where they were from to find you, but no one could. In the end, both Uncle Logan and Mommy Layla agreed to look after me.

“In the end, I chose Mommy Layla because Daddy seemed to be with her, and it felt like she was the one that was looking for Daddy the hardest.”

Just like how Quinn was trying his best to reach the others, they had all tried their hardest to reach him as well. This time he was the cause of panic. Thinking about this, no one knew about Mundus coming to meet him, and it was perhaps something he should have informed the others about, to try and prepare for if they could.

“With Mommy, we went to see all of the vampires. We were in the castle for a couple of days but not much happened, until Auntie Muka came to visit.” Minny explained. “I don’t know why, but all of the vampires started to leave the place they were in.

“We landed on another planet. It had a lot of destroyed buildings, but it was filled with beautiful flowers as well.”

Hearing this, Quinn could only think of one thing, it was the vampire settlement. Originally the vampires were on a planet in their own solar system, but Quinn had moved it to the Daisy planet.

However, from what Quinn had learned, the vampire settlement was mostly destroyed and the tombs of the ancient vampires, the magic circles, and more were all useless.

‘I wonder why the red vampires decided to move?’ Quinn thought. ‘Did Muka finally discover something, and wanted Layla’s help?’

“It looked like everyone was building new homes on the planet where all the destroyed buildings were. A lot had been built quickly because the vampires are really strong. One day though, the whole planet was shaking. It felt like an earthquake, but Minny’s head was hurting.

“It was hurting so much I wanted to just go away. I decided to do the trick that Daddy can do, and I hid in my own shadow world. I stayed there scared that the pain would come back, and then when I came out, Mommy found me and hugged me hard like you did and was asking me really strange questions.”

“Strange questions, like what?” Quinn asked.

“Like, are you okay, did you speak to your dad, do you remember dad?” Minny replied. “Minny was only in her space for an hour, but after that Mommy decided to hide me here. She told me to stay here no matter what and wait for her or dad, but you came first.”

The story was worrying for Quinn. Although he was thankful to hear Layla was still alive and the good news was there was no big attack or anything like that. There was a chance that Quinn was over worrying but then why would Layla not come back for Minny.

‘That means, according to Minny’s story, we should be on the vampire planet right now and not Earth?’ Quinn thought. ‘I put a lot of celestial energy in the sword after removing the seal, and that sword promised to help her. Also Russ should be keeping his promise as well.

‘Is there such a threat that could take them all out, and the headache and earthquake Minny felt, that was when Layla started to act strange. Something had to have worried her.’

‘You know, if you are really concerned about Minny. I was just thinking you could get her some good beast gear, and use the Upgrade crystal. Won’t that make her a powerful god slayer weapon to protect herself?’ Alex asked. ‘I know you feel capable of protecting her but, as you have seen, even you can’t promise to be around everyone all the time.’

Alex’s words were true, and it made him think if Ray, his ancestor who gave the world his powers, thought the same thing. It was the best way to protect everyone by giving the people an ability to fend for themselves.

‘There is a bit of a problem, one I don’t have my forger that will help me use my crystal. We need to get you out of the gun. Once we have solved this, I should try to find Sil and get him to get you out of here.’ Quinn replied.

‘Please do… I mean I like being by your side and all, but it feels cramped in here sometimes.’

“Alright.” Quinn said, standing up. “Now that I’m here, let’s go out and find Layla. If we can’t find her, then Logan or someone will be able to do something to help us, or find out what is happening.”

Minny jumped up in enjoyment and quickly ran over to the sacks, grabbing a juice box.

“Let’s drink some juice to celebrate.” Minny said, grabbing a box so fast and already piercing the top with the straw.

“Minny…” Quinn said with a look. “You know the rules we set. It’s important that you don’t become reliant on blood. Especially if you want to be strong like your dad.”

“But… the straw, it’s already in, it would be a waste otherwise.” Minny said, with her eyes seemingly getting bigger and her mouth moving closer to the straw.

Shaking his head, Quinn gave up and gave a thumbs up, but he also was looking at the large sacks.

‘How long… How long were you expecting Minny to stay in here? You got her enough supplies to last an entire year. Whatever you were so afraid of, I will find you and we can deal with it together.’

When Minny was done with her drink, both her and Quinn went toward the entrance of the cave. Where Minny had last seen Layla. There was a large boulder that was blocking the area, and with his strength Quinn was easily able to move it, and now he could see the view.

They were in a mountain, the bottom of one and there were countless numbers of trees and plants everywhere, flowers and more. It was dark out though, and looking in the sky there seemed to be a giant device.

‘That’s the same device that was on the vampire planet, the one that was to move and block out the sunlight. I guess they wanted to make this place a permanent place for the vampires again. This could be Muka’s doing.’ Quinn thought.

Bending down, little Minny hopped onto his back as he shot off into the distance.

“WEEE!!” Minny screamed. “Daddy is so fast!”

Quinn hadn’t spent long on this planet, but he had experience looking for things, for one he could sense a large amount of vampire aura. He still had the Ruler of Blood title. It allowed him to sense the vampire aura on a different scale.

Now that they were getting closer, he could sense vampire energy on the planet.

‘Well, so far so good.’ Quinn thought.

Sprinting ahead Quinn continued to the location, and when they got closer, he took out a cloak from his shadow space, and placed it over his clothes. He was, after all, a popular and famous figure all around the world and unlike last time, there was no Peter to change his face.

When they got within distance of the settlement though, Quinn noticed something strange. To confirm his suspicions he found the largest tree and hopped onto it, and now he could see it. The full view of the vampire settlement.

“It’s been rebuilt… it looks the same as it did before… no, it’s not exactly the same.” Quinn said. “1… 2… 3… why, why has the vampire settlement been rebuilt like this, and why are there 9 castles? What does this mean?”


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