My Vampire System Chapter 1990 Unexpected Help

The island that the Chained owned was quite a large piece of landmass. The thing was, they had only developed one part of the land due to how small their group was.

Logan had used the developed land to build the staging area for the ceremony, as what was to be done with the rest of the land, that still remained undecided.

As time was standing still for all of those in the area, Quinn was walking through the vast empty land of grass fields and more, following Mundus.

‘His intentions were clear as day before, but where is he taking me? Why are we just walking out to the middle of nowhere?’ Quinn thought.

While they were walking, it did give Quinn one opportunity and that was to listen out for where time would start far away. Not only did his vampire self have superior hearing, but he could enhance it further by using his Qi as well.

Suddenly Mundus had come to a stop and turned around.

“It’s a good thing you cooperated, this will make things far easier for us. I wanted to show you that I had no intention of harming the others or using them as hostages.

“I want you to know that we will keep to our promise. So please.”

Swinging his hand, what looked like a white door had appeared. It didn’t have a solid form, instead it looked like it was made from celestial energy or the same substance as the celestial space.

“What is on the other side of that door, is it the Ancient Ones?” Quinn asked.

Maybe he could still complete the quest and ask them not to do this. How powerful were the Ancient Ones anyway? If he asked them to remove his vampire powers and such, wouldn’t that be another solution to the problem.

But then, how would he fight Truedream?

“Not quite, think of this place similar to your eternal slumber. I promise you one thing, if we ever manage to solve the matter with Immortui, then we will let you out.” Mundus smiled, as if he was talking about something so casually.

Looking back, still not hearing a sound from the crowd, Quinn was starting to think, what would the consequences be for disobeying. Would they attack the others.

‘No, for some reason, although the celestials do get involved, they don’t like taking out mass amounts of lives unless it benefits them.

‘I have more celestial energy now right? I can’t be so weak compared to the one in front of me. There has to be a trick to his enhanced speed.’

Quinn walked forward as if he was complying, heading to the door while thinking about all of these thoughts.

Now that he was enjoying life, was he going to give it up for the celestials? What had he been fighting for this whole time, then?

As Quinn got right next to the door, he reached out as if to push it and in that moment activated a skill.

[Nitro Accelerate activated]

With the speed boost allowing Quinn to move at his fastest, he swung his hand toward Mundus. He could see it ready to touch his face until he had disappeared.

Not only had Mundus disappeared but everything around Quinn had turned white. There were no fields, just an endless area of white.

“That was a close call, but I expected you to do something like this. I won’t hold it against you, as it’s a natural reaction.” A voice echoed as if in a tunnel, making it hard to pinpoint where it was coming from, but there was no person in sight.

“Honestly, I can see why Athos lost to you. If me and you were to fight outright, then there is a good chance that I would fail as well.”

Covering his entire arm in red energy, Quinn slammed the ground beneath him and his aura erupted into a tornado of flames. When the blood aura disappeared there was no difference to the room at all.

“What have you done, where are we!” Quinn shouted at the top of his lungs with his eyes red.

Quinn had been in a similar situation before. The last time it was done by another celestial, Bliss and when he finally broke out he was in a different place altogether.

“This is a special place that was created just for you. In a way you should be proud we have only done such a thing for ones like Immortui.” ]

For a second, a strange thought came into Quinn’s head. What if this wasn’t a type of celestial space, what if it was another plane, one where it was just void of life.

‘I broke out one of these last time, I can break out again!’

Quinn started to gather all of his celestial energy. White light seemed to be growing all around him. His eyes glowing white once more.

“Arghhh!” screaming at the top of his lungs. The energy shot out from him and hit in all directions. It seemed endless as it covered the entire area. However unlike the last time it had done nothing.

‘I don’t understand, I have a lot more energy compared to before. Why hasn’t it worked, unless what I thought was true.’

“This was a place prepared by the Ancient Ones. These areas are made to be inescapable. The Ancient Ones, we don’t just listen to them because they are old.

“But because they have the power to put restrictions on and control the other celestials.” Mundus explained.

“If I was you, I would just accept where you are right now. The quicker, the better and don’t waste your energy.”

“Wait, come back!” Quinn shouted, as the voice faded, fearing that his only way out was Mundus.

There was no reply and no voice heard no matter how much Quinn shouted, so he decided to resort to other methods.

Using the shadow was useless, he was unable to link to Minny for some reason. Pulling out his guns, Quinn fired out every different type of bullet he had.

When the Nitro Accelerate cool down had ended, he activelted the skill, gathered his celestial energy, his blood aura, creating the most powerful attack he could hitting the floor, but it still did next to nothing.

“It can’t be… it can’t be that I’m stuck here. I wanted a life. I wanted to spend time with Layla!” Quinn shouted in fear that he was going mad, as he ran through the space, trying to look for anything that was different in the area.

Maybe he could spot a weak point or see something other than all of this white space. In the end Quinn found nothing, and nothing in his arsenal of powers could help him.

Using his shadow Quinn pulled out the god slayer crystal.

“Are you listening, Ancient Ones, take this crystal. I’ll give you this crystal if we can make a deal. You want it right!” Quinn lifted it up, but there was no response.

Out of all the things he tried, he thought this would succeed. He didn’t want to reward the ones that trapped him here, or give them something they were looking for, but what choice did he have?

Yet, they seemed to have truly abandoned him here. For a second it made Quinn think, maybe this was how an Immortui was born. Perhaps the celestials had done something as cruel as this.

Because right now, Quinn was happy to go against them. He was already having thoughts of wanting to give up his fate of being a celestial and he had seen things that didn’t put them in a good light in the first place.

As he sat on the ground, Quinn had put away the crystal. He was trying to rack his brain to see if there was any way out of here at all, anything else he could use.

“It’s been a few hours. I wonder if time has been restored back on earth. I wonder what everyone is thinking, how worried they must be.”

Faces of everyone were appearing in his mind. A devastated Layla, a crying Minny, a Peter that would attempt to destroy the heavens in his place. Who knew, maybe Sil, Chris and the other god slayers of Earth would be able to do something.

Thinking of them, it made Quinn smile, brief happy moment that just reassured him even more that he needed to get back.

While sitting on the ground a ping was heard. One that sounded as if it had come from his system, but it wasn’t his system. It was the celestial system and was a message he didn’t expect to see now of all times.

“Let me help you.” From Bliss.


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