My Vampire System Chapter 1969 A Portal To Another World

There was a little bit of a problem with taking Flora along, for one her legs were still broken from what Peter had done earlier, and at the moment there were no signs of her legs healing anytime soon.

However, Fex had a solution for that, using his strings he was able to connect them to Flora’s legs with a needle at the end. All of this was muscle memory for Fex as he was a master at using others as a puppet to fight for him.

Using the strings Fex ran along, Flora, Minny and Lucas were all off as a group and took a wide step around where Quinn and Erin were to do battle.

However, as Lucas ran out in front toward the location where Agent 4 had gone, he couldn’t help but turn his head towards Quinn and Erin.

“What is going on, why aren’t the two fighting? Both of them have just been standing there for a while.” Lucas asked.

Seeing them just stand opposite each other made Lucas stay on top of his toes, as he felt like the shockwaves from these two fighting would sweep them away at any moment. It was why they were taking the long way around the fighting area, rather than cutting through in the first place.

“What you are looking at right now is a high level fight between two incredibly powerful beings.” Fex explained, as he continued to run along with the others. “Right now, they are probably waiting for the other to react, so they can react to it. Moves are perhaps being played out in both of their heads.

“The thing is, these two haven’t fought before, they don’t know each other’s strength or skill sets.”

As Fex was saying this, Lucas imagined that even Erin didn’t know the extent of her strength after absorbing the Qi of the others.

“With these types of things, one of two things tend to happen. The fight ends extremely quickly, or it’s drawn out until they use up all their energy, with one managing to trump the other.”

Lucas had seen the latter happen twice now, and both times, their side had lost, he was just hoping this time, the side he was rooting for would win.

“Quinn… if this really is the hero of the old. I hope he can pull a miracle out for us all again. Otherwise I fear our existence as vampires will be over before we know it.” Lucas said quietly to himself.

“My dad is stronger than anyone, and will beat up anyone. No one has to worry about anything.” Minny said smiling.

Seeing Minny keeping up their pace, for a young vampire Lucas thought it was pretty amazing, but he soon smiled to himself. What did he expect from the little girl who called the Hero Quinn, her father.


At the location where the others were heading to, things weren’t completely calm there, as two creatures were fighting it off against each other.

Several tentacles had latched onto Laxmus, wrapping around each part of his body, and they were overpowering him as it was attempting to drag him into the strange magic circle.

For Agent 4, he had thought about running away, but when he made a few steps, he could see that the strange eyes that were on the tentacles turned toward him. Whatever creature was coming out of the thing, it was now aware of him, and its eyes told Agent 4 to not try to escape otherwise it would attempt to come after him.

Due to his weak current state from the fight, Agent 4 decided to go into hiding instead, taking cover by one of the large rocks that was on the same level as the peak of the mountain.

Several red beams were seen coming out from Laxmus’s mouth destroying the tentacles, but the same thing would happen again and again, as the tentacles regrew. Taking a peak around the corner and looking at the magic circle, now Agent 4 could see more of the strange beast’s body, or a more correct word would be, the demon’s body.

A hand was seen as it pulled itself out of the magic circle. The hand itself looked similar to that of a human’s hand, apart from the fact that the fingers were slightly longer and had less fat on them.

This looked more like the hand of a skeleton, but coming out from the fingers itself there were small long parts wiggling off it. It looked similar to the tentacles, only smaller all over its hand, like worms.

The top of its head could be seen, and there were no eyes in sight, at least not that Agent 4 could see. To him it looked more like an opening of a flower, with a strange red part in the centre while the rest of the skin was a strange darker grey.

Finally, it had managed to push itself completely out of the portal, revealing animal-like legs that only had two toes split wide like a dinosaur of old, but once again, the large and small tentacles all around it could be seen.

The large tentacles that were attached to Laxmus, seemed to be coming off from mainly the creatures’ back. It was just as big as Laxmus as well, but looked far more horrendous.

“I thought the first one to attack me was menacing, but this is something from children’s nightmares.” Agent 4 said to himself. “What is happening though. Zero stated that doing this would open a portal for his master to come through.

“Is that his master? It doesn’t seem to have enough intelligence to be Zero’s master and on top of that. The circle, despite what has come out… It looks like the circle is still open.”

Agent 4’s guess was correct as he soon could see something else, start to rip through the magic circle as he could see thousands of razor sharp teeth come out.

“This… it feels like it’s a portal to another world, a world with demonic creatures… Did Zero’s master trick him?” Agent 4 thought.

The strange creature picked up Laxmus, and with the tentacles and started to slam him into the ground breaking the rocks everywhere. Laxmus had opened his mouth again, producing a vampire aura blast out of it. This time, after it ripped through the tentacles, it was going for the strange plant-like head.

When the attack came close, the plant head started to open up, spreading wide. The attack hit and caused the demon to move back an inch or so but that was it. The attack looked like it was being gobbled up, and when the attack eventually stopped, there looked to be no damage on the demon’s head at all.

Instead, all ends of its head, the leaf-like parts started to vibrate, and the eyes that were on the tentacles all started to open up. The next second they began to glow red. With the strength of the tentacles, the strange creature had thrown Laxmus off the edge of the mountain.

It jumped to the edge, seeing Laxmus still in the air, falling down the side, and with all its tentacles pointed towards it, it unleashed a red power similar to that which was dealt to itself. The only thing was it had come out from all of the hundreds of tentacles that had been formed.

All points of red energy hit Laxmus, sending him far off into the distance. The attacks continued to hit, they continued to be fired even though Laxmus could no longer be seen, at least no longer be seen by Agent 4.

“I have to say, my odds of survival in this place are slim. If the one I struggled against had just been dealt with like that, then what am I to do?” Agent 4 sighed, almost accepting that it was the end of his life at that moment. “You would hope that the one that summoned him would at least not get killed.”

In the distance, on the way to the mountain, Fex and the group could see the beams of energy through the air. They shined brightly and the energy was similar to that of vampire energy.

They picked up the pace as they ran ahead and saw something crashing in the distance.

“It looks like Chris was right.” Fex said. “It looks like something really is going on here.”

When they finally reached the location of the crash, they could see a barely recognisable Laxmus. Several holes were in its body, its head and all over. There were no signs of life whatsoever from Laxmus.

Although the others had no idea who this was, Flora had recognised the vampire’s form, and now looking at the mountain she was starting to fear for her life.


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