My Vampire System Chapter 1985 1 Billion Celestial Points

The first Dalki war had gotten rid of most of the human population which had amassed to 10 billion at the time. After the peace treaty signing, the number had risen and no longer did humans have to live on Earth, as there were the beast planets where shelters and living areas had been made.

Then the second war had taken place, causing the population to decrease once again. With a low population, many predicted it would be a long time until the human race would be able to see the same numbers as they had had back then.

Only a 1000 years later, after the 2nd Dalki war, had the numbers started to stabilise with the human and vampire population reaching a high number, but not to the same levels as they were before. The number had also stagnated due to the fighting between the vampires and humans.

All of this information was unknown to Quinn. He knew none of this and when making his case, when pleading with the whole world, he could never imagine seeing such a number.

[1,000,032,342 Celestial points have been gained]

During Quinn’s plea, the people, everyone who was watching the event, clung to his every word. Listening to everything that had been said, and they could feel the conviction in his voice.

After watching the events, watching how he fought the creatures non stop without taking a break. They didn’t care if what Quinn was saying was a lie, whether it was words just to win them over, as he had already won them over.

Whatever was happening, they wanted to be a part of it, and wanted to help Quinn in whatever way was possible. A small cut on the hand, it was nothing compared to what they had seen all of the others having been through.

Closing their eyes, making a small cut… Everyone had the image of him in his mind.

‘Quinn, I hope this can really help you. Please help us again like you did back then!’

‘I’m sorry… I was one of those that hated vampires as well, but I know you’re different, you are one that is trying to help us.’

‘Quinn… Quinn… Quinn.’

Standing in the position he was in, Quinn looked at his fist that was glowing with white energy, and soon it started to spread to his whole body. The camera from AJ was filming every second of this, and could see Quinn look off to the side and nod towards Agent 4.

With that, Agent 4 finished drawing the last symbol, and took a step away. It was quick to activate as it all lit up, and instead of a red colour it was lighting up in a white colour.

Quinn could feel it, his energy was being drawn from his body. Not just his vampire aura, but just like how he had used every last bit of his strength trying to get to Erin, it was now being drawn out of him.

Suddenly his body started to float, just like the red heart had done, and so did the red heart in his hand as well. When rising above, Quinn looked towards the camera.

“Thank you everyone, I can feel all of the energy that you have given me. You have done your job, now it’s time for me to do mine.”

The usual red glow that could be seen in Quinn’s eyes was starting to change as the ring around it started to light up white, and soon the entirety of Quinn’s eyes was lit up in a white energy.

Straight out from his body, shooting out like a beam, it was hitting the magic circle. There was no need for Chris to stay by the circle and fight the beasts that were coming his way, because the white beam of energy had turned every demon it touched into nothing.

As the white beam energy was shot down into the circle from one side and the hole was seen shrinking in size, on the other side, from the ground a white beam of energy could be seen shooting up.

As the demons heading toward it could see that every creature that was to touch it was losing their life, they started to run away.

“What… is this?” Immortui shouted at the top of his lungs. Everything he had worked for, it was disappearing right in front of him, and of all people that were in his way, it was a damned messenger.

“Move!!!” Immortui shouted, and for the first time a wave of energy had hit Mundus. He looked to be hurt as the front of his body had been damaged, showing parts of his crawling flesh.<novelnext> For more chapters, please visit </novelnext>

However, Mundus could feel it, no longer was there energy flowing into this realm, flowing into this part of the world.

“You were close, but not close enough.” Mundus stated, as his body disappeared directly in front of Immortui.

“DAMN IT, DAMN IT! Who, who was it, which celestial was the one that closed the portal? Who ruined my plans! Was it him? The one that kept getting in the way!

“I SWEAR, I will do everything in my power to get out of this place, and when I do, I will find out who did this, and they will be the first on my list to disappear. Everyone you care about, everything you are fighting for, all the lives around you… I will make you witness all of them disappear in front of your eyes ONE BY ONE!”


The beam of energy continued from Quinn, and the portal door was seen closing, everyone could see that it was closing. Then finally there was no longer any part of the magic circle that could be seen.

The energy from Quinn was starting to fade. The white that was surrounding his body disappeared, and so did the white from his eyes as he fell onto the ground.

Quinn fell to his knees with one fist on the ground and was huffing and panting quite heavily, taking in air.

“Is it… over?” Lucas asked.

“I think… I think…” Tears started to roll down his face and his voice was choking up. “I think… the door was closed… it’s over.”

Something had come over nearly everyone in the area as they heard these words. All of them decided to fall on the ground right there and then on their back. Chris, Minny, Fex, and even Quinn.

The stress of everything that had happened, everything they had been through had left their bodies, and all of them had gone above and beyond what their bodies could take.

“Everyone…” AJ said, as he filmed it all. “These people are your saviours… they deserve a rest and I think the world deserves a break. Remember each and everyone of the people who not only helped out today, but those who had helped out and had lost their lives, and of course let’s not forget.”

“You must all thank yourselves for helping out Quinn and giving him the power. I think these people now deserve a rest and… there will of course be an update shortly.”

The live stream ended there and then, with the images of the new heroes left burnt into their minds. All of them vowed to never forget the people that saved their lives.



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In volume 8, it will be a roller coaster of a ride. The Ancient Ones, Mundus, Jack Truedream, the Dalki, Ray, Sil, and of course Immortui, will he actually be able to go through with his threat.

There is still the long awaited Quest that Quinn has kept with him for a while now, to Find the Truth of the Talen Family!!!

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