My Vampire System Chapter 1972: Quinn Vs Erin (part 1)

Standing in place, Quinn’s energy was flickering, both his shadow wing and blood wing as well. While standing there, he was looking at Erin, in his mind he knew what he was doing, trying to find an excuse to forgive her, but how could he?

This person was the most likely the one to have taken out Owen, taken out Leo, and if he hadn’t stopped it, then there was a good chance that she would have taken out Peter just then.

As he thought about this, his blood energy was flickering, powering his wing like a strong flame.

“Why so angry?” Erin finally said. “If anyone has a right to be angry, it’s me! Do you really think now that you have a gun in your hand it’s going to make a difference?” Erin laughed.

Quinn raised his hand, pointing just one of the guns directly towards Erin. He was first to make a move out of the two of them.

“Did you really think I didn’t notice what you were doing!” Erin lifted her demon tier sword and held it firmly in her hand, because right now she was surrounded by blood swords.

Quinn hadn’t just been standing there doing nothing, and using his blood aura he had summoned the thousand blood swords which were all pointed towards her. As she held the sword tightly, they all came towards her at once.

“This trick is getting old!” Erin said, as she swung the sword and unleashed a large amount of Qi that she was harbouring inside her. What she noticed was it was impossible for her just to unleash Qi, since she also had a large amount of dhampir energy inside as well.

When swinging her sword, a large line of aura was unleashed and as it hit the blood swords, it made almost all of them disappear in an instant.

“This is it, this is the power I needed to get rid of all the vampires, and most of all, to get rid of you. The king of vampires!” Erin shouted.

While she swung her sword, Quinn carefully aimed his gun towards her, and pulled at the trigger.

“I haven’t used that title in a long time.” Quinn said.

With her ability, Erin was able to sense the bullet coming at her at a fast speed. Not all of the blood swords had been dealt with from one swing either.

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‘So this was your plan while I deal with the blood swords, you attack me with… is that just Qi?’

The bullet was an invisible bullet, but due to Erin’s ability she could sense that this was just pure Qi, but she didn’t worry because there was someone trustworthy.

‘Genbu! Protect me!’

Erin ordered, as she swung the sword again, getting rid of the other blood swords coming at her.

Genbu started to grow in size to that of a normal sized human, and turned his back towards Quinn and the bullet.

‘I remember you.’ Genbu thought. ‘You were the one who broke my shell with your Qi power, but it won’t be the same this time. Each time I shed my shell and grow a new one it gets stronger. It has been over a 1000 years since you last saw me, so don’t think that the same will happen again this time.’

Tensing, the purple sparks appeared from Genbu’s back as he was going to use everything to block the bullet. As it hit the shell though, it cracked through the surface and went right through Genbu.

He could feel the Qi energy go through him and was right in front of his eyes.

‘It broke through my shell… and so effortlessly, just what is that?’

“ERIN!” Genbu shouted.<sub></sub>

Genbu felt something now pressed against the back of his head.

“Don’t get involved in this fight, and stay in your world.”

A large blast of red power ignited as Quinn had used the blood bullet and Genbu’s body was now disappearing. Everything happened so fast, but Erin could tell the bullet was still coming toward her.

‘If this bullet is made out of Qi, then I’ll just fight Qi with Qi’ Erin thought, as she threw out her hand, and threw out a large wave of third stage Qi.

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It clashed with the bullet, but the same thing had happened as before. The condensed form of Qi ripped through all of it and continued going forward, ready to hit Erin. The last thing she could do was light up the armour on her body.

At the right time, it allowed for her body to phase through the bullet and for it to continue going off into the distance. When Erin came back, she could feel her heartbeat, thumping louder than it did before.

‘What was that bullet… What are those guns? After gaining the Qi of the others, shouldn’t my Qi outmatch his, but it managed to rip through it all.’

Seeing the results Quinn couldn’t help but inwardly smile.

‘You made some amazing weapons right here Alex.’

‘I know I did.’ Alex replied back. ‘She will never understand the level at which those guns are able to condense the Qi you are using, how you get so much power into one point. Condensing Qi to such a level and to such a small point would be impossible to do in such a quick way without my tools.’

‘Thank you Alex, with this, I’m pretty sure I can get my revenge.’ Quinn stated.

This was another thing that Quinn had learnt with the bullets as well. Depending on how he wanted to use each bullet, he could have a condensed bullet with a lot of range, or more of a burst shot like he had done on Genbu, spreading out the power.

“A vampire using Qi, how ridiculous!” Erin said, as she swung her sword from above and the first ring of the weapon activated. Summoning a large ice tunnel coming right toward him.

Quinn didn’t move, he could have easily dodged the ice tunnel with his speed, but he wanted to see something else as well, and as the ice tunnel approached, with his shadow wing, he swung it, hitting the ice tunnel and stopping it in its tracks.

As it stopped, the ice didn’t spread onto the shadow wing and Quinn didn’t lose any MC points either. Using the second stage of Qi like this over his shadow allowed it to have a more physical form, stopping it from directly being touched, so he didn’t lose MC points but kept the properties of the shadow as well.

Quickly putting one of the guns away, Quinn placed his hand where the ice tunnel had stopped. He started to build up the aura in his hand and it was forming a small tornado of red aura.

“Erin, I’m wanting you to know, I’m not the same person as back then!” Quinn shouted as he threw out his hand, and a tornado of blood crashed into the ice tunnel breaking it into pieces as it continued forward, heading straight back toward Erin.

She soon quickly summoned her horse and moved away before the blood tornado touched her, but a few bangs were heard and bullets had hit all four of the horse’s legs causing it to fall to the ground and send Erin tumbling down. After that, another bullet was heard hitting the horse in the head, and it started to disappear into particles.

“I’m not playing games,” Quinn said, holding both guns up pointed at Erin.


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