My Vampire System Chapter 1986 Live Your Life

VOLUME 8 The Last Vampire

History that had gone on for millions of years had continually changed throughout time in the world of humans. Beasts had once existed on earth, creatures known as Werewolves had been alive during a time, and there were also the vampires.

A lot of what had happened in between those times had been lost. As to what had really occurred, there were only a few fragments of history, things written down in books which would connect things here and there, but as to the things in between…

How they were linked, how and why did the beasts leave, or why certain things happened… Well there were only a few beings that knew about everything. That knew what had truly occurred each time.

“Ray Talen… Gary D- No that’s not right, it was Tai Talen… and Quinn Talen. The world certainly has gone through a lot of changes because of one crazy family, but how long can all of this last?

“If only there was a way to… no that’s impossible. For now, we can only rely on Quinn Talen.”


“When I saw the student about to get blamed… about to get hurt. I felt like that was my chance. So I decided to come out, and that’s when everyone saw me…The Night Demon. I had become quite the popular name among all of the students due to what I had been doing before.

“Many were interested in seeing what I could do. With the disguise, I was able to use my powers freely, and finally fight Duke! He summoned two large stone snakes, but I blew them away with a single punch, and then with another punch finishing the Duke off!” Quinn shouted, as he imitated the punch that he had performed on the Duke.

“WOW!” Minny said, clapping her hands proudly. “Dad you really were always so cool! I can’t believe it, I wish I was there, and when I grow up I’m going to be known as the Night Assassin!”

Minny quickly used the shadow travel skill, going across the floor, and then reappeared as she threw out a few quick kicks in succession.

The two of them were in a dark bedroom, with only candles for light. It was a large room with a bed fit for a king and queen and the decoration wasn’t lacking either. However, there was no light coming into the room, as it looked dark out from the window.

As Minny continued her fantasy and was throwing punches and kicks after hearing Quinn’s tale, the door was seen opening and walking in was a female with beautiful long black hair down by her sides and two horns coming out from them.

She was dressed in a tight fitting black dress that had a slit down the side, similar to the traditional chinese dresses that were worn on women. She hadn’t entered the room alone, as there was a man by her side.

“Mum, Uncle!” Minny shouted, as she ran over and hugged the woman by her legs.

Quinn quickly stood up and couldn’t help but admire the figure that was in front of him from top to bottom. He was staring so intently that it caused the female to blush.

“Is there something wrong?” The woman asked.

“No, I just never thought I could see someone so beautiful in my lifetime.” Quinn replied. “It’s nice to see you, Layla.”

“Come on.” Layla said, coughing and turning her face slightly away. “You said the same thing when you saw me yesterday.”

Walking over to Minny, Quinn picked her up, and placed her on Xander’s shoulder.

“Minny, do you mind if me and Layla have a talk in private for a while. Uncle Xander will be happy to take you out and play with you.”

“Ahh man, but I wanted to hear more stories about your past dad! You were so cool.” Minny said.

“Stories about your dad, huh, well I have a few. I will tell you on the way.” Xander said, as he carried her out and the door was closed between the two of them. ing to the Red vampire’s hideout unannounced, and just confidently acting like so.]

But she liked this change in Quinn. The two of them walked up to the window as it was seemingly pushed open by an invisible force. Leaning out of it, the two of them looked at the city and the lights below.

“You have changed Quinn, I never knew you… well you used to be so awkward acting around me.” Layla said. “I was even the one that had to make the first move, and tell you that I liked you.”

“I’ve changed?” Quinn said, looking off into the distance. “I guess, I have just started to realise that I should enjoy the time I have now. Not worry about what could happen in the future, or what happened in the past, and enjoy what I’m doing right now.

“I… don’t want to waste a second and want to start enjoying the things that I am doing.”

There was a pause after that sentence, and Layla knew why.

“But you can’t… Can you? Is this because of what you told me? About what happened to Erin, you can’t stop thinking about Jack Truedream, can you?”

Quinn didn’t reply, but he didn’t have to. It was clear that Erin was weighing on his mind. Yesterday, when he had arrived, he had told Layla everything, and even then Quinn looked so hurt about everything that had occured.

“Quinn, I hate to say this but I’m going to say this. You have done a lot for the world, you have saved it time and time again, right now… the world doesn’t need saving. I know you want to find out the truth about Erin. Honestly, I can’t lie, I want to as well.”

“But you don’t have to go looking for him. The world is safe right now, if the time comes where you are needed again, then we will do it together, but for now, you should enjoy now. I’m asking you… and besides you should think about the others that need you.

“I need you, and want you beside me.”

Quinn thought about what Layla had said, and he thought about his life so far… It was true. Technically Quinn was extremely old, but out of all of those years, how much had he actually lived. How many free days were there where he could just do as he wished and he didn’t have to train for the days coming ahead.

He had never been able to enjoy the days of peace that had occured after defeating the Dalki, and now after stopping Immortui, after stopping Pure, the world was at peace again.

“Your right.” Quinn said, as he turned and looked at Layla. “Layla… I want to spend my remaining years together. I want to know what its like to grow old together. I think I finally understand Arthur and Vincent from back then. Why they did, what they did.

“Although… I can’t do the same as them. I want to live as normal a life as possible. Layla… I love you.”

Quinn said, as he leant in, grabbing her from her back and pulling her in. Layla was accepting, as the two of them pushed their lips against each other, and closed their eyes feeling the sensation.

For both of them, this was the feeling that they wanted to last forever. Their hearts beating together, and no problems in the world, and just for them two to enjoy. As they pulled away, Quinn looked into Layla’s eyes once more.

“I want to… have a family. Let’s make a baby.” Quinn said.

A moment ago, Layla’s eyes were half open, enjoying the kiss that they had shared. It was the second kiss she was able to enjoy from Quinn, which was why, now her eyes were wide open as she couldn’t believe what she had just heard.



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