My Vampire System Chapter 1976 Closing The Portal

Wherever she was, Flora’s vision had now completely disappeared; she could see nothing and her body was feeling worse by the second. Never in her wildest dreams did she think too much energy would be a problem, but that was exactly what she was suffering from now.

She felt like her entire body was going to burst and she could feel the tears flowing down her face.

“Erin… please anyone… help me.”

Her cries reached no one in this area, and all she could sense was the clash of two powers. The world wasn’t quite vibrating, but it was almost as if there were two energies that were pushing and pulling in front of her.

“Mundus you are this powerful, yet you decide to just be a messenger, where is your ambition?” Immortui shouted.

“I have learnt to appreciate the passing of time. I enjoy my life already and am satisfied. What I don’t understand is why you can’t be the same.” Mundus replied.

The two energies were getting larger, and as they did Flora could feel her body burning up, and she wasn’t sure if she was imagining it or not, but it felt like her muscles started to expand and her whole body was building up, getting larger by the second.

‘It hurts… it hurts so much, please just make it stop, anyone make it STOP!’ Flora screamed in her head, until POP.

Her body exploded from the energy, her blood fell on the ground and her organs were in multiple parts spread out on the ground. It was the end of Flora. At that moment and time, what wasn’t known was that the second to last dhampir had died. The others that had escaped the attack after the red vampire base, had met their end one way or another before being able to turn others.

In the entire world, there was now only one dhampir left.


It was a bit more trouble than they had imagined, but the group on top of the mountain had eventually managed to kill both of the strange demonic creatures that had come out of the magic circle.

The strange tentacle-like flower creature that Fex was fighitng against had survived a few hits from Arthur’s sword, but after a few more, and with his powerful strings, the beast fell dying and strangely after dying its body started to evaporate into black smoke.

Fex was ready to help out Minny after that, thinking she might have trouble dealing with the strange tooth-like creature, but as he went to help her, he could see Minny lifting the creature up in the air and ripping its body in half, it too turning into black smoke for a second.

‘That… is quite a frightening scene. I can’t say it out loud, but she looked like a little monster as she did that. Quinn, what have you been teaching her?’ Fex thought.

Handing the sword back to Lucas, he thought the three of them were ready to fight again, but against the next opponent he wanted to be the most cautious against.

‘He didn’t move at any time while we were fighting. I was keeping my eye on him during the fight. Is he just that confident, or is he taking his job really seriously about protecting the magic circle?’ Fex wondered.

“I thought as much. It looked like you were going to beat them and you did.” The flesh man claimed, “but I wonder how much longer you can keep that up for.”

Out from the side of the flesh man, the same creatures had appeared behind him again. Another strange tentacle-like creature, and the very toothy cockroach. More correctly, the two creatures had come from the magic circle, with another one with one tenth of its body already out.

“Is that a portal or something?” Lucas asked. “If that’s the case, aren’t more and more creatures going to come out of that thing?”

“Oh you figured that much out? Who would have guessed.” The flesh man raised his shoulders sarcastically. “Believe me, for now there are only the most desperate creatures that are forcing their way through, but once all of the energy has been used up. The magic circle will be open fully, allowing for a whole army and Immortui himself to come through.

“I thought Immortui was going to force open the portal from the other side when it opened a little bit, but it looks like he is having a bit of trouble. Which is why we are resorting to plan B.”

“Why did the strange man tell us all of that?” Minny asked, thinking it was quite stupid of him.

“He wants to scare us, force us to run away.” Fex answered. “We were going to stop whatever was happening anyway, but knowing that these creatures are endless, means that we have to get past them and him to stop this!”

Luckily, although these creatures were strong, they had fought them before and neither Minny or Fex were worn out.

“Minny, I hate to ask this of you, but we need to beat these creatures faster and move on to him!” Fex shouted, as he moved his hands faster than ever, and rather than leaving it completely up to Lucas like last time, a few strings were attached to him.

“Lucas, leave your body’s control to me. Trust me.”

When the needles and string had been inserted into Lucas, he felt a rise in energy, that was because the celestial energy that Fex was using, some of it was also being passed onto Lucas.

When controlling his body, Fex was able to do more than he thought, and with a swing of the sword in certain ways, it sliced through the creature with ease as it was tied up. At the same time, Minny knew the way the creature she fought against attacked, she was easily able to dodge its strange moves and strike back as hard as she could.

Minny always was, and always had been, a quick learner when it came to these things, and the group were able to defeat the creatures again, before another one could squeeze through the magic circle.

Meaning they were now able to concentrate on the flesh man, but they all knew that this wasn’t going to be easy, even with the three of them.

As this was going on, Agent 4 who had been hiding the whole time, had heard what the flesh man had said.

‘Summoning creatures… This is like the Dalki war all over again. They want to bring a whole army over. I know Zero’s goal. Even if he was to bring back the others… If the world is filled with an army of creatures like that, then what is the point?

‘I wished to continue living in the world forever to expand my research. To see the human race grow and what they could achieve, what I could continue to achieve, but there is a good chance that this could get rid of the whole human race altogether.’

Before trying to do anything at all, Agent 4 thought it would be best if he would get in contact with Zero. He had sent a message through his device over to Zero who also had one so he could come to the location where they were at.

The problem was, for some reason his message was sent out, but Agent 4 could see that it wasn’t being received.

‘This can’t be possible, unless there is something wrong with the device or the device itself has been destroyed… but why would he bring it out in battle.’

A certain reality was starting to hit Agent 4, that a man that had managed to bypass death for a 1000 years, could possibly be dead. Then something clicked, he remembered that there were reporters and they were filming everything.

There was a chance that the videos had been uploaded and it didn’t take long for Agent 4 to find the videos and witness the end of his master’s life.

‘Zero is dead… but then the magic circle to bring his master here, what will happen now?’ This could all go really bad.’

Looking at the others about to fight the flesh man, Agent 4 being behind them all, with the magic circle a few metres away had to make a decision.


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