My Vampire System Chapter 1966 Take Your Hands Off

The red heart continued to produce massive amounts of energy and all of it was directed to one spot… where the magic circle had been made, but it was clear that the energy wasn’t going through the mountain. Otherwise the whole mountain would have been destroyed.

This amount of energy, Agent 4 wouldn’t have been surprised if it managed to hit the planet’s core, destroying the whole place, but instead it was going somewhere else.

That’s when there was a slight change, the red crystal itself started to break down, now turning into nothing, and sparks started to appear from the outer circle. The red barrier that came from the light of the magic circle had disappeared but the energy beaming from the crystal was still present.

Seeing this, Laxmus started to move in, because there was no longer anything blocking his way like before.

‘Should I stop him? Whatever is going on, whatever is happening, it doesn’t look like it’s done yet.’ Agent 4 chuckled at the thought, because there was no way he could stop that monster now.

When getting closer and reaching a hand out though, coming out from the circle was a large tentacle that had several circle marks running on it. The next second, the circle marks opened, revealing eyes. There were hundreds of eyes on the tentacle alone. They moved about looking at everything around it, and suddenly stretched out from the circle, and wrapped right around Laxmus’s arm.

Using his great strength Laxmus tried to pull away but it was still able to drag him. Seeing how this wasn’t working, it started to flap its wings and finally Laxmus was winning in the tug of war, as he was pulled back partly.

However, two more strange tentacles came from the magic circle and grabbed onto Laxmus. It was able to pull him in again, closer to the circle.

Seeing no other option, Laxmus opened its mouth and the red beam attack started to gather. Looking down it unleashed the red beam, burning the entire circle with the vampire energy.

Moving his head, he managed to burn off the other tentacles that were attached to him as well, and he was finally free, or at least he thought he was. Moments later, the tentacles that had been burnt and partly cut off, were regrowing, and strangely even more eyes had appeared on these parts.

Then, more tentacles started to grow from the tentacles, branching out like some strange tree, and monster. Each one of them latched onto Laxmus, covering every part of his body, wrapping around him completely.

‘I think I’ve made my decision, it’s best to get out of here for now.’ Agent 4 thought.


Looking down at the person in front of her, Erin couldn’t believe it. How much energy she was feeling going through her entire body.

“This old man, he stopped relying on his skill, improving his own powers and just relied on absorbing others, but I can see why he did so.” Erin thought as she closed her eyes, feeling every bit of Qi in her body, it was beyond amazing.

While using her ability, she sensed that there was another powerful Qi energy that was on the field. With a single jump off her leg, she soon landed right in front of Chris. Who was still breathing and his heart was still beating but he appeared to be passed out still.

However, the presence of someone next to him had jolted him awake as his eyes opened wide, and of all people he didn’t expect to see her in front of him.

“What… happened?” Chris faintly asked.

“I did what you couldn’t.” Erin replied. “That old master of yours is now gone.”

Due to his groggy state, it was taking a while for Chris to process what Erin was trying to say, but he soon realised that if Erin was here, then it meant his companion Peter had also lost his fight.

Turning his head to try and see if he was okay, there was another sight that Chris saw instead, a shrivelled up corpse that somewhat resembled his old master. He didn’t know why, but tears and a strange pain could be felt In his chest as he saw this.

“I can’t believe you still have feelings for such a person still. Didn’t you already resolve to kill him, I guess it just wasn’t strong enough.” Erin said as she got closer, but Chris was unable to move his body.

Other than his head, nothing else seemed to be listening to him and now that Erin had grabbed onto it, he was unable to move that as well.

“Wait, don’t tell me, is she going to do the same to Chris as she did to that Zero guy!” Vanessa shouted.

“I think your right, we have to do something?” Lucas said, still holding the blade. With the sword, he thought he might be able to stop her, but his legs weren’t moving. Although the thing that stabbed Zero was no longer on the field, it seemed like it could appear as it wished.

In the end, all of them were far too afraid to act, and they all thought it was pointless.

As expected, Erin had started to use the Qi drain skill on Chris as well. Just like before, energy was being transferred from him to her through her hand. Not only that, Chris was one that had a large amount of Qi, bigger than most and as she was draining his life away, she felt almost like a god.

‘I don’t need to fight against vampires anymore to get a boost. The amount of power that I have received from these two… is enough to take on anyone.’ Erin smiled as she let go.

Although the same thing had been done to Chris, his body was intact, he looked weak, his muscles smaller than they were before, but he was still breathing.

“I have taken almost all of your energy, you may never fight again, but you will live. Be thankful that you’re not a vampire, and I wasn’t the one you fought.” Erin stated, as she looked around again.

That’s when she noticed that there was a third Qi source, not as large as Chris’s or Zero’s, but still large enough to make her power grow even more. Jumping up again, she landed directly where Peter was.

He was lying on the floor on his front, just like Chris he could move his head and looked at Erin.

“Your life will not be spared. You are a spawn of the vampires, so there is a high chance that you will act just like them.” Erin placed her hand on the back of Peter’s head and then lifted him off the ground.

He was unable to move, his energy also having gone, and his hunger at a point beyond what he had felt before. Still, in this situation, Peter smiled.

“Look at you,” Peter said. “I can’t believe we went through so much trouble trying to protect you from Jack Truedream. We should have just let you die back then.”

With all the strength Peter could muster up, he spat out a bit of blood that was in his mouth landing right on Erin’s cheek.

Activating the Qi drain skill once again, the energy could be felt moving from Peter, into Erin. Unexpectedly, for someone who didn’t know how to use Qi very well, he had quite a large amount.

“Yes… yes, yes.”

Looking at Erin, AJ was clutching onto his camera so hard it nearly broke, but it was a good thing he hadn’t done it. Out of nowhere, something could be seen in the back of the camera, and it all happened in an instant.

Erin felt a powerful force grab her right by the neck, and the next moment she was slammed into the ground. A large eruption had occurred, shaking the entire planet. Everyone was nearly thrown off their feet and a volcano of red aura had erupted where the two were.

For Erin, that wasn’t the extent of it, as she was being dragged through the ground, her back, arms and everything being pushed through so hard that rocks from the ground were breaking off.

A sudden reaction was occurring in Erin, as her eyes started to glow an intense yellow, and she could see who was the one holding onto her throat.

“GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF HIM!” his eyes glowing an intense red, his whole body covered in a red aura, baring his large fangs, Quinn shouted.


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