My Vampire System Chapter 1991 A Way Home

Accessing Quinn’s system was something that he could still do, but that made sense in his mind, since the system was a part of Quinn. It had been with him since he had become a vampire, and honestly without one knowing the equivalent exchange ability, there was perhaps no way of removing it.

Not that he would want to do so anyway. In the first place, it had done him more good than not. However, this was why he was slightly confused by receiving a message while he was here. Quinn’s system was kind of connected to the celestial system, in a way,

It showed his celestial level, and the quests were linked as well. One of the things that currently was on there, was a type of quest, although it was more of a message than a quest.

In order to unlock his new skills as a celestial, Quinn would need to enter the celestial space. Which was why he believed the place he was in right now wasn’t the celestial space, even though it felt like it.

Regardless of this, Quinn had received a message from the celestial system. The system that all celestials had. Seeing this, rather than concentrate on the message that was being sent, Quinn had decided that he would try to enter the celestial space, but it didn’t work in the end.

Neither was the ability to send messages or see other celestials, yet he could still receive messages.

‘I wish I had some help from others to figure this all out.’ Quinn sighed.

‘Hey!’ Alex complained. ‘Did you forget that I’m trapped in the gun. Therefore, I am also here with you.’

To be honest, with how quiet Alex had been so far, Quinn had somewhat forgotten him, but unfortunately he wouldn’t be much help in this situation. As for why Alex had been quiet, he could see Quinn was upset and desperate.

His words wouldn’t have calmed him down, and he wasn’t good in this type of situation. What would he even say to him in the end?

Ping’s kept being heard in Quinn’s head. Meaning there was more than one message sent, but he could see they were all sent by Bliss. He had only read the first message so far.

“I… have no choice, do I… it doesn’t look like I’m going to be able to get out of this one on my own.” Quinn said, as he opened up the system.

Before checking out the messages that had been sent from Bliss, there was another message that had been sent, that had nothing to do with that.

[620,234 Total celestial points]

‘Huh… the number went down… why is that? Is it something to do with this place?’

Now, there was a slight panic with Quinn seeing this, so he decided that he had to go ahead and read the messages from Bliss.

[Let me help you.]

[Trust me or not, I know what situation you are in right now. I told you that the best thing to do was to save Erin, but instead you listened to the celestials and killed her.]

Reading the messages was already annoying Quinn. It was almost as if Bliss didn’t understand the full picture. Quinn didn’t kill Erin because of the celestials… that was just a byproduct of what had occurred.

[My ability, I have looked into it, and the path for Earth and the world currently is not a good one. Immortui will rise again, and although the Ancient Ones will be able to stop him, the outcome for the lives on earth isn’t a good one.]

Quinn wondered, if the Ancient Ones would be able to stop Immortui anyway, then why was there a need for him to act. Why couldn’t they step in sooner if Bliss could warn them before he acted, then it would be fine.

The Ancient Ones by now should know Immortui’s plan. In fact, the fact that Immortui still was able to cause chaos, even with Quinn stuck in here, frustrated him more. It meant there was no point in him being here.

So why? Why didn’t Bliss just tell the Ancient Ones what she could see? ]

[My prediction was right, Erin had become the divide between the vampires and humans, and I fear it will be the same again. Immortui is not the only one going after earth, before he is unleashed, there will be chaos.]

‘Another threat? One other than Immortui, is it Jack Truedream?’ More than anything right now, Quinn wanted to ask questions but there was no reply button on this message.

[Right now, you are in a place that was created by the Ancient Ones. It is a prison for celestials. Inside it, they can restrict a lot of your celestial powers. They can imprint the place in such a way that it’s almost impossible for you to get out. One of the Ancient One’s powers is to set things up like this with a set of rules. The fewer rules there are, the more powerful the area he can create. But one had gotten out before. Immortui had been placed in one before. Due to his powers, he was able to create a demon from his own blood.

[In the end, by training and giving that Demon power, Immortui was able to break out, and Immortui is now where he is, because of it. I’m not sure how you can use this information to help you, but I believe that you can do it.]

‘That’s it, she didn’t tell me a way to break out, or a method all she practically told me was a story! How is this help? Does she just want to make me feel worse by being stuck in here? By telling me the world is screwed even though I did everything I could?’ Quinn thought frustrated and unleashed his powers again, and went to punch the ground and the air.

Each time, the energy was dispersing in the area. It wasn’t building up, or hitting anything. Watching this, Alex certainly did think the whole thing was strange.

‘Calm down Quinn.’ Alex said. ‘What we need to do is look at the facts that she has given us. Someone had broken out before, so there has to be a way. This Immortui guy, she said he created a Demon. There has to be a reason why the Demon could break out and he couldn’t.’

Thinking about the messages, and how clearly the words Alex had portrayed, it had clicked in his head.

‘It was because of the Demon… the Demon wasn’t a celestial. That’s why he could break out. She said the reason why this place was so good at keeping celestials locked away, is because of the rules set by one of the Ancient Ones. Those rules are incredibly strict. So as long as they aren’t a celestial…’

Quinn used his shadow power and brought out the god slayer crystal. He went back and looked at the quest once again. It still didn’t quite make sense to him. How using the gun to absorb the crystal would get rid of his celestial status.

The only thing he could think of was that this was a system path, and not something to do with the celestials at all. The system was giving him a choice, and due to the equivalent exchange, it was telling him to pick one path.

If Quinn’s theory was correct, even if he was to become a god slayer, there was a good chance there would be an improvement in his strength and powers. At the end of the day, this was a reward from the system.

It would give him god slayer strength equivalent to what he had now as a celestial. At least this is what he hoped would happen. If he did lose his power as a celestial it would mean it would be harder to fight them in a way, since celestial power was best used against other celestial powers.

A God Slayer was just one with such strength or great ability that they could go against those.

‘But doing this… it means I certainly will become a target for the celestials. They will most likely back out on their deal as well.’ Quinn clenched the crystal tightly in his hand.

‘I never wanted to be a celestial in the first place. These guys are trying to control me, and it looks like earth, the humans, vampires… they will all be in trouble either way. Whether I stay here or not.

‘I guess I made my choice, I have taken down everyone that has gotten in my way before, and I will do the same again, even if they are gods.’

Pulling out the gun that had Alex inside, Quinn pointed it toward the crystal.

‘F*ck the Celestials… I’m going home.’


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