My Vampire System Chapter 1979: Another Magic Circle

On top of the mountain, Fex was circling around the flesh man, moving by the side and could see his body move with it. At the same time, he had Lucas on his strings and, although feeling powerful with Fex powering him up, it was safe to say that he was still a little nervous.

“I can feel you shaking through the strings, just relax and trust me. You have a young flexible body compared to mine. This should be easy for you!” Fex said words of encouragement.

However, they didn’t do much to calm Lucas’s nerves, but instead he thought back to his training. When he and Vanessa used to sneak around all over the place. In order to move silently, one needed to be calm as well.

‘I can feel him relaxing now, we have to strike that strange flesh man, and together with everything we have, otherwise we will have to deal with an endless amount of creatures crawling through that hole.’ Fex thought, as he could already see the claw of something reach out.

This time, it wasn’t a strange flower tentacle monster, or a giant cockroach with hundreds of teeth, it was something different altogether. Who knew how many creatures were on the other side, but judging by the fact that this man had said ‘an army’, it worried Fex a great deal, and there were chances that there could be even stronger things getting ready to come out.

Looking to his right, he nodded towards Minny and that was the signal. Fex moved his fingers slightly and just like he had said, Lucas was moving all on his own. It was strange in a way, the movement of Fex using him like this, was faster than he could move his own body and suddenly he found himself in the air, in front of the flesh man with the sword in his hand ready to strike.

Swinging it, the flesh man unfolded his arms and held it up by his right side, as the sword struck against it. It didn’t go through the flesh and it looked to be easily blocked.

‘The strings, I can feel from the momentum and the power my strike is stronger than it’s ever been, and still we were unable to hurt the flesh man.’

Before the flesh man could react with his other arm though, Minny was already swinging her arms out. She was fast and seemed to appear out of nowhere, but still with his other arm the flesh man was easily able to block all her hits.

The motions were extraordinarily fast as Minny swung both her deadly claws rapidly, and the flesh man continued to move just one hand not taking a single step away from the circle.

‘He can keep up with Minny’s speed, no he’s most likely faster because he’s blocking her two hands with one hand, but I thought something like this might happen.’ Fex guessed, as he continued to move Lucas, now letting him swing his sword, again and again, as it was lighting up red.

The same thing was happening on both sides of the flesh man, easily blocking strikes to his body or head.

‘I’m glad that I didn’t try to do anything to him.’ Agent 4 thought, as he crept out from behind the rock. ‘But… while he is distracted with them two, I should be able to stop the portal from finishing opening up. If the red heart is what caused it to open, then I’m pretty sure if we take the red heart away, I can close it as well. I just need to wait for the right time.’

Minny decided to change tactics, rather than just attacking him by swinging her arms in one spot. She was moving and as she touched the ground, she would bounce off and attack other spots, now aiming for the legs as well, even then, the flesh man would simply lift his leg either avoiding the attack or blocking it.

“Even if you could hit me on my head or neck, it would be useless.” The flesh man spoke, as he allowed one of Minny’s claws to reach him. As it scratched the flesh it looked like it did nothing at all.

However, Fex thought this would be the case, as he was counting on something else entirely. During this whole time, the speed of Lucas’s attack was getting faster and faster, as his hits were being consecutive and now Fex was confident he was at a speed where the flesh man would be unable to block.

As Lucas moved his sword once again, the strike got through, piercing its chest, or more so, getting stuck in its chest but doing no harm. That’s when Lucas was pulled back, and now the sword could be seen on a piece of string connected to Lucas still.

Controlling the arm, the sword was swung and as it touched the flesh man, a large explosion went off.

“Lucas, stay strong, I’m going to keep attacking!” Fex ordered.

With the great speed, the momentum of the strings and the power of explosions, Fex was making Lucas swing the sword, and each time it touched the flesh man it would explode on impact.

Unable to see the flesh man clearly through all the smoke, Agent 4 thought there was no better time than now, as he rushed forward and reached out to grab the red heart. When he touched it though, he felt a burning sensation on his hand, suddenly he could feel his skin was starting to peel.<sub></sub>

Quickly Agent 4 pulled it away.

‘That felt like vampire energy. The Red heart is in its pure energy form, it would be impossible to grab like this. Think, is there something else I can do?’

Looking at the magic circle, Agent 4 started to look at the symbols, although they were glowing, and seemed to be untouchable, now that the inscription was done, maybe there was a pattern to all of this.

Right now, Agent 4 without realising it, as he looked at all the patterns was learning how to code magic. To make it work in a particular way. His great mind was working away, and something else had occurred.

‘I… understand it. If I draw up a bigger magic circle around it, maybe I can reverse the process and use the remaining power of the crystal to close the gate.’

Bringing out his chalk, with a smile on his face, Agent 4 was about to undo what he had just done. He started to write away, drawing up the patterns as the explosions continued but, midway while writing, a sharp long tooth-like object had stabbed him right through the hand, causing him to let go of the chalk.

When looking up, it was something resembling a spider leg that looked to be coming out of the magic circle which had stopped him.

‘Crap… crap… crap!’ Agent 4 pulled his hand out and quickly grabbed the chalk as he went back into hiding to see what was going on.

Minny stood next to Fex, who had brought Lucas back and in his hand the sword was no longer. As the smoke died down, they could see the flesh man holding onto the sword. The flesh all over his body was moving, as if it was all individual parts that were alive.

It looked like quite a bit of damage had been done to the flesh man, but after they moved for a bit, his appearance was back to what it once was. Then in his right hand the sword could be seen.

Moving his arm out, the sword was thrown into a rock, staying there in a place away from where the others were.

“You celestial followers are weak.” The flesh man said, and behind him creatures could be seen coming out of the magic circle, a large spider, what resembled a giant slug, as well as the creatures they had seen before. The creatures were able to come out of the portal easier than before, but the red heart still hadn’t completely opened the door yet.

“I imagine you guys are some of the strongest that have been sent to stop us. If that’s the case, then the annihilation of all life around here will be a simple task.” The flesh man said.

“Shut up!” Minny shouted. “We aren’t weak… My… my dad… he is a lot stronger than you, and if he was here, he would kick your butt!”

The flesh man found the young one’s words humorous, as he laughed.

“So you say your father is strong, but then, where is he?” The flesh man asked.

That’s when Minny could feel something… her shadow powers were tingling which she had gotten back. Then from behind, a figure started to emerge.

“I’m right here,” Quinn said.


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