My Vampire System Chapter 1983 Message For The World (Part 1)

The messenger of the celestial world, a being that was always seen instead of the Ancient Ones, was a frightening figure to the celestials. The fact that he could show his real form in the celestial space while the others couldn’t, was enough to show everyone that he was different from them.

At the same time, due to him being the only one that was seen, if Mundus ever was the one to meet you, or give an order himself, it was pretty much taken as if the Ancient Ones were the one doing the talking.

However, due to this, no one really saw Mundus act, which begged a lot of them to ask the question, after some time had passed, was Mundus actually a strong celestial?

Immortui wasn’t the only celestial to act out, or attempt to go against the Ancient Ones’ set up of things. There were those that were simply just kicked out of the celestial space like Quinn.

Usually, that would be enough to calm their behaviour or stop them getting involved so much with others, but if that didn’t work, then at times Mundus would pay them a visit, and the celestials old enough to hear the tales of what had happened, would tell you straight, yes, Mundus was strong.

In the red world, Mundus stood there with both of his arms held out, a strange blue orb surrounding both of them. Still, there didn’t look to be any severe wounds that could be seen on his body.

“There have been many of those that fear you, but I am not one of them.” Immortui stated. “I can tell… you know you are not strong enough to defeat me. So instead you have decided to just waste time.

“I know you are good at doing that, but what difference does it make? If you are wasting my time now, or if you simply just let me pass. What are you waiting for?

“For one of the others to come and fight me? No, they wouldn’t dare come here. They hate the idea of losing so much that they would never come to where I am, and would always force me to bring the fight to them! So what is it?”

Mundus just smiled as he received the news. The god slayer had been defeated. Quinn had kept up his side of the deal, and it was most likely he wouldn’t stop there.

“There are new strong celestials popping up all the time.” Mundus replied, as the orbs around his hands got bigger.


After throwing the blood spear, Quinn had landed down on his feet and it looked to have somewhat solved the problem, at least for a little while.

Even though Agent 4 was drawing a larger magic circle around the current one, he couldn’t help but be distracted by the creatures, even if Quinn was there. His hand was still hurt and damaged from the time before.

Picking up the pace, Agent 4 had now done half the circle, but once in a while he would have to stand up and redo certain parts. After all, as he had stated many times, he was only guessing what the symbols meant and was working from that.

That was until once again, creatures began to pour out from the hole. The first thing that came out was what looked like a large black slug. It didn’t have any arms or anything, but as usual, Quinn shot bullets at it before giving it a chance.

‘The only good thing that is coming out of shooting these creatures is a small power boost, but I can tell the energy upgrade to my blood is now non-existent compared to before. Is it because these are just regular demons?’

Quinn was still trying to figure out the relation to their power and his, but that’s when he could see five winged creatures that looked between a bat and a tiger, fly out at a fast speed spreading in different directions.

Quinn used a bullet, firing at one of them, knocking it out of the sky and killing it in an instant. However, while he looked for the others, he could see more creatures were pouring out of the hole compared to before.

“Erg… if you could beat them a little more quickly that would be great.” Agent 4 said nervously.

The circle had opened a bit more compared to before and now ten creatures were coming out at the same time. Some were the same and others were different compared to before.

“It looks like we need to get involved as well!” Fex said, as he tied up one of their bodies with string and slammed it into one of the others. Then with another, Fex threw it towards Quinn.

At that moment, Quinn placed the guns away, and threw a fist out, punching his whole hand right through the head, killing it one hit. In this case, with the large size of the creature’s body, it was best for Quinn to use a mixture of his fists and weapons.

He charged forward, close to the magic circle, grabbing one of the creatures that had a spider leg, and ripped it apart before throwing it right through its body. Then with a gun in his other hand he fired at one of the winged creatures, before pulling another close to him and shooting it right through the chin.

After that, Quinn raised both his hands and a thousand blood swords started to appear. Every second it looked like ten creatures were coming through, and there was a good chance he would need to use everything he had to take care of them and protect Agent 4 at the same time.

This felt like a test, a different type of battle compared to the one that Quinn had faced before. Now he was using everything he had learnt to kill as many beings as possible.

With a strong kick, a large line of blood aura came out slashing five of their heads off. Meanwhile, Minny, Lucas, and Fex were working together just to take out one of these creatures.

“I’m not feeling so confident about you guys protecting me.” Agent 4 said, as he continued to draw the circle.

“Well, we are the best you got!” Fex shouted, as he got hit by something right in the chest, sending him flying to the other end.

Lucas went to help him, but a winged creature was in the air, and Minny was busy fighting against three winged creatures. Just as the strange winged creature opened its mouth, ready to gobble Lucas up.

Right in front of him, flying through the air, he could see a grey furred wolf open its mouth and chomp right down on the creature, killing it in one bite.

When the wolf landed, Lucas couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Vanessa, you’re here!” Lucas shouted.

They quickly jumped down from the wolf, as Chris transformed and with his werewolf body started to swipe at the creatures, one by one ripping their bodies and limbs apart.

As for the others, they were put towards the side, out of the way, near the rock that Agent 4 was hiding from before, AJ stood next to Peter on the ground.

Seeing this, AJ pressed a few things on his back and small balls started to rise in the sky as they turned into drones and started to film everything from above. Seeing this sight, it looked like a nightmare.

Here Quinn, Chris, Vanessa, and the others were all fighting off creatures from hell. From the hole that was open everyone could see that more and more were pouring out.

Chris focused on protecting Agent 4, slashing anything that got in his way, while Quinn was killing the bulk of them with his blood powers and fists.

“Everyone watching, now you can see, now the whole world can see. This is what they were fighting for, this is what they were trying to stop.” AJ commented. “Even though our Hero Quinn has done well so far, he has no time to rest and neither do the others.”

The viewers were left speechless, it felt unreal to them. Now, even some of the naysayers, those that were for Erin and Zero, had quieted down.

Because none of them could imagine being in the middle of it all. Being in the middle of this massacre as they saw bodies piling up, one by one. The intense fighting and the fast paced destruction that was going on.

Now, the only comments that were left were encouraging ones.

“You can do it guys… please keep fighting… don’t give up.”

“Contact the military, the Graylash family, tell them to send help, they need to get there and stop this!”

“Quinn… Please, we don’t want another war.”


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