My Vampire System Chapter 1965 Acting When Necessary

The energies in the celestial world were quite literally all over the place. Those watching from the space all had conflicted views at what they had just seen. Those that knew the one killed was a follower of Immortui, thought that he might try and act out against this god slayer.

The problem was, how would Immortui do such a thing in the first place, since he was restricted from crossing over?

Others feared something else, that the god slayers from Earth were becoming a bigger problem. That they might be utilised to fight against them and there was a chance that they would have to start a reincarnation cycle.

A lot of celestials enjoyed controlling the lives on their planets, some were even doing so in a happy way. However, they would have to listen to whatever the request was in the end.

“What do you think?” Yongbu asked. “It was strange that a dedicated follower and god slayer were working in the first place, so I predicted this might have happened, but for the god slayer to win and obtain the other’s power, isn’t this a really big deal?”

The one Yongbu was asking, was the trustworthy or untrustworthy at this rate, Xox. He had been getting a lot of predictions wrong lately and this was even causing his ball to spin.

“Why do you keep asking me for my opinion?” Xox complained. “I mean I have many theories, I just don’t speak them all. So I am right some of the time.”

Yongbu was looking around to see if there was anyone else to talk to, when he leaned in.

“I’m not so comfortable talking about the god slayers from earth.” Yongbu whispered.

Because he had helped out one of them. It was a fact that if got out, he might get killed by his very own fellow celestials.

“Fine, my guess is we still have nothing to worry about yet.” Xox answered. “I think… unless we see Mundus act, which he hasn’t done yet, then we have nothing to worry about… he has things sorted.”

The truth was, Mundus was watching everything carefully, debating what to do, but because he was so focused on the fight that was going on, much like the other celestials, they had all missed something large happening on the planet.


Agent 4 had used up all of his energy and Qi shooting towards the strange creature that had suddenly come out of nowhere at him. He thought his task was an easy one after reaching the mountain and not getting attacked by beasts on the way, but it proved incredibly difficult.

‘The demon tier crystal’s energy ran out as well. I have a demi-god tier crystal as a reserve, so I can still use that.’ Agent 4 thought as he flew over with his legs jets to where the red crystal currently was.

With the special chalk in his hands, Agent 4 was ready, and started working away, writing the last few of the symbols. He was being as quick as possible, when suddenly he could feel the mountain shaking slightly.

“No… I knew it probably wasn’t enough, but what am I meant to do… Do I just run away and leave the crystal? That is what it’s after, right? So I will be fine, but if Zero ever found out, then he would have my head rolling off this mountain quicker than I could think.

“Right about now, he should be going through with the plan and absorbing that Dhampir Queen’s energy, and then he will be unmatched in this world. Even if he was to go up against that damned Hero Quinn.”

Blasting through the rocks, and up into the air, was Laxmus, but there was some success to what Agent 4 had done. There were a few holes in his wings making it difficult for him to continue hovering in the air.

In fact, Laxmus had quickly fallen back onto the ground as he could no longer use his wings properly.

“That will slow him down, but I know that thing won’t give up. It’s like a damn unstoppable zombie!”

With the piece of chalk, Agent 4 was making sure he didn’t do any of the steps wrong. Otherwise, it would all be for nought, yet he was rushing at the same time. Two things that didn’t tend to go well together, not in his line of work anyway.

The sound of footsteps was getting louder as Agent 4 continued the very last steps.

‘Just don’t look up, just focus on what you need to do!’ Agent 4 said to himself.

When Laxmus reached the top of the mountain, seeing Agent 4 and the red crystal, it opened up its mouth, and started to gather the energy to fire off a beam. It got larger and larger

“That’s it… done!” Agent 4 said, lifting his head up and seeing Laxmus about to blast him to death.

“Imprtui desunta!” Agent 4 said, hoping that these words would do something with the circle complete, otherwise he was done for.

The red beam of energy left Laxmus’s mouth, as the stream of energy continued, the magic circle started to light up in a red glow. Then from the lines that were drawn, a great energy burst up from them.

Laxmus’s attack had hit this energy, but it was doing nothing, and when the attack ended, the mountain, the crystal, everything remained intact.

“It worked… These markings and drawings worked. I can’t believe this, just how is this possible?” Agent 4 thought as he looked at what was happening.

The red crystal that was in the centre was starting to shake, left and right, until it was lifted off the ground. In doing so, it stopped moving left and right until it was roughly two metres off the ground.

Then from the Red Heart, a strong beam of energy shot right in the centre of the ground. The light that was being emitted from the crystal was getting larger and larger, until the energy reached the edges of the magic circle.

The power that was coming from the Red Heart was so intense that Agent 4 could even feel his armour reacting, and same with the crown. Without him knowing about it, both of these pieces were breaking down into small little red particles.

When he finally noticed, it was too late, half of the crown had already been absorbed by whatever energy was going into the mountain.

‘This armour, is useless without the crown, and it looks like the armour is done for as well.”

The beast that was attacking Agent 4 until moments ago, also didn’t seem to be moving closer to the energy as if it knew that it would consume him as well. Right now, Agent 4 didn’t know if it was best for him to run away or not, but he was fascinated because right now, he wanted to see whatever it was that was going to come out of that magic circle.


At this point and time, the energy had been recognized by one that was watching the fight go on. Sitting in his chair till this moment, Mundus stood up, he started to move his hand and with it the vision he was seeing on the planet started to move as well.

That’s when he came across the red heart and could see what it was doing.

“An opening… is this what Immortui planned this whole time? Is that what the dedicated follower was doing? Creating an opening between the two planes. It’s… too late to stop this, but why would he do this, is he trying to kill every life on Earth.

“He needs life to be born and to be taken at the same time. Opening a direct path between the two will get rid of all life unless… Immortui, did you not learn your lesson from the last time? Do you really wish to start another war!”

Mundus closed the screen he was looking at, and soon his body was disappearing from the celestial space, because it was time for him to act directly.


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