My Vampire System Chapter 1982: A Reliable One

After having received the energy back from Quinn, it didn’t take long for Chris to finally get back to how he was. It seemed the Qi activating in his body, once it healed beyond a certain point, was enough to kickstart his werewolf genes in his body.

In the first place, a werewolf’s body was more resilient than nearly anything else, and now with Chris standing, it was as if he had never been in a fight in the first place. It was truly amazing.

“Zero… you, I just wish we had spent some time together, just together, not focusing on anything else. I will now always wonder… would you have still picked me up and treated me the same if you had never lost the others?” Chris said to himself.

“It’s good to see that you are okay.” AJ commented, as he looked him up and down. Without his clothes and fur, all of his body was out on show and able to be seen, revealing his hardened overtrained body, which easily showed the dedication Chris had put in.

“I know this should be a time of celebration.” Chris stopped himself there, because he still was unsure if he even felt happy about Zero’s death. The truth was, even though Chris had agreed to switch sides, he hadn’t had time to strengthen his feelings to get rid of Zero.

Everything had happened so fast after the attack on the main base of Pure.

“We can’t rest.” Chris continued. “We need to head over to where Quinn is and see if everything is okay. He helped us all this time, and is even helping us now, but we don’t know what could be happening and he may very well need our help again.”

The others knew this somewhat. There was a tingling sensation that was felt in the air by all of them, that soon there could be a big event happening. Even the ground they were standing on felt like it was reacting to something.

For Chris, he feared the celestials. They had strong power and their numbers were unknown. It was perhaps the only group of beings left that were able to do something to Quinn, and if they did try something, then he would need there to help.

“I know the way, I can lead us there.” Vanessa suggested.

“You have to take me as well.” Peter said, lying on his back. Peter had managed to eat some flesh and the wounds on his body had healed, but for some reason, his body was still quite hurt and damaged from the fight and he was still unable to lift a muscle.

“I don’t care what I look like now!” Peter shouted. “I have to be with Quinn and if you are going there, take me. If I’m in the way then just let me die, but that’s my choice, and if you don’t take me. I’ll kill you.”

The others smiled as they heard Peter’s words. Because AJ even felt the same as he nodded toward Chris. He had come this far, and if this was the last bit, then he would need to film this as well.

Seeing how everyone was coming anyway, Chris activated his powers as his whole body was growing larger but he wasn’t turning into the normal werewolf form that he was in while he was fighting, he was turning into his gigantic wolf form.

So large, it was easy to fit Vanessa, AJ, and Peter, who was lying across sideways.

“Hang on, I will be getting there as fast as I can.” Chris said, and without warning started to run in a direction at a great speed.

“Wait, wrong way!” Vanessa shouted.


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At the top of the mountain, it was lighting up red once more, and the beam of energy reached far up into the skies. Agent 4 was in a panic as he saw this.

This hadn’t occurred when he had touched the red heart so why was it happening now, and the big question was, why didn’t Quinn just pull out the red heart and was still holding onto it floating in the air.

“What is happening, you tricked us! I’ll kill you!” Fex shouted.

“No I didn’t trick you, I promise I don’t know what is happening.” Agent 4 said, stopping mid sentence, as he thought of something.

“Let go of the crystal, just let go of it now!” Agent 4 shouted.<sub></sub>

Hearing this, Quinn had let go of the crystal, and the red light had disappeared, but it was still doing the same as it was before, the energy was coming out from the red heart and was slowly opening up the portal.

However, three creatures could be seen coming through at once, climbing through the hole. Unlike before they didn’t seem to be struggling either.

Using his guns Quinn started to fire away, but that’s when he noticed after his bullets finished off the ones that were at the top of the portal, there seemed to be even more underneath them.

“Look I’m not sure what happened but I can only guess.” Agent 4 said, as he panicked, because Fex was pointing Arthur’s sword right towards his neck. “The magic circle, it must be instructions on what to do with the red heart’s energy. So right now, the magic circle might have instructions like to take energy from this to open a portal to another world.

“Well, when Quinn touched the red heart, the instructions must be working on him as well, so it was drawing the energy out of him.”

Fex wasn’t too sure if this was the truth or not, but one thing was for sure, the portal seemed to be more open than it was before, letting through more creatures and as for the second thing, Agent 4 did tell Quinn to let go of the crystal.

“How do we fix this then?” Lucas asked.

“I think I figured out what each symbol and pattern means. I can at least draw instructions to stop drawing out energy, or maybe even try and reverse what is happening. I need to write another magic circle, but I need protection from those creatures from the hole as they seem to know what I’m doing.”

With no other plans it was the only one they could go with. So while Minny, Fex, and Lucas stayed close to Agent 4 as he made the circle, Quinn was trying to fight off as many of the demons that were coming through. Firing bullet after bullet.

“I need a larger attack, there’s a lot of them.” Quinn said, as he jumped off above the magic circle. These creatures seemed to be hurt quite a bit by celestial energy, so he knew what he needed to create.

Although not something he needed to do anymore due to his weapons and armour, it was something that he needed to do right now. Activating the celestial power in his blood, Quinn made a small cut on his arm, and he started to form this into a large blood spear.

Holding it carefully in his hands, he could see the creatures coming through.

Leaning back, the blood spear was then thrown out at full force straight toward the hole. With blood control, Quinn was able to move it slightly away from the blood crystal. The last thing he wanted to do was give it more power again.

Then with the blood control he was able to move it back to hit his targets, as the blood spear pierced their bodies and continued to go forward, through the portal to the other side hitting many of those that were trying to get in.

In the other place, where the world’s sky was red, a lot of destruction had occurred. Everything in the nearby area that showed any sign of life such as plants or roots, had been obliterated.

The only thing that was clear was the number of creatures, that numbered in the tens of thousands, that were all running towards a certain spot.

As Immortui looked at the opening, seeing it open more, put a smile on his face. That was until he saw a large celestial blood spear shoot up from the ground that they were on, killing everything it touched and continuing on, heading up into the sky

‘Is someone coming through, or do they have someone on the other side. All of my links with my followers have been lost. So it’s hard for me to tell what is going on.’ Immortui thought.

He wasn’t the only one that noticed this attack, as Mundus turned his head for a split second to catch the celestial blood spear reaching the clouds and then run out of energy, bursting into nothing, but soon demons could be seen falling from the sky with missing limbs and more.

“It looks like I have a reliable one this time.” Mundus smiled.


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