My Vampire System Chapter 1984

From the footage that everyone could see, the fight was continuing on and honestly they could see no end in sight. The blood swords were going through several enemies, once in a while Quinn would hit one of the demons and a pulse of energy would come out killing all of those in the area.

Yet, no matter how quickly they killed the wave of creatures, more and more were coming through the portal. The people themselves were getting tired as they continued to watch the fight.

It looked like there was no end in sight, however they were unaware of what Agent 4 was doing and that’s when he had finally done it. The last symbol had been drawn.

“It’s done!” Agent 4 said, stepping back.

When he did, the light on the inner circle started to fade. As if it was deactivating. Then after it had deactivated, the red crystal started to fall. Seeing this, Agent 4 ran in, transforming his legs and boosting himself to grab the red crystal.

As he reached out his fingers were seconds away from touching it, before he could see a red claw grab it as well.

“This belongs to my father!” Minny said, sticking out a tongue as she landed on the side.

Continuing his flight, Agent 4 thought there was no use worrying about it now, he needed to be concerned with something else. Getting to the other side he could see it. The red heart was no longer being used, and the portal looked to have shrunk, now that it wasn’t getting its consistent flow of power.

However, the circle was still there, as if it was permanent, and even now, a creature could be seen trying to pull itself through it.

‘If we think of this portal as a door it’s now been permanently slightly opened. Even though we stopped it, it wasn’t soon enough. Creatures will still trickle through, and I don’t think there is a limit as to what can come through here.

‘That flesh man came through, so why can’t Zero’s master. The answer is there must be something stopping him at the moment on the other side.’

The time it had taken Agent 4 to think those words the rest were done with the creatures that had come out. They noticed their numbers vastly reduced and now were looking at the same thing he was.

The others had gathered around the magic circle, as they all looked at the problem in front of them.

Those watching online had cheered for a moment, but they noticed that a creature had still come out and Quinn had dealt with it again with a bullet.

“What’s going on, I thought you said you could stop this thing?” Fex said.

“And I did stop it.” Agent 4 angrily replied back. “The problem is, a lot of the red heart’s energy was used to open it.”

“Can’t we close it then?” Vanessa asked.

“We have to close it.” Quinn replied. “I can feel it. I don’t know what it is, but on the other side there are more powerful energies waiting to come through. We have to close this as soon as possible.”

Hearing Quinn of all people say this, they knew it was a serious thing, but the question was how, and once again the solution fell to Agent 4, who had been a big help so far in all of this.

“I did have an idea.” Agent 4 stated. “Look, the red heart’s energy was used to open the portal. All I did was draw a magic circle to stop the current spell.

“However, I think I have a grasp on things now. I can probably code it to use the red heart’s energy to close it back up again, but there is a problem. The red heart is nothing like it was before. The same amount of energy would most likely be needed to close it.”

Minny looked at the crystal and it was nowhere near the same size as it was before. The fact that she could hold it in one hand now showed that.

“Quinn… didn’t you make the red heart?” Chris stated. “I mean, if you made the red heart, can’t you do the same again?”

Hearing this question, Quinn thought back to the time he had created the red heart. There was the blood of the fallen vampires, of the Dalki all around, and Graham as well.

It was something that Quinn himself didn’t even know how to replicate, which was why another solution came to mind.

“I don’t think I can create the red heart again, but perhaps you can use myself as the energy source to close up. Use up as much energy as you need from inside me.”

Agent 4 started to nod.

“I think this can work, if you stand in the second circle then I can make adjustments.”

“Good, but before that, I need to be absolutely sure that this will work.” Quinn said. “So before you finish the last symbol let me know.”

Agent 4 didn’t know what Quinn was planning to do, but he agreed as he changed a few of the symbols on the ground. Meanwhile, Chris was now in charge of taking out whatever it was that was to crawl out from the hole.

Minny handed the red heart over to Quinn, as he held it in his hand, he would be using what was left as part of the energy as well, and it was as he thought.

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Back then Quinn didn’t realise it, but the red heart was not just created with the blood of others, but it was a strange mix. Just like how Erin had become a crystal after her death in some way, some of this was Graham.

At the same time, there was a strong amount of celestial energy in it as well. Maybe it was due to the large amount of celestial energy that had appeared when Quinn had first evolved, everything had been crammed into the crystal allowing it to do such things.

Which was why Quinn had a plan, as he called over a particular person and now a camera was directly pointed at his face. The whole world was looking at Quinn from the live stream.

“My name is Quinn Talen. I don’t know what people think of me, as I have been asleep for the last 1000 years, but none of that even matters. What I did in the past or what I did just now, none of that matters.

“What is important is what I’m doing now. I have learnt that a video of the past has been seen many times, of me. When I called on the help of others and asked to use their blood… and this time. I will be asking for something similar.

“In order to close this hole in front of me, and stop these monsters from coming into our world, then I am going to need your help. What I am about to say might sound strange but I promise you, that if you do this, everyone will be doing their part to help.

“Vampire, Human, Beast… I don’t care, but this world is ours, and we will be the deciders of what happens to it. Whether we are the ones that destroy it, or we are the ones that save it, we will be the deciders of that.

“Which is why I ask you all. To find a statue of me. Even a picture, maybe even just close your eyes. Think of me, as you make a small cut on your hand. By doing this, your blood, your power… it will join with mine, and I can close this portal.

“So I ask you all to let me borrow your power!” Quinn shouted down at the camera, straining his voice as it was said out loud.

When zooming out, the camera showed that the others were already doing this. Chris, Vanessa, Lucas, everyone who was present was making a small cut on their hand, while thinking of Quinn.

‘I don’t know how well this will work, or how many people will listen, but the least I can do is try.’

Seconds later, and the notifications were coming in. One after another they were rushing in too fast for Quinn to read, until it had reached a certain number.

[1,000,032,342 Celestial points have been gained]

[You have levelled up]

[You have levelled up]

[You have levelled up]


[You are now a level 10 celestial, you have reached the max level]


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