My Vampire System Chapter 1993 Evolved Shadow

Seeing the words at the end of the prompt about the evolution of his Shadow, a spark of excitement flashed in Quinn’s eyes. Then, as he reread the message, he realised something which made his emotions run high.

‘So…being a celestial really does do that to you. I wonder why. Is it because they need celestials to be addicted to the feeling of celestial energy to allow them to continue their goal? Maybe this is a balance that makes them focus on the condition the Universe has set out for them?’

Either way, it was no longer something that Quinn had to worry about. According to Bliss, the place he was in was similar to celestial space. An area specifically created by the Ancient Ones for the celestials, which he was no longer.

The space around him was slowly dissipating, or to be more precise, Quinn was being chucked out of it. His whole body slowly disappeared, and it felt like he was going through a portal for the first time. His head began to spin wildly, and his body felt like it was being twisted until he was eventually forcefully thrown out of space.

Quinn clenched his eyelids as his eyes slowly got used to the brightness. He soon could see the sky and smell the air. It was a familiar scent. A smell he would never forget. Without a doubt, he was back on earth, but seconds later, his body crashed into the ground, bouncing from the impact.

His body had hit the ground three times before he had stopped himself and found himself standing in a meadow field.

“I’m back. I actually managed to break out of that place.” Quinn smiled as he realised he was in the same spot where Mundus had taken him. He was back on the Chained island, where he had left before.

Thinking about that, Quinn decided it was the best time to check all the new things his system could do. There was a good chance that the celestials were keeping an eye on him and could appear at any second. He had to assess his strengths and new abilities.

‘Based on how arrogant Mundus was and how they didn’t answer my plea, there is a good chance they believe I’m now trapped in that place forever. If that is the case, they might keep to their promise, as long as I don’t stand out like I did last time. Then the celestials won’t know about my breakout.’

Either way, it was better to be sorry than safe as Quinn looked through his system messages for more information.

The upgrade crystal didn’t really say much other than what Quinn had read before, but he wondered if his current armour was a celestial piece, and it remained that way as well. He couldn’t imagine an upgraded crystal would work, turning the armour into a Godslayer-level item.

Since there was nothing he could do with it now, he decided to focus on another piece of equipment instead, which was now God slayer tier.

‘First, let’s have a look at that new bullet.’ Quinn thought.

[Dhampir bullet]

[A bullet made from Dhampir energy. The energy of the bullet can increase or decrease based on the strength of the red aura that it’s facing.]

‘This, along with the blood fairy bullet… It’s safe to say that I will have no trouble taking on any vampires. Although, with Laxmus gone, there is pretty much no trouble at all.’ Quinn thought.

However, there was something interesting to note about the description. It had specifically stated Red aura rather than vampire energy.

‘Does this mean it would work well against those other creatures? Are those ones known as Demons? Bliss said she wanted Erin alive in order to stop Immortui. Although Erin is no more, with this bullet and gun, it might give us the same chance if it ever came to it.’

[Passive effect: Godslyaer coating]

[All bullets produced by the guns will be slightly coated with a dense layer of celestial energy]

This was the only change to the weapon so far, which, honestly, Quinn was a little disappointed in until he realised what it meant.

The best thing to use against celestials was celestial energy. Without that, one would need a large amount of power and strength to stand a chance against them. It was like taking out a lake using fire. Although it might be possible, one would need a lot of power to do so.

However, every single bullet that Quinn would shoot, now and in the future, would be able to do harm. This was a weapon made to harm gods.

Now Quinn wanted to look at something else, the reward he had been given for deciding to become a Godslayer rather than handing over the crystal to the others. He wanted to see how his Shadow had evolved.

[Your Shadow ability has evolved]

[Using your shadow ability will no longer require MC points]

[Shadow body can be used without the need of activating soul weapon] ]

Losing his celestial points, Quinn hoped this would be a big upgrade. After all, he had given up a lot, even more than he knew since the other celestial skills had never activated, but the fact that his normal Shadow was the same as when he was using Shadow Overload was a blessing.

The strongest trait of the Shadow was blocking attacks, but against strong opponents, it would take up huge amounts of MC cells. Using Qi could stop the Shadow from hurting and give it a solid form, but if the attack got through, Quinn would suffer.

At the same time, whenever Quinn used Shadow Overload, he would face the backlash of the skill, losing a huge amount of his MC points. The Nest Crystals were a solution but not a permanent one, but now, Quinn could use the Shadow as much as he liked and how he liked.

‘With this…have I surpassed Arthur?’ Quinn couldn’t help but wonder.

Shaking his head, he quickly gave up this thought. Although Quinn’s Shadow may have become more convenient to use, the skills and everything about the Shadow were created by him. And if he put Arthur in his situation, Quinn believed that the former would be able to make better use of it, but he would still try his best.

[New Skill: Shadow Infect has been granted]

[This skill has a higher chance of working the weaker the target is. If successful, Shadow will infect others, giving them stronger physical powers. Those infected also have a chance to infect others. Those that are infected, unless given commands from the user, will have a naturally aggressive nature.]

The skill sounded similar to how Shadow Eater worked. However, one would have to be near death for it to work, but sometimes it just wouldn’t work at all. At first, Quinn didn’t understand why he would use this until he noticed a few more skills related to Shadow Infect.

[Shadow Mind: This allows the user to see through the eyes and memories of those infected. Can also give tasks or goals to those that are infected.]

[Shadow Switch: The user can fully control those that are infected and use shadow abilities to a degree when in possession]

Upon looking at the skills, two things came to mind as he went through them again. The first was the demon tier tree. The way the skills and abilities worked were quite similar. The only thing was, one, the beings infected would get stronger, and two, it was all related to his Shadow.

As for the other thing, it reminded Quinn of the stories of the others. For instance, how Laxmus was able to control the shadow beast. Perhaps this was what he had done. He had infected the beasts, which was why they were much stronger than they should have been.

However, Quinn had never encountered an infected person with the Shadow, so it made him wonder if it was even possible.

[Shadow Overload no longer exists]

[A new soul weapon has been granted.]

Quinn wanted to test the new soul weapon to see what it could do, so he could use it in battle when the time comes in future. However, since there was no celestial energy, he couldn’t create any more weapons, and since it didn’t look like Mundus was coming to find him, he felt he should get a move on first.

Upon running back in the direction he came from, it didn’t take long for Quinn to reach the stage. It was still there, almost intact. A lot of things looked to have been put away as expected. Quinn had guessed he was in celestial space for at least eight hours or so.

The ceremony would have been done by then.

Still, just in case, Quinn searched the area to see if he could find anything. Any sign of fighting, the smell or sight of blood, but there was none.

All of this allowed Quinn’s heart to settle for a second. Then, since no one was here, there was one thing he could do. The next moment, he activated his shadow link and began searching. Soon, he sensed Minny’s presence.

“Don’t worry, Minny. You must have been worried, but Daddy is coming.” Quinn smiled as he sunk into the shadows.


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