My Vampire System Chapter 1987 A New Life

Many different thoughts were running through Layla’s mind right now, but the main one was the deed that needed to be done to have a baby in the first place. During the entire time Quinn was away, she had refused to be with anyone, refused to date, so to her everything was new.

The fact was, even though she and Quinn had been through a lot in the past, they hadn’t dated and the most they ever had done together was a simple kiss. Which was why she was wondering, just where in the world did Quinn get the confidence to say those words.

“Quinn, wait a second, do you even know what you are saying right now?” Layla replied back, her horns turning a bright red.

Quinn stepped forward, looking at Layla, he gently raised his hand and touched the side of her face.

“Something like this, I wanted to do for a long time, my mind just has always been full, and I wouldn’t worry so much, we can learn together.” Quinn said, as he pulled her forward and went in for another kiss.

With his body, he was slowly pushing her more and more, until she was close to the edge of the bed. Both of their temperatures were rising. A strange phenomenon for vampires, but then again for Layla and Quinn, the two of them had never experienced this before.

Leaning in more, Quinn went in for another kiss, as he gently placed her on the bed. With both of her arms, Layla swung them, and with that the window they were looking out of moments before was slammed shut.

Then grabbing onto Quinn’s back, the two of them continued to embrace each other. Layla could feel her breathing increase, as she felt the heat from Quinn’s head.

Soon, she could feel his soft lips, pressing against her neck, forcing Layla to naturally lift her hips up closer to his body. Something was taking over her, something she didn’t understand.

“Quinn… I love you.” Layla said, and she let the rest of her instincts take over from there.

Luckily for Quinn, there had been a time he had experienced something like this before. At one point, he had lived through Vincent’s life, not just a small part of it, but every part of it.

When doing so, it never felt awkward, because Quinn eventually felt like he was Vincent himself after living in his body for years, or watching his body. All the actions felt natural.

So he had done what he had remembered from that time… and judging by Layla’s reaction, she seemed to quite enjoy it.

After the two were done sharing a passionate night with each other, Layla was still under the bed sheets covering most of her body as she laid there.

Although Quinn had just seen everything, after the moment had gone, it still felt quite awkward for the two. Using the shadow, Quinn had already put his clothes back on, and was sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Was… everything okay?” Layla embarrassingly said, as she turned her head not wanting to listen to the answer.

“Yeah, it was great.” Quinn replied. “I just hope that we get to enjoy more moments like this together. Like you said, the world isn’t in danger yet.”

Although the feeling of what to do and what had been done was quite indescribable, at the same time it felt lacklustre. However, that was when he was comparing it to one thing, and that was to gain celestial points.

Quinn still had plenty of celestial points after closing the portal, and that time when he had gained the energy from it, was a feeling that was indescribable to him.

How could he ever tell anyone about the feeling, how could Quinn tell Layla, the person he loved that he preferred gaining celestial energy than being with her.

Thinking about these things, it just made Quinn upset. It reminded him of what he was, and eventually what all the other celestials ended up being like.

On top of that, although Quinn had reached the maximum celestial level, he had yet to receive any new skills. So far with each level, a god like skill would be acquired, but instead Quinn had a simple message.

[Certain conditions have not been met to unlock all celestial skills]

[Please enter the celestial space for further information.]

It was a strange message and Quinn had yet to enter the celestial space. He couldn’t deal with that right now, and not so soon.

Besides, at some point he thought that Mundus would have paid him a visit, to inform him that they would no longer interfere, but that hadn’t happened either.

‘Maybe… now if I just don’t head to the celestial space and continue living my life as me, they won’t interfere either.’ ]

This was Quinn’s thought. The problem was, would he change? If Quinn never gained any more celestial points in his life, would he be okay.

This thought scared him, which was why right now in his hands he was holding onto the God Slayer Crystal.

‘It said if I give this thing to them, the Ancient Ones will reward me right? Maybe I can ask them to get rid of this feeling, or to turn me back to how I was.

‘There’s no danger, other than Truedream, if there are no longer any problems with the gods and such, then dealing with Truedream with my own power would be fine.’

“Quinn…Quinn!” Layla shouted.

“Sorry?” Quinn replied, turning back around, putting the God Slayer Crystal away.

“I called your name around five times already. Is everything okay?” Layla asked again, she hated asking this question because it was clear that it wasn’t.

“Yeah I was just thinking about names.” Quinn replied. “It would be nice if Minny had a little brother.”

“Don’t you think you’re thinking a little too far ahead?”

“What, should we wait until we are thirty, and in a stable position?” Quinn replied, smiling.

The two of them laughed at this, as they knew how old the two of them really were, and when things would be stable.

“By the way, are you ready for tomorrow, will you be okay getting there in time?” Layla asked.

“Oh right, the ceremony right? The one that Logan prepared. Honestly, I almost forgot about that.”

Due to their achievements, Logan wanted to hold a celebration for all the lives, with vampires and humans. There would be an award show, where many would receive awards and that of course included the main attraction of the show, Quinn.

He had been contacted and chased by a number of reporters and not even AJ knew where he was right now. The reason for being here with Layla was two fold.

He felt normal here, at least in the castle since, going out in the street he had the same attention as everywhere else, if not more.

In the end, Quinn always found it hard to say no, especially to Logan, who had convinced him that this was all a good idea.

There was another reason why Quinn wanted to go, he was hoping to see a certain person there, Sam. A little while ago he had found out that Sam was working with Bliss.

Ever since everything had ended, he believed that he might see him, yet the two of them hadn’t appeared anywhere. There were more questions that Quinn wanted to ask.

Ask about the Cursed faction, what happened to each individual member. They were the people that Quinn had brought in after all.

On top of that, he wanted to reunite with Muka, and see how her quest with finding the rest of the original vampires and past leaders’ tombs was going.

That was still quite a mystery in itself. Since Pure seemed to have nothing to do with it.

“Don’t worry, we have plenty of time. Besides, I want to spend as much time as possible with you.” Quinn smiled, as he quickly rushed back under the sheets.

Little did Quinn know that on that day, the two of them had been successful at making a new life.


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