My Vampire System Chapter 1978: An Exchange

The big grand fight had come to a conclusion, and AJ had filmed it all, even the part where Erin’s body had turned into nothing but particles as it floated, and even the fact that now the only thing left behind was a crystal.

From the viewers’ side of things, there was a lot of confusion. Mixed feelings about it all. When seeing Quinn in this way, they thought he would be glorious in victory, and yet for some reason the look on his face didn’t show glory at all.

At the same time, there were those that wondered, why had Erin’s body turned into nothing but a crystal? Some had seen dhampirs die before and they didn’t leave a crystal behind unlike vampires with the blood crystals at times.

“Did Quinn just save the world again? THE MAN. I mean he goes into sleep, hiding, or whatever for a 1000 years, then when we need him most he comes back and saves the world! Who is this guy!”

“Calm down, and besides he killed the Dhampir Queen, the only thing he saved this time were vampires, and I’m not the biggest fan of them!”

“Get this person out of chat, can we have someone ban him? How can we have blatant stuff like this going on, when the one that saved the whole world was a vampire and has possibly saved us from chaos again.”

“Chaos, but Erin had already killed Zero, wasn’t he the one planning to do some weird stuff with those celestials? Anyway this is the end right, there should be no more problems, and no invasion from the celestials, or anything like that.”

Perhaps the world was safe now, AJ was unsure himself about much of what was going on, but if he was to judge from the look on Quinn’s face, the journey wasn’t at the end for him, there was still a lot he needed to know and find out.

Still on the ground on his knees, Quinn was left confused as he stared at the god slayer crystal. It was the first real one he had seen, and the only thing left that was a memory of Erin.

However, what was racking his head, was the new path quest option that he had just received.

‘Become a god slayer? But didn’t Bliss say that I was already a type of god slayer, at least that my shadow power was one of a god slayer. So why would absorbing the God slayer crystal change things?’

‘Is it because I have gone along with the celestials’ wishes? So they no longer view me as a god slayer?’

‘I’m sorry, I can’t help much with this Quinn.’ Alex said. ‘I don’t really know much of what is going on other than what you told me, but you said you have a system right. Can the system really do things like that?’

Quinn was thinking about it, according to the text, absorbing the crystal would mean it would remove his status as a celestial which meant one of two things. The celestials would view him as a god slayer more so than a celestial. Perhaps he would be banned from the celestial space once again for going against them.

The problem is, what if it wasn’t just a status thing, what if it truly made Quinn no longer a celestial. As Alex had said, it had done things such as penalties before. Due to the system also having the power of equivalent exchange in it, Quinn could see how his current status as a celestial could be exchanged for one as a god slayer.

If that was to happen, Quinn wouldn’t just become a god slayer, but perhaps gain a few things from the system that would put him on the same level as he was now. Since it was a quest that he was going to complete he couldn’t see the system penalising him for choosing one or the other.

That was when the real problems came though.

‘If my theory is correct, and the system is asking me to pick one or the other, then what happens to everything. What happens to all the celestial items I made? What about those that I gave celestial power to as well, such as Fex. Would they all lose it?

‘On top of that, my deal with Mundus has just been made. As long as he sticks with it, the celestials shouldn’t bother earth anymore. I can focus on dealing with whatever Jack Truedream has planned, and becoming a god slayer would make me an outright enemy of the gods.’

When thinking about it, although Quinn was genuinely curious as to what being a god slayer would entail and what type of bullet it would make or improvement it would do to the guns, there was just too much downside just for the sake of being curious.

‘I’m strong as it is with the celestial powers. Although Erin wasn’t weak either, for Jack Truedream to be able to get so close to her, he has to have some power?’

‘It’s a shame, I really was looking forward to taking in that crystal and absorbing it. Actually just wait a second before you make a decision. Can’t we just keep the crystal for now, and maybe not hand it over to those Ancient Ones or whatever they’re called?’ Alex asked.

‘Think about it, you don’t have to complete the quest either way right now, right? I know you probably want what the reward is, but for now let’s just keep it until we need it. Then if you need the reward or whatever, go head over to the Ancient Ones.’

It wasn’t a horrible suggestion and Quinn thought it was nice in a way to keep a memento of Erin in the first place. Maybe he could let Layla say her goodbyes to Erin before he did anything with the crystal.

Still, there were other things that Quinn could take from this, for one, there was the demon tier weapon. Although the armour seemed to have evaporated in her attack, the sword was still there.<sub></sub>

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Holding onto it, Quinn soon placed it in his shadow space.

With that said and done, Quinn finally stood on his legs, which were wobbly. His body really hadn’t healed from all the damage that had occured. He could use the full restore but with time, it would be a waste, so he decided to keep it for now.

Slowly, Quinn walked over to where the others were, his legs giving way at times. It was a strange sight for AJ to see, and for the viewers as well as they saw someone so powerful, someone who could move faster than the camera could pick up, now hardly able to walk at all.

Eventually reaching them, AJ stopped holding the camera up and allowed just the glasses he would wear to do the filming out of respect.

“Quinn, do you need a hand?” AJ said, as he was about to give him his shoulder.

“It’s okay.” Quinn said, as he went down to Peter, who thankfully he could see that his eyes were moving and so were Chris’s.

“You look like sh*t!” Peter said, and chuckled.

“Thanks.” Quinn said.

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Vanessa, who was there, was finding it hard to believe. She really wasn’t sure if this was reality or not, because the great Quinn was now with her at this point and time, and moment.

Heading over to where Chris was, Quinn then placed his hand on him as he sat down. Right now there was two things that Quinn was doing. One of them was trying to heal his own body with Qi. For some reason the dhampir energy was still rampant in his body making it harder than it usually would have been.

As for the second thing, it was to give back what was rightly Chris’s. His body looked weak, and there was a time when Quinn remembered that Chris had cared for him in the past.

Although both of them were on different sides at times, it was time for him to return the favour, especially now they were on the same side.

It didn’t take long, as Chris’ body seemed hungry for it, as it willingly took the energy from Quinn. It also took a lot of burden off Quinn for having so much energy in his body. He could imagine a time, if he was just a vampire nobel, such an amount would have destroyed his body.

Once everything was done, and Chris looked a lot more healthy, Quinn could let out a sigh of relief.

‘There still is a lot of Qi energy though, so I gave Chris a little more, but even then.’

“Wait, where… where is Minny, and Fex, I see their ship, but they’re not here?” Quinn asked.

Chris coughed a couple of times, as he moved his head.

“They… went to stop Agent 4. He has the red heart.”

Suddenly, Quinn’s eyes widened, as he realised that the root of their problems wasn’t just Erin and Zero.

“I need to get to them…” Quinn said, standing up.

“I know where they went to, I can guide you.” Vanessa stated.

“No need, there’s another, faster, way I can get there.” Quinn replied.


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