My Vampire System Chapter 1977: Two Roads

Quinn continued to hold Erin in his hands, his skin was still burnt up in places as parts of his flesh could be seen even on his face. It looked painful and truth be told, Quinn was in pain right now, his body healing slowly from the damage, but to him there was something a lot more important going on.

Today he had lost a dear friend, one he had thought that he had lost a long time ago. He had committed to killing the person who was in his arms and he had gone through with it, thinking he had done the right thing, but at the last moment, after the deed was done, he was having second thoughts.

‘What did Erin mean by what she just said? She would never forget about who killed her parents, she always hated the Dalki and that was what drove her to get stronger. I don’t understand.’

‘The words she said at the end, sorry and thank you. It was as if she was happy that I killed her, that I stopped her. Was she being controlled by someone? That would make sense. The one thing that never sat right with me was the story about her killing Leo.’

‘I could never imagine her being able to go through with it no matter how strong the urge. Erin was the type of person who would rather kill herself than harm Leo. If she was being controlled in some way, that would make sense… Jack.’

The name Jack, there was only one Jack that Quinn knew, only one Jack that was possibly powerful enough to do something of this size and that was one of the big four, Jack Truedream.

‘Didn’t Jack die though? Wait no, he didn’t die, it was only confirmed that he was missing and Logan said that in the files at the Dalki base there was a Jack Truedream, which means more likely than not, he is still alive.’

‘After a 1000 years, after all this time, I never thought I would have to worry about him, yet here I am.’

Quinn clenched his hands onto Erin’s body. Jack Truedream was in many ways the cause of everything that had happened to Erin. It was the reason why she had to go into hiding as he abused his power.

The reason she was sent to Pure and a chain of bad events had occurred for her. For him to come back into this. On top of that, he had a strong power, a once in a lifetime power. There could have been a number of ways for Jack Truedream to do this.

The question that was running through Quinn’s mind was how, when, and why do all of this. On top of all that, where was Jack Truedream right now?

‘All of this… what happened? What changed everything? Was it the celestials’ involvement in things? They chose when and where to get involved but didn’t help. If they knew this was happening, or was going to happen, then why didn’t they stop Jack.

‘If they did, then this would have never occurred.’

It was then and there that Quinn’s hatred for all of the celestials was growing and not just for Bliss, he was beginning to understand Ray, his ancestor, a bit more. However, unlike Ray, Quinn was a celestial as well and in some ways he was stuck doing their bidding. Even though at times he would resist, he could feel it.

Him losing himself, to complete his condition, to gain more celestial points and he didn’t like it at all.

While thinking of all of this, several dings had gone off inside of Quinn’s head.

‘The system! That’s right, the quests that I had… does this mean they are completed?’

There were quite a few quests that Quinn had racked up since he had become a celestial.

[Quest completed: Find out the person behind the death of Owen Graylash]

[A full restore has been granted]

[The user is able to restore ones stats]

Quinn had been given a reset before, but this seemed to work a little differently. He wondered if it would also restore his Shadow MC points that were lost during his fight with Erin. Otherwise he would be on the search for many Nest Crystals once again.

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After learning how to use the shadow like so, and improving it, it seemed like a loss at the moment, after all there was now one person left on his list, Jack Truedream.

[Quest complete: Kill the Dhampir Queen]

[All Qi from the Dhampir Queen has been given to the user as a reward]

Once before Quinn had received something similar and that was when he had defeated Agent 2. Suddenly he could feel all of the energy enter him, and it was far more than he had expected as a tingling sensation was felt all over his body.

‘This Qi… it’s too large, it’s overpowering everything else in my body. I guess this is what she absorbed from Zero and Chris. What helped was a perfect balance between the two which made my attacks stronger. If I can give Chris back his Qi, then maybe it will be enough to balance things out.

‘If only the vampire settlement was still intact, I could have gotten more blood crystals to try raise my blood power as well. Perhaps Muka might know a thing or two.'<sub></sub>

For now though, it would be fine, it just meant that Quinn couldn’t mix the Qi with his blood attack to perform a combined power attack, but he could still use it on his shadow and use it on its own.

[Erin Healy has been killed. The quest path of the celestials has been chosen and the Universe rewards you.]

[400,000 Celestial points have been awarded]

[1,020,00 Total Celestial points]

[512,256/ 1,020,00 Celestial points]

‘This reward, it was a big one, I guess the universe really needed my help on that one.’

Perhaps Quinn would have been happier before, but since everything he had been through, he wasn’t happy at all. With the deal done, the celestials should no longer get involved in Earth’s affairs, but would this mean they would use him again, perhaps ask him to take on other troublesome god slayers from other galaxies.

At first Quinn would probably deny their request, but as he gains a liking and urge for celestial points, would he eventually accept?

[You have become a level 5 celestial]

[New skills have been unlocked in the celestial space]

‘I’m not sure how helpful that is since I never want to go back there.’

It was then that Erin’s body started to fade into small little golden lights. Quinn didn’t know what was happening, but he had seen this occur before, with the original vampires. Their whole bodies would disappear by the second.

Eventually, Quinn could no longer feel Erin in his hands, and all of this had happened because of him. However, there was something that was left behind as Erin’s body had disappeared. Now on the ground, there was a glowing bright yellow crystal.

“What is this?” Quinn said as he picked it up, and used his inspect skill on it.

[A God Slayer Crystal]

‘This… is a god slayer crystal. This… can it be used to turn into a weapon?’

Thinking about this, with Alex gone, how would he?

‘Wait a second Quinn, do you remember my ability, I can absorb that thing. Maybe there is no need to turn it into a weapon. Maybe if I absorb it, your weapons will be upgraded anyway or you would have a special god slayer-like bullet.’

Alex sounded more excited than Quinn was, that was until a quest had appeared.

[A path quest has been received]

[You have obtained a God slayer crystal.]

[Option 1: Hand the God slayer Crystal to the Ancient Ones for it to be locked away so its power can’t be used. The Ancient Ones’ reward will be great.]

[Option 2: Absorb the God slayer crystal with the ability of the Altandermite celestial duel blood guns, evolving them to Godslayer weapons. Removing your status as a celestial and becoming a God slayer.]



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