My Vampire System Chapter 1961: Aftermath Of The First Dalki War

A long time ago, during the first Dalki war, disaster had struck, changing Zero’s life forever. Living peacefully at the top of the temple, Zero had continued the traditions of his family.

Teaching all those that came to him the power of Qi. This was where one of his students had been abandoned by his parents. Leo had been abandoned, and just like with all his pupils, Zero had brought him into part of his family adopting him, and he too had taught him Qi.

Looking back, he was unaware that this would be the turning point in his peaceful life. With the Dalki war starting, Zero wished to remain hidden in the mountains away from it all.

However, a mistake, a grave mistake from one of his dearest students had changed everything, showing the world his powers, and allowing for the world to discover them.

That was the point where those that were part of the temple, had been forced to join the war. They had been placed on what was called an orange portal planet to gather crystals from the beasts.

Their life was rebuilt on the planet, but all of that was short lived, when the Dalki had come to attack. There was no help from the government or from the military and in the end, everyone had perished apart from Leo and Zero himself.

At this point and time the peace treaty had just been announced, having been signed with the Dalki. As for where Zero was, he had returned back to the temple, the original temple that was up in the mountains.

On the way to the temple, there was a bridge, it looked old and worn. Walking, Zero dragged his feet.

“A treaty… a f*cking treaty. Force us into a war, and then sign with the ones that killed them!!!” Zero shouted, dragging his feet across the bridge.

As he finally made it to the other side, and pushed the doors open so hard, that they slammed to the side, nearly breaking. Yet there was no one to complain, no one to say anything because the place was completely void of people.

“Luke, Charlie, Sarah, Mantis, Happy!” Zero shouted, and with each name his voice was getting quieter and weaker, eventually falling to his knees.

Tears ran down his face and onto the ground, and with his two hands he started to slam them down.

“What did I expect, that if I came back here, that they would just come back to life! They’re all gone, and not a single one of them will be coming back!”

For a second, Leo had flashed into his mind, but he quickly disregarded that person, he wanted to forget everything about him.

Standing up, Zero continued to walk the halls of the temple, the rooms where he would see their smiles. After images of them being so young, then growing so old and learning Qi, the large smiles on their faces, all of it was coming into his head.

For a second, Zero was having a peaceful moment smiling through his tears, but soon after, the images of the very people he was thinking about flashed in his head again, but they weren’t happy memories.

It was of their bloody bodies, their lifeless eyes, limbs with large cuts, and some of them, so badly hurt that one couldn’t even recognize them.

“My children, all of them, all of them were killed, murdered and what for! For this Treaty?! Why does everyone get to live in peace now, why does everyone else get to enjoy the time ahead, while their lives were cut short, and then there’s me. Who is still here doing what? Wasting oxygen on earth. If they’re not here then I might as well, I might as well!!” In the hall of the temple, Zero picked up a small blade and placed it at the side of his stomach., Ready to pierce himself and slide it across, spilling his guts and killing himself.

However, as his hand was on the handle, he couldn’t move it. At that moment, everyone, he could see them all in the hall, smiling toward him, and reaching out holding onto the blade stopping him.

“Why… why won’t you let me be with you, what do you want from me!” Zero shouted once again, and remained in the same position until the sky went black.

In that position several thoughts did come to his mind, and he had finally come to a conclusion, he couldn’t leave this world because there would still be regrets, things that he needed to do.

Picking up his sword, and wiping his face away, Zero’s face had changed. The deep wrinkles on his head could be seen, and the focus in his eyes were different.

“I know what I have to do.”

<o>,m —-</o>

The treaty had only just been signed and a lot of structures on earth were still destroyed, many buildings and such. Causing the military and the people to have temporary accommodations in tents and more.

At the same time, although there were those with abilities that could help. Their abilities hadn’t developed much and there weren’t so many that it was widespread to everybody.

The headquarters of the military was currently being built, and the military base at the moment was nothing but a large group of tents because of this.

They were to help the builders, scientists, and more with rebuilding the city. The military felt like it was part of their job to do this for the people after they had helped them through the war, everyone had played their part to survive.<sub></sub>

The place was well known to the public, as many would come and line up for daily supplies.

The day before, it had rained, causing the ground to become incredibly muddy. Most were wearing boots to combat this. The army was giving out supplies as there were several queues at the stalls set up to give supplies.

However, one person stood out, as they walked through the mud in sandals, ripped clothing and with a sword by his hilt.

“Get to the back of the line and queue up like everybody else!” One of the soldiers shouted.

Lifting his head, Zero’s eyes were still the same as before. Focused as if he wasn’t looking at the person in front of him but at someone else.

“I want to see the leader, I want to see the Supreme Commander. The person who had decided to send me and my family to that damn planet, bring him out now!” Zero shouted.

It was starting to gather the attention of those around, but they had seen this sight before. It wasn’t the first time someone had blamed the military for the many deaths.

They looked at Zero with pity and sorrow, especially seeing him in his current state.

“The Supreme Commander will not just come out to meet someone like you. There is a procedure. You can make your complaint and if there is a need for him to see you he will.” The soldier explained.

Not listening, Zero continued to walk forward and as he did he was mumbling. “Bring him out, bring him out!”

“Stand back!” The soldier said, pointing his gun right at Zero. “I will shoot.”

Taking a step forward, Zero pulled the sword out of his sheath and slashed the gun, causing half of it to fall into the ground. The next step he kicked the man’s leg, popping out the knee and grabbing his head as he fell to the ground, now placing his sword by his neck.

“Bring out the Supreme Commander out now, otherwise, a lot more than him will lose a life, and trust me I have already lost everything that matters to me, so there is no threat you can make that will make me stop.”

The soldiers looked at each other, and with no choice, they ran inside. A few moments later, a large muscular man who looked nearly as big as the Dalki had walked out.

“What is this, you are not the Supreme Commander. Do you soldiers not even care about the lives of your own?” Zero asked.

The large man lifted both hands to show that he was no threat.

“The Supreme Commander is currently not present, but I have been sent in his place. I am second in charge around here while he is away.”

Looking at the man closely, Zero started to recognise him, someone who had appeared on the TV a few times, as one of the heroes of war, Oscar.

“Please let go of the man, and I promise you, we won’t harm you and will listen to what you have to say, I am here for you,” Oscar stated.

Hearing this, Zero was inclined to believe him, so he let the man go, who scurried and ran off to the other side.

“Thank you, for doing that, now please tell me what you want, and your name?” Oscar asked.

“My name.” Zero replied. “I guess I was once known as Sabre Hunt, but a name is meaningless for me. I am worthless and there is n no one that needs me anymore in this world, I am… Zero.”

The words had come out of his mouth unexpectedly, but that was how he felt, like nothing.

“And I have come here, to kill the Supreme Commander.”


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