My Vampire System Chapter 1980 A Demon Genreal

The flesh man looked at the mysterious person that had appeared out of the young one’s shadow. He was left confused as to how this came to be, but there were always those with all sorts of different powers.

What he was more interested in was the confidence that could be seen on all of the other faces as soon as this one had appeared.

‘Could he really be any different from those that I have just fought? How much stronger can this person be?’

The flesh man wasn’t just any person from the other side, from the realm where the dead’s dark energy resided, spawning creatures which looked like they had come from hell.

The flesh man was named Escam, and he was a general belonging to Immortui’s army. There were a few strong individuals from the special realm that Immortui trusted, and one of them was Escam.

It was why he was told to go ahead, and break out of the portal, protecting it from anyone trying to stop it. It was a job for one that would be strong, strong enough to defend it from celestials that would possibly come.

What Escam did notice was that the energy that was coming off from this new person was similar to the others, yet for some reason right now it felt weaker than the others.

Even more so, at a closer look, it was as if this person was heavily and severely injured.

‘It looks like this whole thing was a bluff after all.’ Escam smiled.

This actually was the case at the moment. After using all different types of energy to break through Erin’s strange dome-like power, Quinn was weak in celestial energy but he could tell, just from a look at the person and the creatures in front of him, that they were strong.

“Dad, this guy is so annoying. Minny can’t hurt him at all, neither can uncle Fex, teach him a lesson!!” she said, but soon she realised that her father was hurt, and her confidence started to fade.

In fact, she started to become teary eyed wondering what had occurred.

“You don’t have to worry about me, and don’t worry I can tell he is strong.” Quinn said, as he had no choice. He never thought he would be using it this soon, but he had to.

[Full restore]

[Full restore has been used]

[The system will now restore your body to its strongest form within the last 24 hours. Any additional energy that the user currently has will not be lost]

The description of full restore wasn’t very clear. Quinn had feared that it might be a reset, but reading the description, now he was over the moon, because it was far better than he thought, in fact it was perfect.

The energy around him seemed to enter his body, it felt similar to when Quinn had absorbed the nest crystal, yet different at the same time. Suddenly, he could feel all different types of energy coming back to him.

HIs red aura, his celestial energy and, on top of that, since it stated it was at his strongest in the last 24 hours, Quinn had even gained back the MC points that he had lost for using Shadow Overload.

It certainly was a great reward for completing a quest that had lasted a long time. The final cherry on top, was it didn’t take anything away, meaning that Quinn still had all the Qi he had from before.

The wounds on his body had healed in an instant, it was as if someone had clicked their fingers and now a new person was in front of him. The system was truly one of the most impressive things that Quinn had ever come across.

The reaction was the same for the flesh man on the other side, because now with the celestial energy that was burning off Quinn, including all the points that he had recently gained, he was burning like bright light.

“That energy is so sickening.” Escam commented. “But I wondered when one of you would turn up, a celestial.”

Lifting both his hands up the shadow soon covered it, and without wasting time, Quinn fired a blood bullet away. None of them were aimed at the flesh man, but instead the creatures by its side.

The bullets were far too fast for them to react and as they went through their bodies, the sound of them squealing in pain was heard. A few bullets in each of them, and they had soon collapsed on the floor.

‘Wow…’ Lucas thought with his mouth hanging wide open. ‘It took so much effort and energy to take those things out, and here Quinn is taking three of them out in seconds.’

Another one could be seen climbing out of the hole, and pointing his gun, he shot two more blood bullets out at it and the creature looked to have fallen back in, making it four.

“So you have a fancy toy, but it will take a lot more than that to defeat me.” Escam said, with a smile on his face, as if he was excited that he would have a challenge.

“Quinn, that one doesn’t move from his position. If you can take him out in a few shots like the others, I think you got a chance!” Fex shouted.

Fex was confident in Quinn, but there was something about the person in front of him that made a tingle run up his spine.

Not saying anything else, Quinn pointed both of the guns at the flesh man and fired away. Two bullets went through his chest. They went right through and, around the area where the bullets had damaged, the flesh was seen moving and going back to normal as if nothing had occurred.

This wasn’t like Peter, where the body was healing and using energy to bring back part of it. It was as if the bullets were doing nothing at all and the body was just growing and reconstructing itself.

Continuing to fire bullets, Quinn had an idea, perhaps this person was like Peter, and what was needed was a shot in the head. The bullets continued to be fired as they moved toward the top of the head.

Finally a couple of bullets had gone through, but just like before, flesh had just reconstructed itself, making it look completely normal as it was before.

“Even standing here I can see that you are afraid. You chose to fight far away because you are scared of what I can do!” Escam shouted.

“I’m not scared.” Quinn replied, as the top of his gun started to turn into a dark red instead of glowing light red. “There’s just no need to.”

[Blood forest bullet]

When this bullet was fired instead of going right through Escam, this time it splattered across its chest. It looked like a spider web, only dark red with a thick substance all over moving and pulsating.

[Energy has been absorbed due to the Blood forest bullet]

[Bullet has hit ‘Demon Escam’]

‘Oh, so these things are known as demons.

[Energy taken from the demon has been converted into blood energy]

‘Blood energy?’

Quinn was confused by the term, but a few moments later he could feel it, his blood aura, it felt more intense compared to before, slightly more powerful. Rather than increasing the size of his blood aura and how much he could use, this was a more powerful form of the blood aura.

It almost felt like a purer form of blood aura, which Quinn didn’t think was possible.

“I don’t know what this is, but it looks like it has done me no harm.” Escam said, as the strange blood-like spider web started to disappear off his body.

Quinn knew that the extra blood energy would not be able to take care of the one in front of him, as the extra bullets seemed to do nothing. So instead Quinn was ready to try something else.

For one, instead of a bullet, Quinn had set it so his gun would let out a more explosive shot, one that could cover the entire area of the body in front of him.

He had set this for both guns, because he knew that he could take it, he knew that this was something that he was able to do now.

[Qi blast bullet]

A strange feeling was felt coming out of Quinn’s body, going through the weapons it would condense the power anyway, but since Quinn had set it off to go in an explosive way and with a wide radius, quite a bit of Qi was taken from Quinn. With how much he had, what did it matter?

To the others from outside, they could see nothing, no such bullet, but suddenly Escam’s body was just disappearing bit by bit, and at a lighting speed it was completely gone.

“Where did the flesh man go?” Lucas asked.

Now Fex was the one left with his mouth hanging open.

“I think… Quinn just killed him.”


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