My Vampire System Chapter 1970 The Other World Stopped

Placing his hand on top of the creature that had fallen out of the air, Fex was trying to see if there were any signs of life at all, but it didn’t seem to be the case. Lucas had even poked it a few times, but there was no reaction from it.

In the end, they felt like they had no choice, but to face the inevitable, as they continued forward and headed toward the mountain. As they got closer to the mountain, there were a few strange things occurring with the weather.

Next to the mountain, they were going through one of the worst rain storms they had ever experienced in their life. They were soaking wet, but as they quickly ran, they had eventually reached the foot of the mountain and here it was the calmest it had ever been.

All of them looked up at the mountain, it wasn’t necessarily the biggest mountain they had seen, but all of them could sense something coming from it.

“It feels… strange.” Minny said, with her body shaking slightly.

“You people are idiots, why are you still here!” Flora said. “I told you all already. That thing was the leader of the red vampires, it was Laxmus! He was defeated and now you are going to the top to face whatever it was that brought about his death.

“I don’t mind you killing yourselves, but why are you forcing me to come with you?”

“Because you are our shield.” Fex replied, smiling, as he controlled his strings to now make her lead the group and be the first one in line, rather than Lucas, now that he had done his job.

“You don’t seem to understand, Chris had passed on that message, despite knowing that Quinn was in the middle of fighting against your Queen. Which means this is a really important matter.”

With that said, using his fingers, Fex was forcing Flora to scale the mountain. With their strength and power it was an easy thing to do. They could just push off their legs and continue jumping.

Scaling such a thing was practically as easy as just running up a diagonal slope. As they got closer though, all of them could sense the energy even more. Something similar to that of vampires, yet different.

“I come back after all this time, and this is what I have to deal with.” Fex mumbled. “But I am not afraid of death. I only wish to see one thing… so I won’t die just yet. I have survived everything the world has thrown at me so far.”

Taking a look behind him, Fex noticed something else, an energy that was similar to his being summoned. It was the little vampire. Minny had used her celestial energy to transform.

Her legs were covered with a strange red substance, horns had emerged from her head. No longer did she look like the same Minny as before.

“I can see why you are confident, but if it ever gets too dangerous, I want you to do whatever you can to get out of here. If anything happens to you, I think your father would be the biggest problem I need to worry about.”

Minny nodded, but she wasn’t too worried, because Quinn had taught her a few things after getting her shadow back, one of them being the shadow link. So if need be, she could hop to Quinn at any point and time.

All jumping at the same time, they landed on the flat surface at the top of the mountain, and all of them were on edge immediately from what they could see.

“What are those things… Are they vampires?” Lucas asked.

“No, they feel slightly different, and they don’t smell the same.” Fex replied.

The area of the mountaintop that they were on was quite flat and wide, with a few spires and rocks placed here and there. It was large enough to fit a few thousand people on, but what they could see in front of them wasn’t people.

The first creature had a flower-like head with tentacles all over its body, but the most frightening thing was the eyes. Next to it, there seemed to be another spawn that looked to have crawled out from hell itself. It was crawling on the floor like a cockroach but had teeth covering its entire body. It wasn’t large in size, but the energy coming from it was fierce nevertheless.

Lastly, was the third being that was with them all. This one had the most human-like figure, but appeared to have no skin at all. Just standing there one could see all the muscle fibres in the body.

However, there were what looked like feathers on the body, on the forearms, by the ear, and on the back, but these feathers weren’t fluffy by any means. They too were made from muscle-like flesh.

Then, on its face, there was a single metal barrier that covered its entire eyes.

The last being stood closest to the red magic circle and had his arms folded, he looked toward those that had arrived.

“Immortui has given me the order to stand guard of this magic circle until the rest of the army comes through.” The man said. “So, you little spawns will have to get rid of these intruders. I will not leave my post no matter what.”

After finishing his sentence, the others could see that something else was starting to appear from the magic circle. The red heart could be seen floating, part of it having been disintegrated, but not all of it.

“We have to get that red Heart. Otherwsie, our job will get a lot harder.” Fex stated.

After saying those words, the strange creature moved its tentacles right out toward the others, and it was mainly aiming for Lucas. Seeing this, Fex’s instincts kicked in as he moved his puppet and made Flora jump in front of him.

The tentacles latched onto Flora, twisting around her arms and legs and wrapping around and twirling up her inner thigh.

“No!” Flora shouted.

“If you want to live, then you need to-” before Fex could finish his sentence, his strings had been cut as the strange bug-like creature with the razor type teeth had leapt and cut the strings that Fex had in her.

There was no longer anything he could do as the tentacles pulled Flora towards it, but strangely it had used them to just throw her over its head. The flesh man stayed still as he saw her land in the magic circle, and her body completely disappeared.

“Well, I wanted to get rid of her, but not quite like that.” Fex thought. “Everyone, we need to fight like our life depends on it.”

Holding the sword, Fex was ready to unleash his own new powers, and for once do a favour for Quinn.


Falling in the magic circle, Flora hadn’t died. No, instead she had gone to the other side, to the other plane. She could feel dirt filling her mouth, a strange heat from all around, and on top of all of that, there was an energy that was rising inside her, one that she had never felt before.

‘This feeling, this is the same… as when I fight against high level vampires… but why is this energy almost suffocating me, I can’t breathe, my vision is fading.’

This had never happened to Flora before, but the energy was so overwhelming for her, that it was consuming her all. She could barely move because there was so much energy surging through her body.

Grabbing whatever she could feel, it felt like a tree root of some kind but she wasn’t sure as her eyesight was blurry. Then lifting her head, she could see two blurred figures and although she couldn’t see them, she was able to hear them.

“Look at this.” A voice that seemed distorted, changing pitches going high and low at the same time and almost painful to hear was heard. “They have sent their little pet to this place. When are you ever going to start doing things for yourself.”

“Why do you keep doing this?” another voice asked, not quite as painful to the ear as the first one. “Did you not learn your lesson last time? Why do this?”

“Why are you even asking? It’s already started, does the reason even matter to you? If I say something that you would understand, would you let me through, through to the other side?”

“You know my position, and the fact that you see me here now, means you have taken one step too far. I, Mundus, will do my duty as the messenger of the Ancient Ones, and I will not allow you to pass over to the other side.”


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