My Vampire System Chapter 1975: Everything Leads Up To This

True to his word, AJ had been filming everything so far since the Hero Quinn had come, and they had been impressed with his set of skills fighting against Erin. Some would have thought the way the fight was going, that it was mostly one sided and that Erin wasn’t a great fear like they thought.

However, they were quickly reminded of the clips that had surfaced of her and Zero fighting against the celestial. On top of that, since she had killed Zero himself, it would undeniably show how strong Erin was.

Regardless, when Quinn had activated his Nitro Accelerate, that was where the camera was struggling to keep up, and the public was only able to see glimpses of the fight as it slowed down.

While this was happening, AJ made sure to film the destruction that was going on the planet, the devastating strikes that Erin’s attacks were producing.

He had even gone as far as to show how hard the ground they were fighting on was, because it was nothing like the rocks on earth. An intermediate beast weapon was unable to damage it in the slightest.

This is when they realised that the true terror of Erin was her power. Moments before, AJ and the others were moved to safety by Quinn. AJ had managed to film one of the rocks. As the Qi energy approached it, the hard black rock was crumbling into nothing but dust, and that was before the yellow energy had reached it.

All the viewers had seen it as well and were wondering what was going to happen next.

“It’s like a mini sun.” One of the viewers commented. “Anything that it touches, it’s destroying and it’s getting larger by the second.”

“The question is how large is it going to get? Is AJ safe, because it looks like it’s still growing, I think their best bet is to get on a ship and head out of there.”

“But what about Quinn though? He should get out of there as well. If Erin survives this and Quinn ends up perishing, then who is strong enough to deal with her.”

“What about Chris, or Zinon!”

“Zinon couldn’t defeat the celestial on his own; it was mostly the work of that zombie and Chris, and Chris… if we heard right, most of his energy has been taken away.”

The viewers online were nervous about what was going to happen and even AJ didn’t know what Quinn was going to do next.

Standing outside the aura of dhampir energy, Quinn had placed his hand in it for a few seconds, and he could feel a rush of pain unlike any other he had felt before. It felt like a thousand needles were being stabbed into his body.

In fact he had felt this sensation once before.

‘The dhampir energy that they use, that hurts vampires… it feels similar to the effects of the sun.’ Quinn thought.

It was something that he didn’t need to worry about for a long time, and when looking at his hand, his suspicions were confirmed. His skin was torn to the point where flesh could be seen, and it was steaming hot as if something had just come out of the microwave.

‘Quinn, there has to be another way.’ Alex said. ‘Call on one of your god friends to come help you or something.’

‘If they wanted to or thought they could help, then they would have done so a long time ago.’ Quinn activated his shadow covering his whole body and the gauntlets, the armour, everything was placed in the shadow space.

‘I don’t want to ruin the equipment you made for me.’ Quinn said, smirking.

‘Quinn, do you really think I care about that right now.’

After that, Quinn started to move the shadow covering his whole body from head to toe. The shadow overload skill was still active, so he could produce the shadow body like he did before.

‘I’m going to need everything I can to get through this.’

After that, Quinn gathered the vampire aura, placing it as a layer on the shadow. Then the celestial energy, and finally his Qi. Every skill, everything he had learnt till now was being used in this moment.

Taking a step, Quinn entered the energy, and immediately he could feel the effects beating down on him. The sensation got to him all over his body.

‘Even with the layers, even with everything, her power is able to pierce through this. Now I can see why Bliss said she was stronger than me.’

Quinn thought, as he took a step forward again, pushing through more. Each layer was fluctuating like crazy, unstable to the energies around it. He took another step forward as he felt like his skin was melting.

Taking more steps, inching forward more and more, Quinn gritted his teeth, as the first layer to go was the vampire aura. Immediately sensing this, Quinn fell to his knees.

‘I’ve only lost one layer, and it hurts ten times more. My vampire aura, I used it all to suppress this power… I can use a little bit here and there but it will be a while until it comes back.'<sub></sub>

Trying to move his knee, his whole leg was shaking, looking around him nothing could be seen yet, it was as if he was just in a bright white light.

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‘I have to do this, for Owen, for Leo, for Samantha, for Fex… There are so many people you have hurt, including Layla. The fact that you have done all of this… has even hurt me.’

Quinn persisted through the pain as he continued to walk, and surprisingly the next layer to go was his celestial energy. Perhaps he had given too much of it away, and used it on items and now he was wishing he hadn’t.

His legs buckled for a second, but Quinn caught himself as he continued walking forward. If he fell now, he feared that he would never be able to get up again. The shadow layer with the Qi was staying strong, and just up ahead he could finally see Erin.

She was screaming with her arms spread, unleashing the power around her. The shadow that Quinn had used on her wasn’t even present anymore but, based on her eyes, it looked like she had completely lost it.

Around ten more steps, ten more steps to get to her, and that was when all of Quinn’s Qi had been depleted. Now all that was left was the shadow. It was the best protection against this energy, it was the first power he had got after becoming a vampire.

As he was five steps away though, and reaching out to Erin, the shadow all over his body started to disappear, and now he had nothing. The energy was burning him, his skin was disappearing.

[30/100 HP]

[25/100 HP]

[Blood bank activated]

Quinn’s body started to heal as quickly as it was burning up, making it stay at one point, but there was one thing that pushed him forward.

“Erin, I thought you were my friend. For my friends I would have done anything, just like now I am risking my life to save them. I would have done the same for you.” Quinn said as he placed his hands on Erin’s shoulders.

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“I’m sorry I couldn’t help you with whatever you were going through, and I’m sorry I was the one that turned you into this. Goodbye.”

So much of Erin’s energy was being expended out, that nothing was directly protecting her body. One could say that the whole dome was a shield to even get to Erin’s body in the first place.

Which was why, when Quinn threw out his hand in a spear-like shape it had pierced her skin so easily, allowing him to cut deep into her heart.

The energy in the whole area started to disappear, and Erin’s eyes looked like they had come back to her, but once again were slowly fading away. Using his other hand, Quinn grabbed her by her back.

Her body was now weak and limp, but Quinn himself was unable to stand, falling to his knees as well. When the energy disappeared, all that could be seen was Quinn, holding onto Erin in both of his arms.

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Erin tilted her head and looked at Quinn.

“Why… why did you do it, Erin?”

Erin smiled back at Quinn in her final moments.

“I was so close, so close to getting revenge for my parents. I just needed to get rid of you.”

“What do you mean me?” Quinn replied back. “Erin… I didn’t kill your parents. The Dalki did, you told us all what happened to them.”

In her final moments, something had happened to Erin, as the smile on her face had turned to despair, and immediately tears started to fall down on them, as she coughed out blood from her mouth.

“NO…NO…No!” Erin shook her head. “I killed them… I… what did I do… my mind… What happened… why?”

Quinn wasn’t understanding, wasn’t understanding what was happening at this moment and time, it wasn’t making any sense, but in the first place, none of Erin’s actions made sense.

“Quinn… be careful Jack… Jack…” Her words were faint after that, but she had one more thing to say.” and… thank you for stopping me.” Erin said with her final breath as her heart had stopped beating.


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