My Vampire System Chapter 1994 Father And Daughter (Part 1)

As Quinn sunk into his shadow using the shadow link, he had no clue where he was going, only that he would appear by Minny’s side. It was the best thing for him to do in this situation.

It quickly got him out of the eyes of others, while at the same time, he was hoping that it would bring him to where all of the others were as well. Most likely Green City.

As Quinn started to appear from another shadow, he soon noticed that this was nothing like Green city. The area was covered in complete darkness, it was a bit damp making him feel like he was in a cave of some sort, or underground.

On top of that, he had arrived to the sound of sobbing of all things, and when he looked down, he could see Minny looking the same as she did before. She was sitting on the ground, sniffling.

There was no one around her, she was all on her own, in this dark place, crying. Immediately, Quinn felt a great pain in his heart. It struck so deep he was welling up with tears already. This poor girl had already suffered the loss of her mother, of the Vampire Sunny, and was trapped in the shadow for a 1000 years, and once again, he had failed her as she was all on her own once more.

The reason, Quinn didn’t care right now as he immediately knelt down to her level and hugged her from behind.

“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry Minny, but I’m here now, you’re safe… I’m here.” Quinn said, struggling to keep down his feelings, as he gripped onto her tightly.

Immediately, Minny had recognized the voice, and turned around, her cheeks were puffed up and her eyeballs looked like they had become pure water.

“DADDY!” Minny shouted, as she held Quinn’s head and started to squish her cheek up against her face. Where were you! I was so worried, Daddy!” Minny was struggling to get her words out as tears were coming and her breathing became harder.

“I know… I know, I’m sorry.” Quinn said, as he continued to hug her. From the way she was reacting, this had only angered Quinn more. The celestials… they weren’t just ruining his life by taking him away.

How much he would like to go against them, but the best thing for now was to lay low if they were going to keep out of trouble.

Both Minny and Quinn continued to sob for about ten minutes as they held each other tightly. Words weren’t spoken to each other, but they just enjoyed the time together, and if Minny wanted to, Quinn would have continued to hold her for a whole day.

However, she was eventually the one that pushed away as she managed to compose herself. She then rubbed her belly indicating that she was hungry.

“Come on dad, let’s eat first…” Minny said, as she held Quinn’s hand and moved him to a different area.

Just like Quinn had thought, it looked like the two of them were in a cave of some kind. Minny had different areas and with her claws she had carved parts of the rock out to make it look more like a house, creating seats and more. The area they were in earlier had nothing though, it was just a large area and it felt extremely lonely.

Quinn had guessed that maybe it was a spot that Minny went to and cried. There were so many questions on his mind that he wanted to ask, but for now, he wanted to just do what kept Minny happy.

When entering what looked like a living room, Quinn noticed that there were several large bags that would have been fit for Santa Claus to bring his gifts in. Scattered around the room were juice boxes, Minny’s favourite.

She quickly reached into the bag pulling out one of the blood juice boxes and handed it to her father. Then she went and hopped onto the self made sofa that was big enough to fit three grown adults on. However the height of it was so low that when Quinn sat next to her, his knees were up quite high.

‘All these juice boxes, how many has she been through. Did she drink all of these in a single day?’ Quinn thought.

With a rub of her tummy, and a small little burp, Minny seemed over the moon and she had a smile that wouldn’t go away.

“Minny…” Quinn stopped there, he didn’t know what question to ask first, what had happened after he left the ceremony, where were they right now, where were the others, why was she here, what happened to Layla?

If he asked too many questions at once it would confuse her, although she was technically 1000 years old, due to time practically being at a stand still in the shadow space, it meant her mentality was still that of a little girl.

“Dad where were you?” Minny asked the first question. “We were all on stage and we were looking for you, but then you suddenly went poof. Nobody knew where you were. Minny was scared… Mommy was scared, and all the Uncles and Aunties were scared as well.”

Quinn rubbed his hand through Minny’s curly hair as he thought of how to explain this.

“I didn’t want to leave Minny, but you know there are those with powers. Well someone took me away.”

“But how!” Minny interrupted. “Daddy is so strong. How could anyone capture you?”

Quinn smiled.

“That’s why I managed to get out, and it was all because daddy wanted to see you. Anyway, Minny what about you, why are you here in this cave. Why don’t we go outside, and where is Layla?”

Immediately, it looked like Minny was starting to sob up. It was hard for the little one, he could tell, but she shook her head and answered her father’s questions.

“I… I don’t know where I am.” Minny answered. “Mommy… She was the one that brought me here. She brought all of the drinks for me as well. She told me that if I stay here, then it was the best chance to see Daddy. That as long as I was safe, then I would be able to see Daddy again and she was right.” Minny said, rubbing her face against his side again.

‘Layla told her to stay here, but she would have only done such a thing if she thought Miny was in danger? Did the celestials try to go after Minny? Maybe just like Bliss, they thought I could use her shadow powers to travel back here?’ Quinn thought.

“Okay I understand, maybe our best bet is just to wait here until Mommy comes back, and then I can ask her about what happened.” Quinn said to Minny.

“Mommy…” Minny sniffed. “But Mommy hasn’t been back for at least 2 weeks. Minny has been here all on her own.” She started to cry and burst into tears once again.

‘2 weeks… Wait a second.’

Everything was starting to line up in Quinn’s head. The juice boxes, Minny hadn’t gone through them all in one day, it was over the course of several days. Then he thought of the system message he had seen.

Why at the time, before giving up his celestial title, did he see his celestial points go down. It clicked, it was because it had gone past a certain amount of time. Only dedicated followers and celestial energy earnt from quests, as well as from other celestials, were permanent for Quinn.

Those that gave Quinn celestial points through the condition, would have to continue to do so every month. Which meant they had stopped, and it also meant a certain amount of time had passed.

‘I was in the celestial space for 8 hours, but all of the spaces have the ability to control time, heck Mundus could stop time itself. So the idea of time being sped up on the outside world wouldn’t be so far-fetched.’

Quinn gulped as he asked the next question, as it felt the same, the same as that dreaded day he woke up from his eternal slumber.

“Minny, after the ceremony until now, how long have I been gone for?” Quinn asked.

Minny wiped her tears as she looked up at Quinn’s face.

“You were gone… for about a month.”

Although the news wasn’t as shocking as Quinn feared, he did wonder now, what could have happened in a single month while he was away.


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