My Vampire System Chapter 1974

Quinn could sense a large amount of Qi coming off from Erin, after seeing what she was about to do to Peter as well, he had an idea of what had occured, and his time to fight her was now.

Just because one had a large amount of Qi didn’t mean they were invincible or the strongest. It just meant they could use large amounts of it, as much as they wanted. A good example was Quinn’s MC cells.

Even if he had an unlimited amount of MC cells, it just meant he could use his shadow and certain skills that would take up a lot of MC cells without a lot of worry, not that his shadow would get stronger.

Of course though, the more you had of something, the better ways there were to use such power, and one would even be able to create bigger moves and condense more Qi to create powerful strikes and power up their body, but in this case, Erin hadn’t had the time to do any of that and, consumed by power, she was relying far too much on it.

[Nitro Accelerate activated]

Erin swung her sword towards Quinn and it had managed to hit nothing but the air, before she knew it she felt a hand on the back of the head, and she was slammed right into the ground.

“I see, I still can’t crush your skull since you have a lot of Qi protecting you, but let’s get rid of that.” Quinn said, as he lifted her off the ground. Activating his soul weapon, Quinn had changed its form and had two swords in his hand.

Throwing her up into the air, Quinn jumped off the ground and started to slash at her with both of the weapons. He was slashing and hitting the outside of her, as hard as he could, but the second stage of Qi was reinforcing her, protecting her from receiving any serious wounds.

Slash after slash was made, hitting her, and Quinn held both swords swinging both of them together. A large line of red aura in the shape of an X pushed Erin right into the ground once again, and the cuts continued deep into the ground.

‘Damn it, he’s too fast, I can’t even keep up, the only reason why I’m alive right now is because of the Qi I absorbed. If I hadn’t absorbed the others… I would have died.’ Erin thought, as she thought of what to do next.

Looking up, she could see that Quinn had changed the dual swords now into a giant blood spear, and hurled it right toward her. Rather than letting this hurt her or use her dhampir energy to fight back at it, she decided to phase through the attack with her armour.

The spear crashed into the ground, going in deep and making a large crater underneath. When Erin appeared again, she found her body being ripped into by two types of blades, it was the original form of the soul weapon the chain blades, she was pulled from the ground up to where Quinn was in the sky, and when she was close, Quinn threw out a punch full of energy and blood aura that was swirling all around him.

As it hit Erin, for a second it broke through her Qi barrier and she could feel pain as she was sent back down into the ground crashing into it.

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Erin, using the Qi, was healing her broken nose, and at the same time was panicking inside.

‘What do I do, how am I meant to do this? Dad, Mum, you damn Boneclaw. Aren’t you meant to help me? Why aren’t you listening to me, why aren’t you helping me right now!!!’

For some reason, during the fight, usually the Boneclaw would come out and help her during a tough situation, but it wasn’t doing any such thing right now. Her familiars weren’t listening to her at all.

Out of frustration, Erin got up and swung her sword, releasing a large yellow strike once again. It looked like it would slice a planet in half, and it even reached the skies, the attack was so big.

With Quinn’s Nitro Accelerate activated, though, he was able to get right behind her, and had his hand covered in shadow touching her. The shadow was stuck on Erin, and started to spread all around, this was the same skill that Quinn had used on Chris.

Moments later, Erin had lost all of her senses, she could see nothing and the fear was getting worse for her. However, Quinn allowed one sense to go through.

“Answer me, why did you kill Leo? He was your teacher!” Quinn stated.

The voice sounded like one that was directly in her mind, so she was unable to tell where it was coming from, but she still swung her sword wildly trying to hit something.

“He was a vampire, of course I would kill him!”

“Then what about Owen? He wasn’t a vampire!” Quinn replied.

“He was working with them, a human working with the vampires, how could they?”

“Then answer me, why do you hate vampires so much? Is it in your nature? Why would you do this, when you are half like them?” Quinn asked.

Erin didn’t answer and instead just continued to swing her sword wildly. On the outside this was causing huge problems, as her attacks went far and wide, destroying mountains, structures, and more in the distance.

Quinn couldn’t keep up his questioning if he wanted the planet to survive.

‘ɴᴇᴡ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴘᴜʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ ᴏɴ N(ov)elBin’,

[Nitro Accelerate has ended]

[Nitro Accelerate has continued, HP will continue to decrease while the skill remains active]

There was still a large amount of Qi, that would either be able to use the cells to heal Erin, or block his red aura attacks. Which is why Quinn had to do this now. His soul weapon had turned into two blood swords, and swinging them he started to hit Erin from every direction while avoiding her wild strikes.

The blood swords were useless and wouldn’t get through; only his soul weapon was able to chip away at her Qi at the quickest rate. He swung his sword faster, faster and faster, and Erin could feel her body being hit from all over, she could feel her energy draining away.

“Why do I hate vampires… the answer is obvious, and you worst of all, was the one that had turned me into something like THEM!!!!”

Tired, frustrated, and bringing up strong memories, Erin’s eyes began to glow, and around her body she unleashed a large amount of Qi mixed in with her dhampir aura. It spread out from her body, growing larger and larger turning into a type of dome.

Quinn quickly got out of the area and stood outside, but the energy was still being produced by Erin, and growing larger by the moment.

“If she continues like this, she will get rid of the whole planet. I… have to stop her.”

Quinn took out his guns and started to fire bullets, Qi bullets, blood bullets, every type he had, even the blood fairy bullet, but all of them disintegrated in the powerful dome of Qi that Erin had built around herself.

Erin was still screaming inside, and the energy and size of the dome was getting larger and larger.

“This is how much dhampir energy and Qi she has… this is a crazy amount, and it doesn’t look like it’s stopping,” Quinn said.

“So what are you going to do?” Alex asked. “Can’t you just wait it out, I mean she should use up all her energy at this rate, this is more like a suicidal attack.”

Quinn looked back, and he could see AJ along with the others. He quickly ran to them, moving each one of them a few hundred metres back, away from the energy that was continuously growing.

“Maybe I could survive by doing that, but getting everyone out of here, Peter and the others, just wouldn’t be possible. Minny and the rest are all on this planet. Even if I put them in the shadow space, if the planet is destroyed we can’t survive.

“The only way of stopping her is killing her… and I have to do it now.”


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