My Vampire System Chapter 1968 Doing Something Better Than Nothing

When Quinn initially crashed into the planet, it was so strong and forceful that the planet shook, causing AJ to fall onto his knees. He held the camera steady as best he could, but all he was filming was dust and the ground.

“What happened? Is AJ okay?”

“There was just a large explosion out of nowhere and now he was suddenly filming the floor.”

“Come on, can’t he hold the camera properly, all he has is one job, it’s not like he’s the one fighting.”

“These guys in the comments, you talk like you’re tough but I don’t see you out there filming war and fight scenes.”

AJ had eventually managed to catch his footing and in doing so he started to film what was happening. He caught red aura being formed into swords piercing the ground, and zoomed in on Erin, who looked to be struggling for her life as she had a hand around her throat.

“Sh*t who is this person? I feel like I’m watching a movie, did someone really come out of nowhere and grab the dhampir like that. Wasn’t she talking a load of crap about how powerful she was now that she had all this Qi?”

“I wish this was a movie, but remember what we are watching right now are real lives. I hope the zombie boy is okay.”

Due to how fast everything was going, it was hard to get a clear shot of who had arrived. At the same time due to the angle that AJ was at, it was difficult as well, that was until Erin had escaped and the person was now standing there with his two large wings made out of shadow and blood aura.

Panning up from his feet and zooming out, AJ was able to get the whole view of this person, and there was a striking resemblance as he looked at him, and he wasn’t the only one that noticed it as well.

“This is the person who is fighting the dhampirs… I guess he’s a vampire, have I seen him from somewhere before?”

“In your dreams how would you know somone like him that can face up against the dhampirs.”

“No, I recognise him as well. I guess he must be famous. Especially if he is strong enough to go up against someone like this.”

“A famous vampire.”

“Hey, I think I might be mad, but isn’t that the great Hero Quinn? I have a statue of him, and the armour nearly matches up perfectly; it’s just a different colour.”

“Quinn, that’s it, he really does look like Quinn. The facial features, the armour.”

“Wait you might be right, that wing, isn’t that the shadow power. He looks like Quinn, as well it has to be him. He probably is the only one strong enough.”

Seeing the comments, it had clicked in AJ’s head as well.

“I didn’t want to say anything before.” AJ started to give his live commentary. “But Quinn is back, and has been for awhile. These people that are fighting against these powers, are all here to help Quinn.

“He has been helping out the world once again for a while now. Even helping the vampire corps. There were reports of what he had done. Those rumours weren’t just rumours.”

Taking a deep breath, AJ was ready to say his next few words.


There were those that wanted to deny it, thought that it couldn’t be true, but in the end, the similarities and the show of his power were too much of a resemblance to be a fake. Once again Quinn had returned and he had done so to stop a great calamity, just like he had in the past.

AJ thought this was fate, his ancestors were the ones that had filmed Quinn fighting the leader of the Dalki back then, and he was now filming Quinn once again.

Inside the celestial space, they had also recognised the figure that had appeared. The one that had fought side by side against the god slayer to defeat Athos.

“BB… BB is here, and is fighting against the god slayer, but I thought he was attacking us. Didn’t he come in here not too long ago and cause a rampage.”

The celestials were certainly left confused, not understanding the full situation because they didn’t care for it.

However, Yongbu’s whole body was shaking.

“It’s him again… and he looks stronger than before.” Yongbu mumbled to himself.

“I see now!” Xox said with excitement. “The reason why Mundus hadn’t acted and wasn’t so worried is because he struck a deal. He must have gotten BB over to our side to take out the god slayer.”

The others nodded their heads in agreement, they had seen how strong BB was, had suffered from his attacks themselves, and thought this was a good choice of celestial. This one would not fail.


Back towards the ship where the filming was going on, Chris had been awoken by the surges of energies that were rampant and about everywhere. As he took a peak, seeing Quinn standing there he had a smile on his face.

But soon, Chris remembered something else as well.

“Agent 4!” Chris weakly shouted out.

“No, that’s Quinn.” Fex repleid. “Did you lose your brains.”

“No.” Vannesa chimed in. “He’s talking about Agent 4. He ran off somewhere in the middle of the fight.”

“Agent 4… has the red heart.” Chris stated. “We have to stop him… I have to stop him.”

Chris still was unable to move, no matter how hard he tried, and he felt even weaker than before which he didn’t even know was possible. Having 90 percent of his lifeforce taken away, would be tough on anyone.

“The Red Heart, that was the item that everyone was looking for back then. You mean it fell into the hands of Pure. I remember that the red vampires wanted to turn everyone into vampires using its power, but what does Pure plan to do with it?” Fex thought.

Either way he knew that something needed to be done. Whatever they were planning, it couldn’t be good, and for Chris to worry about it in this state.

“Right now, I don’t think you could even win a fight with a fly. You’re just going to have to stay here and leave it to me.” Fex exclaimed. “Minny, it’s best if you stay with the others. I know your father told me to protect you, but where I’m going, it could be more dangerous. With your father here, I’m pretty sure you’ll be safe.”

“Don’t worry I am strong, I can come with you. Besides I think sometimes father worries about Minny too much, he needs to focus on the fight.” Minny replied.

Fex wanted to argue against her, but there was a chance that the fight between Quinn and Erin could get pretty violent, and knowing who she was. He felt like she wouldn’t hesitate using a hostage.

“I’ll come with you as well.” Lucas answered as he stepped forward. “I saw the direction he was headed in, I can be your guide.”

Vanessa wanted to come as well, but she knew someone needed to look after these people, and also protect AJ if something seriously bad happened again.

“Fine, let’s hurry. I don’t want to miss Quinn killing that b*tch!” Fex answered but his eyes lingered as he noticed what Lucas was holding in his hand. “Wait a second is that what I really think it is.”

Lucas happily handed it over to the old vampire. Since he was travelling with the great hero, which he still couldn’t wrap his head around, he thought that this person had to be someone of great importance.

Fex looked at the sword, up and down, and ran his hands across it.

“This is without a doubt, Arthur’s sword, but what is it doing in a place like this?”

The old man seemed to be a little crazy to Lucas. Constantly mumbling to himself and just doing whatever he wished. Now, he was even saying names that he had never heard of before.

Holding it firmly by the hilt, Fex gave it a couple of swings through the air, the sound was magnificent as it cut through it with ease.

“This is perfect. I will be using this as mine. I know Arthur won’t mind and neither will Quinn. With this sword, I should be able to help out quite a bit. Even if my old self is gone I won’t be useless.”

With the sword, Fex had walked over to a person that was with them and pointed the sword right at her throat.

“You are coming with us, and if I don’t like your answers, I will kill you.” Fex said to Flora.


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