My Vampire System Chapter 1988 World Ceremony

The big day had arrived, at least for the whole world. After experiencing troubles after troubles, the people needed something to look forward to.

There was the constant conflict with the Red vampires at first, but that seemed to die down and so did their activity. People not really knowing why.

The main struggle was between them and the dhampirs and not much had been heard from that group either. However, soon reports from AJ had explained the situation.

What had occurred with the Red vampires, and what had become of the dhampirs. How the Red vampires still existed, but not with the same goal as before and under a different leader.

Of course, it was hard to change people’s opinions with just a few words, but since there really hadn’t been much trouble, many seemed to believe what was being said.

After that, there was the trouble with Pure, the main base being destroyed. It had come out of nowhere, and although they weren’t part of the groups that supported Logan, the people weren’t to blame.

There were bases of Pure everywhere, a lot of them on Earth itself. Meaning a lot of people were affected. Then of course there was the problem with the celestials and the worry of the portal.

To the people, experiencing one disaster after another, it felt like they were at war once again. They were scared, fearful that all of these signs were leading to a large event.

This was why Logan had asked for this, had organised this. Because he knew the people needed to celebrate, for them to feel like it was the end of all of their struggles.

For the Award ceremony it wasn’t done at Green City. Instead it was done on the land that the Chained once owned.

After the Chained group had disbanded, the land had been left in limbo. Undecided whether it should go to those in Pure, or to those that supported Green City,

In the end, nothing was done with it, and everyone continued to live normally, but now it was perfect for an event. In some cases it was considered neutral territory.

A large stage had been made. The large hotel from before had been redone up, fixed, and had plenty of rooms for all the guests that would be staying.

Most of the servants that were working on the stage and preparing everything were robots. They were making food, bell hopping, stationed at the reception of the hotels as they checked people in, and organising them all to their seats.

There was quite a large number of people that were to come to the event. Reporters from every TV, live streaming, and event station were invited.

Then from every city on Earth, the Graylash, and the beast solar systems, the respective leaders had been asked to come as well. Vampire Corps leader Andy and even guests that some didn’t know about. It was made clear via broadcast who was allowed to come.

Many thought that at the Chained event, that they had seen the most important political figures gathered, but that was nothing compared to this.

Behind the stage, there was a large area as well, and the guest of honour, those that would be receiving a reward were at the back together.

Chris, Vanessa, Lucas, Peter, Minny, Fex, AJ and, of course, Quinn had arrived just like he said he would. Although he had arrived via shadow so no one would be able to spot him on the way here.

“Okay everyone.” Logan said, as he pulled back the curtain and could see the others sitting in specially made comfy individual seats for all of them.

There was a massage function and everything, making it look more like a sleeping pod.

“It looks like everyone who was going to turn up, has already turned up, and we said we would start at 1:00 so we will be starting at 1:00. I run my things on time.” Logan stated. “There will be a lot of awards given to those that helped and contributed towards everything. Including those that died.

“It will be around 30 minutes before you guys are on stage. Once you hear your name, walk out, and wait for all of your names to be called and then, we will allow every one of you to give your message, although you will be last. We have to save the best till last.”

It was a bit embarrassing to hear that, but at the same time, if he was honest, it was good to be appreciated for his work. This was the event that he wished to attend when defeating the Dalki and now he was getting a second chance.

The ceremony went on with a lot of cheers from the crowd as names and awards were being handed out. There was quite the light show performance being put on by the robots as well. It was spectacular to see. ]

Those at home were enjoying it, as they watched and celebrated with food and drink. After that though, it was time, time for the main cast to have their names read out.

“Now please, for those that worked together and gave it their all, to stop the celestials from entering our world.” Logan shouted.

It wasn’t the truth, but the truth was too hard for the people to handle. Which was why it was twisted a little.

“AJ… Lucas… Vincent… Fex… Minny… Peter… Chris.” With each name being read out, and them coming from behind the curtain out to the stage, the cheers were getting louder from the people there.

So far Chris had gotten the loudest cheers, gaining a lot of support from those that were in Pure before. However, it was clear who would be the winner, if it was a contest of who they would cheer for the loudest.

“And finally, the Great Hero, Quinn Talen!” Logan shouted.

However, after he had just said the first part of Quinn’s name, the roars that erupted were so loud that it felt like the stage and ground were shaking.

Quinn walked out, and he was blown away by all the cheering, as he went over and stood in front of the stage, bowing to them all.

He looked at all the people, the large smiles on their faces, everything they had done and were doing. It felt like, for the first time, he was being appreciated for everything that he had done.

When looking into the crowd, Quinn did try to search for a few people. Unfortunately he was unable to see Sam. Muka was present and Layla was there as well.

When their two eyes met, he gave out a big smile, but there were a few more empty seats.

‘Those from the Blade family didn’t arrive? I understand Sil might be busy, but I thought Vorden, Shiro or some others would have been here?’

It was strange, but the Blade family were treated as separate from these types of things. Maybe they just didn’t feel welcome. Zinon from the Graylash family couldn’t be seen as well, so it didn’t seem strange.

At the end of the day Quinn would just have to check it out later. Thinking this, the whole place had suddenly fallen silent.

The loud cheers that were heard before, they had just stopped. Quinn was wondering what had happened, and whether he had suddenly gone deaf.

No, that wasn’t it, because there was something more strange, the people in front of him, the cameras, everything… it looked as if it was frozen in place.

Their eyes, their smiles, all of them stayed the same, and Quinn was unable to hear the sound of their heartbeat or their breath.

Worse, he couldn’t even hear the sound of the wind. As Quinn turned to his left and his right he looked at the others, but it seemed like he was the only one that could move for some reason.

‘It’s as if time… has stopped.’ Quinn thought.

He was getting ready to touch Peter who was closest to him, until sound had entered his ears, and he could hear the sound of footsteps.

Turning his head, it was someone who was not invited to the event.

“Quinn, I think it’s time for us to talk.” Mundus smiled.


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