My Vampire System Chapter 1989 Time Stop

Time had completely stopped, but it wasn’t the first time Quinn had experienced this. Once when travelling with Andy to find Fex, the very same person that was now in front of him had appeared, and that was when the request had been made.

‘Is this an ability, I guess it is more so a god-like power. Now that I think about it, humans aren’t the only ones with abilities. The Mermerial race was able to control water as well.’

‘Still, for one to have a power like stopping time, they have to be quite powerful, not just that, but he has stopped everything in a large area as well.’ Quinn thought.

Mundus continued to walk, he was already past the crowds of people and had walked past the barriers that had been put up to stop others from getting too close to the stage.

Eventually though, Mundus had stopped just short of the stage and looked up at Quinn.

Unlike before, there were no rash actions, he wasn’t going to panic and just start a fight, especially since he should be in the celestials’ good books… at least for now.

There was always a feeling that this would come; he just didn’t expect that it would be this day and right now.

“It looks like you are in the middle of a celebration.” Mundus smiled.

“You’re right.” Quinn replied, staying confident. He didn’t want the one he was speaking with to feel like they had the upper hand in this situation. “It would have been nice if you had come at another time.”

After saying those words the smile looked to have disappeared from Mundus’ face.

“I’ll be honest, I would have visited sooner but my body had taken quite a beating and needed a while to get back to what it was like.” Mundus explained.

One second Mundus was on the ground, and the next he was right up by the stage once again. It was as if he had teleported, but that couldn’t be the case.

Because even when ability users used teleportation, Quinn would be able to witness their body blinking away, or a warping of some kind, but there was none of that.

Which led Quinn to come to one conclusion.

‘He stopped time for me as well, and then moved here.’

There was a small thought or hope that this ability of Mundus’ couldn’t be used on other celestials, but it wouldn’t make sense if it couldn’t because Quinn could still use his powers and the shadow as well.

Honestly, when getting the massive amount of celestial points, Quinn had hoped that even the other celestials wouldn’t be a match for him, but in this situation right here and now, it wouldn’t help much.

The only thing that was going through Quinn’s head, was the hope that he didn’t have to fight him.

“I have come here as a messenger of course. You have done very well celestial BB or should I say Quinn Talen. You have shown some loyalty to us by taking out one of the most troublesome of god slayers.” Mundus explained.

There was always a thought for Quinn, why was Erin considered troublesome for them? According to Bliss, she was something that would help to fight Immortui.

If Immortui and the Ancient Ones were going to do battle, then wouldn’t it make sense for them to keep Erin.

While thinking of this, the thought popped into Quinn’s head. It had to be the reason why the system stated he would get a reward for handing over the god slayer crystal.

Just how Quinn had the god slayer shadow power, other celestials should also be able to have the same.

‘Maybe there is some rule that the Ancient Ones set up, so celestials don’t use them.’ Quinn thought.

“As promised the celestials will no longer intervene with earth. As long as the trouble doesn’t reach as far as us anyway.

“If the earthlings are all to kill each other or the god slayers are to battle against each other, we shall leave things be.”

It was a relief for Quinn to hear this. There was enough trouble going on with the planet.

“Wait, I know this wasn’t part of the deal, but will you be trying to use me more to eliminate other god slayers, from other universes?” Quinn asked.

There was a pause from Mundus’ for a little bit before answering.

“I know you wish to solve the problems with the Earthlings. Although you are having this big celebration, there are always problems in this area. From time to time, yes I would have liked to call you to help us, that was the original plan anyway.”

The change of tone was putting Quinn slightly on guard, as he was ready to unleash his power at any moment.

“Let me explain.” Mundus said, as he once again did the same trick as before moving and now was standing right next to old Fex.

It was clear this was an intimidation tactic, telling Quinn that if he tried anything that he had all of the hostages here in one place.

All the people he had fought to keep alive, including Layla. ]

“You are a byproduct of Immortui. The vampires themselves are merely one of his many demons that he has created.

“Of course, I’m not saying that his creations are any weaker than him or that they don’t have the potential to be beyond him. Although after facing him recently, I doubt that would ever happen.

“To get to the point, Immortui and you have a connection. With your power you are able to make a bridge to connect the two planes.

“The… what was called Red Heart in the first place was something that you had created.”

Listening to where Mundus was going, Quinn wasn’t liking it at all, and with everyone around he didn’t know what to do.

“Honestly, this wouldn’t be the decision that I would have made, but the Ancient Ones have come to a conclusion. As long as you are free, there will always be a chance that Immortui will be able to cross over.”

It was as expected, and at this point all Quinn could do was smile. In the middle of his celebration, was a few days of comfort all that he was allowed?

“So you are going against your word, what are you going to do kill me?” Quinn asked.

“As I said at the beginning, we will follow through and the celestials will not get involved. As for killing you, now that you are one of us that wouldn’t solve anything.

“You would simply just be reborn. I’m sorry about this. Watching you has been entertaining for me.”

Once again Quinn felt like he was about to leave this place, but then what would happen to the world. Truedream was still out there, there were also still the Dalki in the universe.

For now there was peace, but then what. Would Quinn come back to learn that the whole world had changed once more?

‘Now will I even be able to come back this time!’ Quinn thought. ‘I have to, I have to do everything in my power to stay. I want to stay, I want to enjoy my time with everyone, with Layla… Haven’t I earned it!!!’


Time had once again resumed in the area, the sound of cheering had returned and was shaking the entire stadium.

The ringing of the announcement Logan had made had been carried out through the wind, but the cheering had quickly come to a stop.

Instead there were whispers and confused faces as they all looked at each other.

“Where is he… I can’t see him anywhere.”

“I’m sure he was here just a second ago?” Another rubbed their eyes.

“Where is the Hero Quinn?”

As panic started to settle in, those on stage had turned their heads in order to look for him. He wasn’t on stage and with a few more announcements made for Quinn to come out there was still no site of him.

“I’ve sent out the robots to search if he’s in the area.” Logan stated.

“I’ll check with the reporters to see if anything was caught on camera.” AJ added.

Upon checking the Livestream though, all they could see was Quinn was there one second and he was gone the next it wasn’t making a lot of sense to them.

The world was left puzzled.

In the panic, Layla had jumped to the stage and stood by Minny.

“Minny can you connect to your father with your shadow?”

Closing her eyes she was just going to see if there was a connection rather than head to where he was.

However, she soon shook her head, as tears were filling her eyes because even Minny knew that this was bad.

“Quinn, not again. Are you really doing this after coming back to us after all that time? What happened to you?” Layla said.


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