My Vampire System Chapter 1964 The End Of Zero's Story

Chapter 1964 The End Of Zero’s Story

For some reason, the past had resurfaced in Zero’s mind. Maybe it was because he was close to achieving his goal, maybe it was because he could see that dreaded weapon in the ground.

The one that had nearly taken his life, either way those days were soon to be behind him, as he had one last thing to do. There were no more requests, this was it.

Pretending to swing the sword towards Peter, Zero then swung it behind him, as he aimed right for Erin’s neck. He knew about her ability, because he knew a lot about Leo as well. She was able to sense any kind of energy fluctuation, allowing her to predict when an attack was coming before it did.

Which was why, with this strike, the only thing Zero used was the first stage of Qi to enhance the strength of his muscles and only that. He condensed his Qi down, focusing on not making it move a tiny bit, and swung the sword.

A fast swift movement with no hesitation, a move that was detached from Zero’s mind. That was the type of sword strike he had made. It was perfect, the move was done so well that Erin hadn’t even noticed the sword coming toward her.

As it inched closer and closer to her neck, Zero had to make sure to contain his excitement, because Erin had her demon tier armour that allowed her to phase through any type of attack…me

As long as she wasn’t startled or it was too sudden, she wouldn’t activate it. When the sword was brushing up against her skin, it stopped.

‘Why… why has the blade stopped!’ Zero didn’t understand, he could see no reason why his sword would be stopped, he couldn’t sense any Qi from Erin, but a moment later, purple sparks started to appear.

With no choice, Zero had to put Qi into his blade to push through whatever it was stopping his sword. The purple sparks grew larger, still not allowing his sword to move an inch.

“I didn’t expect any less from you.” Erin smiled.

A sharp pain could be felt from below, and when Zero looked down he could see large claws from something that was out of this world having pierced right through his stomach.

‘My Qi… I suppressed it… and didn’t keep it up, all in order to do my surprise attack.’ Zero thought.

Before pulling his sword away, he felt something land on his head, and was soon on his arm. It was a black cat, which erupted into flames, and in doing so it started to burn Zero’s right arm.

Standing up and grabbing her sword, Erin took two steps away, far enough so Zero would have to move if he wished to strike her, and that’s when, from her shoulder, something started to grow. It was a black and purple dark skinned turtle that started to grow in size.

The black cat was on her shoulder, and the Boneclaw with blood on its claws was standing next to her as well.

“When agreeing to work with you, I thought this might happen,” Erin said. “Which is why I had already summoned the Kings. To protect me if any dire situation were to occur.”

The familiar kings had acted on behalf of Erin, protecting her life. The Turtle Genbu had shrunk so small, staying on her shoulder. It had blocked the sword strike from Zero with its hard shell.

The Boneclaw had teleported behind Zero, stabbing him right through the stomach, doing more damage than Erin could have hoped for, all because Zero was doing his best to sneak an attack on her.

“Without them your attack probably would have worked, or maybe not. I can tell you are already extremely tired from the two fights from before. There was a reason why I didn’t get so involved when fighting that, what were they called, celestial?”

Both of them had been doing the same thing to each other, trying to weaken the other one down. The only thing was, Zero didn’t realise that Erin was doing the same thing, he had underestimated her power and strength.

The wound on his stomach was quite bad, and Erin was right, a lot of Qi had been used up in the fight with the celestial and Chris, who was a harder opponent than Zero had imagined.

“You think this is the end!” Zero shouted, as his head started to light up and a black substance started to appear from the marking.

In that moment, the Boneclaw teleported right to Zero’s side and using its large claw, it slashed his wrist, causing Zero to drop the sword. It was laying there on the ground, but what was worse, was the fact that Erin had already stabbed the large great sword right through Zero’s chest.

Ice was starting to form around the wound, but blood also filled Zero’s mouth. The marking on his head started to fade and the black substance that was coming out, began to retreat.

Standing by the side, AJ had captured everything on camera, it was all being filmed live. He couldn’t believe the turn of events and had to explain to everyone that just moments ago these two were working together. For this to suddenly happen, he didn’t understand why.

What was the reason behind it? It was clear that Zero was the one that had attempted to attack Erin first.

“What is happening!” Vannesa asked. She looked to Flora, who was still a prisoner by her side.

“Erin always thought this would happen.” Flora answered. “She told me, before we went on this trip, to be prepared. Why else would the leader of Pure ask just us and him to go on this trip?

“That old man, he probably thought his tricks worked on everyone, but Erin can’t fail. She has more determination than anyone to complete her goal!”

“To rid the world of all vampires.” Lucas quietly said. “Honestly, I don’t know who I would rather have lived in this situation.”


Zero, had felt this feeling once before, his body feeling weak, his vision fading, and the wound around his chest was cold. Looking down he could see the same dreaded weapon as before. The one that had nearly taken his life before, was taking his life once again.

‘I… know I can’t go on anymore. Everyone… I failed you again. I just wanted to see all of your faces, one last time. I just wanted to do anything possible to spend an extra second with you.

‘And now… I’ve failed. What does that mean? All of the lives I had taken, all of their faces, all of the people’s lives I ruined, were all for nothing in the end. I became a monster… and all for nothing.

‘Leo… I’m sorry for blaming you, I’m sorry I was unable to step in back then, and most of all I’m sorry I couldn’t kill this b*tch that took your life. I… might see you, but in truth I don’t deserve to see you, I don’t deserve to see any of you after what I have done, but maybe that is just the sin that I know I have to live with.’

Turning his head slightly to the side, his vision nearly completely gone. Zero could faintly see Chris.

‘Live the rest of your life how you want, following what you believe… don’t become like me.’

With one hand firmly on the sword, Erin then used her other hand and placed it right on top of Zero’s head.

“I don’t want to kill fellow humans, but I will get rid of anyone that tries to stop me, and I want to let you know, you are going to help me.”

Suddenly, Zero was a feeling something from deep within his stomach get pulled out from him. His skin was started to shrivel up. Everything was flowing and moving out from the top of his head and was being passed onto Erin.

Zero knew straight away what this was, it was the Qi drain skill, the skill that he used on many people before. A skill that drained the life Qi out of someone, adding his inherent power to hers.

With this, not only was Erin getting all of the Qi that Zero had, but all of the hundreds of thousands of lives that he had taken. With this, without a doubt, Erin would now be more of an unstoppable monster than before.

Letting go of Zero’s head, he fell to the floor, a shrivelled up corpse, unrecognisable compared to what he was.

“This is where your story ends Zero.”


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