My Vampire System Chapter 1981: The Red Heart Retruns

In some cases a small blink would mean one would miss what had just occurred. Because coming out of Quinn’s weapons was nothing but Qi energy and according to the bullet it was done in the same way as the third stage of Qi meaning the attack was invisible.

Those that were at a high level were able to sense such a thing but in this case it didn’t matter. Escam felt the energy but it was too late. Never in the first place did he believe there was a being, even among the celestials, that would be able to defeat him in such a way.

Which was why he didn’t attempt to move. Whether or not that was his downfall, it was hard to say, because in one way or another Quinn was going to defeat him even if he was prepared.

In the end, he was nothing for the group to worry about now, there was no longer a guard to the strange portal in front of them.

“What is happening here?” Quinn asked, as he slowly walked forward. There was intense blood energy, but he didn’t know much about what was currently going on.

“Chris asked us to come here.” Fex replied. “The strange creatures that you defeated before, including that Flesh man, had come out from that hole. The man talked about sending an army through there when it was complete, so we need to stop it somehow.”

Pulling all of his knowledge together, Quinn had a guess. He had been told a while ago from Logan what Pure’s true goal was after the raid had occurred.

It was most likely that they were completing it now, a doorway into another world, and Quinn could sense that it was the red heart in front of him.

‘How do we stop it though. I’m not really sure if things will end up being worse or not?’ Quinn thought.

While thinking this it looked like something else was coming out of the portal. Quickly using his gun, Quinn fired out one Blood forest bullet.

[Blood of a lesser demon has been found]

[Blood energy has been added]

It had the same effect as before, when Quinn had used the bullet on the Flesh man. Only the energy increase that Quinn could feel, with his blood power getting higher, it seemed like it was less than before.

However, there was one thing that Quinn found interesting when using the blood forest bullet. The current energy from the Flesh man was still present in his body. It made him wonder, was this increase something similar to the Dalki blood where his power would increase temporarily, or was it perhaps permanent?

If it was the latter, then the blood forest bullet was more impressive than he originally thought. Just in case Quinn started to fire away several blood forest bullets at the single hand he could see trying to crawl out. Each time it would flinch, and then the hand had let go.

After each bullet, Quinn had received energy from them, but the effects of the power gained felt less and less.

‘I wonder why there is a boost to blood energy from them? Does this mean that the demons from this other world use the same powers as vampires? Or is it something else.’

While in the middle of the thought, Quinn had heard the sound of breathing, and a slight footstep. Immediately he lifted the gun.

“Get out, I know you are there!” Quinn said, with both guns pointed.

Soon, a face that wasn’t too familiar with all of them had come out from behind one of the rocks with both of his hands raised.

“Don’t shoot please!” Agent 4 pleaded. “I am Agent 4, I work for Pure. Or I guess the correct term is, I worked for Pure, but I know now they are no more.”

Quinn was wondering whether to shoot the person in front of him or not, because so far no good had come on leaving loose ends or certain people alive. He knew that already about Jack Truedream.

“Since you are here and Zero was back there, I’m guessing you were the one that opened this portal… tell us how to close it, and don’t lie, otherwise I’ll be able to tell.” Quinn said.

“Don’t worry about that.” Agent 4 replied with a grin on his face and attempted to put his hands down but Quinn soon moved the gun insinuating that he was still to keep them up.<sub></sub>

“You’re right, I was the one that opened the portal, but I didn’t know what it did. We were only meant to call over Zero’s master, and ask him to bring back those from the dead.” Agent 4 explained.

From what Quinn had heard, this had lined up with the stories he had learned.

“However, I realised if bringing back that god or whatever it is into this world means bringing back an army of these creatures, even if the others were alive they would be coming into a world where they would perhaps quickly perish once again.

“I want to help.” Agent 4 said.

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Because of this Quinn put the gun down, but it was a false sense of safety for Agent 4 anyway because he knew with his speed and power Quinn could deal with Agent 4 with ease anyway.

Keeping a close eye, everyone went close to the magic circle, and if there were any signs of a creature coming close to the circle Quinn would just fire his bullets inside, a blood forest bullet, mainly to see if there was anything different he would hit and to keep the creatures at bay.

While looking at the circle, Agent 4 was having second guesses about his plan to rewrite the circle. In the first place, he wasn’t an expert on whatever these symbols meant, and he was just trying his best to interpret them how they would go.

If he got something wrong, maybe then the magic circle would use the red heart to do something else. Perhaps this was how the Red vampires were planning to use the red heart to change everyone into vampires.

They were in a desperate time when it was the Flesh man, but now not so much and he was seriously beginning to second guess himself.

“For now, I would say the best bet is to get rid of the energy source that is trying to fully open this thing. The only problem is, it might leave the door partly open like it is now.

“Which means we would have to find a way to close it but it would give us more time. The only thing was, when I tried to grab the red heart earlier the vampire energy or aura as you call it damaged my hands and I can’t take it out.” Agent 4 explained.

From what he had heard, to Quinn it didn’t sound like Agent 4 was lying, there were no strange fluctuations in his voice. His heartbeat remained consistent and strong and there was no extra sweat coming from the palm of his hands or face.

Still, this was a person who had lived a 1000 years and it was safe to say they wouldn’t have been so surprised if he knew a trick or two.

“I can try to grab the red heart.” Fex said. “If it’s a trap or if anything happens like I fall through to the other side, then that’s okay. You did it right… the fact that you’re here?”

Quinn knew instantly what he meant.

“I’m sorry, I wanted you to speak to her… or at least get the last hit in before her last words but everything happened too fast, but yes… Erin is no longer.”

While saying this, Quinn did wonder whether or not later on if he should tell Fex the truth, how it was most likely that Erin was being controlled by Jack Truedream. However, Fex had been around for a long time, and right now there was a satisfied smile on his face, as if a long time pain had finally gone away.

He didn’t want to bring that back. He didn’t want to give Fex another target to focus on; he wanted him to enjoy his time.

“No… you can finally spend a few good days with Andy. He wishes to see his father, one that no longer has a large burden on him. Besides, if I fall to the other side, I’m most likely to get back out.

“I have the shadow skill as long as Minny stays up here, and I am… a celestial after all. Lastly, I need to stop this. This is what I created.” Quinn said, as he walked over and reached out to grab the top of the red heart, the last remaining bit that hadn’t been absorbed yet.

The second Quinn touched it, the whole magic circle started to light up a bright red, and Quinn’s entire body was covered by the red light. From the look on Agent 4’s face it was safe to say, this was not what he was expecting.


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