My Vampire System Chapter 1967 The Power Of A Vampire God

A little while ago Fex, Minny and Quinn were on the same ship heading to the location where Chris and Peter had reported finding both Erin and Zero. They weren’t far away now and the ship was travelling at full speed.

For some reason, as they got closer, time felt like it was moving slower, and in doing so it was just making Quinn more restless. Because of this, Quinn was already wearing the celestial red fang armour, ready to fight at any second.

“Quinn I know you are worried, but there is nothing that we can do right now.” Fex said, trying to calm him down. “Besides, you said it yourself, Peter is incredibly strong and Chris is one of the toughest people you fought.”

Quinn continued to tap his foot away.

“Peter already lost to Erin once he said. So I have no doubt in my mind that he will attempt to fight her again. If that happens, then Chris will get involved as well, because that’s the type of guy he is.”

There was good reason as to why Quinn was extremely worried. For one, Bliss said that Erin’s growth was one that would be able to outmatch his own. A person that would become so strong that they could deal with the one that created the vampires. Then there was the celestial Mundus as well.

From their short meeting, Quinn could tell he was a powerful god. One that he wouldn’t want to step on the toes of either. The fact that he even requested for Quinn to take out Erin meant that these powerful people thought that she was a problem.

The ship had finally entered the planet’s atmosphere, and the planet looked to be going out of control. Lava was spewing from some areas of the planet, while tornadoes were spinning wildly destroying the rocks and ground around it.

The planet seemed to be in pain from whatever was going on.

“Fex, fly it northeast.” Quinn ordered. “I can feel an energy, but it’s really weak.”

Worried and concerned, Quinn’s fangs were already baring out, and he was grinding his teeth with worry. Which was why, the second that Quinn could see people in the distance, he didn’t hesitate.

“Minny stay with your uncle Fex, he will look after you.” Quinn slammed his hand on a button of the ship a little too hard smashing it to pieces, lifting up the glass. Then using the ship as leverage, he pushed off it, causing it to move backward as he flew off into the distance.

While going through the air, and getting closer, Quinn could see it, he could see Erin holding Peter by the head. His whole body was pulsating with his heart beat as it got faster and faster.

Ripples of blood aura could be seen in the air as he travelled. Quinn was unable to contain his anger.

‘I won’t let you kill anyone else, no matter what!’

Using blood control, with the blood aura pulsating around his body, Quinn was able to superspeed himself right to where Erin was and grabbed her by the neck before she could do anything else.

He then slammed her into the ground, and like a meteorite hitting the ground, the two of them were skidding across the floor causing damage to the ground.


Erin’s eyes started to glow with power, as she felt a presence like she had never felt before. Her natural instincts as a dhampir were kicking in. Giving her an immense rush of power.

However with Quinn’s rage at a boiling point, it didn’t matter, as he lifted her by the neck where the two were and slammed her into the ground, causing cracks to appear in the whole area.

‘What is this!’ Erin thought. ‘All the Qi I gained, and the Dhampir power to go against my natural enemy. I still can’t match the strength around my neck. I’m having to use all the Qi to just stop him from crushing my neck.

Quinn was unaware of what he was doing, but when holding Erin by the neck he was attempting to squeeze. Due to the reinforced Qi it was being difficult, but covered in red aura, these two were acting out his killing intent.

A strange red mist that would float around Quinn’s gauntlet, was creating small little daggers that were moving trying to also rip out Erin’s neck.

Regardless, Erin wasn’t on her own as a large claw, went to swipe toward Quinn, but with his other hand free and quickly turning his head he had grabbed it. Quinn was holding onto the Boneclaw’s hand, away from his head.

“I was told about you… so you found someone better, but you made the wrong choice.”

Using the blood aura that was around Quinn’s body, he had shaped it quickly into weapons, and sent them straight towards the Boneclaw who started to teleport away, making the blood swords hit nothing but the ground.

They continued to appear and move to where the Boneclaw was chasing him. As Quinn was distracted, the black cat appeared, summoning a spiral of flames towards his face.

That’s when a shadow had appeared, covering the entire flames, extinguishing them and turning them to nothing. The shadows had also soon turned into a hand that had grabbed one of the four kings holding it in place.

The cat struggled, unable to break free from the shadow hand’s grasp. This was a new and improved version of the shadow that Quinn had learnt to use. He could strengthen his shadow, giving it a more physical form, by adding his second stage Qi to surround it.

It was something that was incredibly hard to learn, but with his own celestial space where he could slow down time, Quinn was able to learn a number of things and now right above the cat’s head was a sword, ready to fall down on it.

As it did, the cat suddenly disappeared into nothing, and Quinn could no longer feel something in his hand. Erin had somehow managed to escape from his grasp, and was quite a distance away on her horse.

As Erin ran away further, she turned around on her horse, summoning the cat and the Boneclaw back to her side.

‘What is this, the power inside me is still rising, and it’s to a level beyond Laxmus. Is this how powerful the vampire right now in front of me is? Is this how powerful Quinn is?’

After absorbing all the Qi, and now this as well. Erin was growing in strength by the second.

During the small confrontation that was going on, the spaceship had caught up with everyone and had landed just behind AJ and the two vampires. In doing so Fex had jumped out along with Minny and could see Erin in the distance.

‘I wish I could be the one to finish you off, but I can tell you have grown too powerful for me. I will just have to rely on my blood brother to do the job, and for that he needs no distractions.’

“Who are you guys?” Vanessa asked.

“No time to explain.” Fex said as he summoned his red string from his fingers. He could still use his ability but not so much with his vampire aura, as he now only had mainly celestial aura.

Stil it was enough to tie up both Peter and Chris, and bring them through the air, towards them.

“Catch them!” Fex ordered.

Both Lucas and Vanessa jumped, catching both Peter and Chris, bringing them back down to their side.

“Wait, who are you guys, and who is that fighting right now?” Lucas had to ask, as he checked on how Peter and Chris were doing.

“There’s an emergency supply of flesh on board our ship, feed him that. You can trust us, we are here with Quinn.” Fex answered.

As Lucas was running to the ship, he had a sudden realisation as to what the old vampire had said.

“Holy Crap! Quinn!”

Back out on the field, the distance between Quinn and Erin were around fifty metres away. Over his right side Quinn had gathered his vampire aura, forming a shape of a wing, and over his left side, he had the shadow in a condensed form, forming another wing.

What the others were looking at right now, didn’t look like any vampire or human, it looked like a god that had descended.

“Tell me Erin, if I hadn’t arrived, were you planning on killing him?” Quinn asked his head down.

Erin was still basking in the rising power she had.

“Ha ha ha, not just him but I’ll kill you and all the vampires!!!”

Shadow started to form around both of Quinn’s hands.

“I’ve decided then.”

When the shadow disappeared from Quinn’s hands, in its place were two large handguns.


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