My Vampire System Chapter 1960: Astro Man

Seeing how much vampire aura this strange creature had produced was putting Agent 4 on edge a little. The fact was that the drawing for the magic circle was incomplete and if part of it was destroyed then Agent 4 would have to start the process all over again.

‘Actually, I don’t even know if I could, does it have to be at this exact spot or just this area. I’m sure an attack like that could destory this whole mountain top. I have to be careful.’ Agent 4 thought.

Aiming his hand out towards Laxmus, Agent 4’s arm started to transform. It broke apart and robotic parts could be seen through the skin. The entire arm soon transformed into what could only be described as a type of electrical canon.

‘I was the great creator who invented those Qi guns in the first place, of course, I would keep the best tools for myself.’

What Agent 4 had was similar to the Qi canon that was used at the Pure base, only it was portable, lighter and ingrained in his body. Lighting up, a blast was emitted straight from Agent 4’s hand.

It came out in a yellow ball like form, but not just one blast, but several had been shot out at great speed towards Laxmus, who covered himself with his wings as he was hit by each one in the air.

‘Time for me to make a move.’ Agent 4 thought as he slid down the side of the mountain and leapt off to another ledge. When the smoke from his attacks had disappeared, Laxmus could be seen fine and in one piece.

‘Not a scratch on him, but these blasts are made from condensed demon tier crystal energy and Qi. How can it have next to no effect at all. Who is this vampire?’ Agent 4 thought.

Several more shots were fired out towards Laxmus, but this time he stretched out his black hand, which started to be encased in red aura. Then with a flick, he hit one of the energy blasts, which was flung away and exploded in the sky.

Now both of Laxmus’s hands were covered in the vampire aura, and swinging them out he knocked each of the blasts from Agent 4 away, and started to flap his wings once more.

Instead of going for Agent 4 like he thought, Laxmus dived straight toward the red heart.

“So that’s what you were after this whole time!” Agent 4 jumped and his feet started to transform into a similar shape to what his arm was now, and jets of energy came out from the bottom of his legs.

Getting close to where the red heart was, Laxmus reached out with his hand ready to grab the crystal, when a person stood in his way, his skin bright red, and the jets from his legs, burning the rocks underneath him.

Laxmus’s hand slammed into the wall pulsating the red aura once again while the crown on Agent’s 4’s heads started to light up, and blood dripped from his arm and shoulder.

On top of that, all of his skin was now a dark red like colour as the fourth stage of Qi had been activated.

“Although I have exchanged most of my useless human body parts for more useful mechanical body parts, I am still human. Blood is what runs through my veins!” Agent 4 exclaimed, as an unexpected battle for his life was now on the line.

Letting his hands down, his right hand had transformed into the blaster once more, and Laxmus’s body continued straight ahead. Bursting forward with the jets from his legs, Agent 4 collided straight into Laxmus’s body using one of his hands to hold his shoulder tight and still.

The burst of power from using stage 4 Qi was strong, and in terms of Qi, Agent 4 was nothing to laugh at. He had received his number four position not just because of his brains, but his strength as well.

“Lets see how you deal with this!”

Agent 4 knew that one hand, and the power of the jets coming from his legs, couldn’t hold Laxmus for long, but an attack from this distance should be able to do something.

Holding the blaster arm directly underneath his chin, Agent 4 blasted Laxmus from point blank right underneath his chin. His face was completely covered in energy and his hands seemed to weaken as they let go, dangling by the side.

After that, Agent 4 boosted the speed of his legs with the jets as he kicked Laxmus right in the head, sending him crashing into the mountain below.

‘I’m not sure if that was enough to take that type of beast out, but after using the stage four Qi, it’s incredibly hard to use it again in the same day, let alone in the same fight.'<sub></sub>

Flinging rocks up in the air, a disfigured, half melted face of what was already an ugly looking creature, had emerged from the mountain. Agent 4’s fears were true.

Changing his other hand, now Agent 4 had two blasters and started to fire away at Laxmus, one after another. Using up all the energy of the demon tier crystal he had stored inside him.

Instead of aiming for his head, trying to finish off the creature like before, Agent 4 was aiming for its wings and legs.

‘I don’t have to kill this thing, in fact it might be impossible for me to kill it. All I need to do is slow it down, slow it down just enough so I can finish the magic circle, there’s only a few more symbols left and I will be done!’

Continuing to fire away, using every bit of energy Agent 4 had, his skin started to revert back to its normal colour, the red was fading and his body felt heavily drained.

There was nothing else that Agent 4 could do, but hope that this was enough to stop it.


Before Zero had gone over to the other side where Erin and Peter were, the marking on his head had lit up. This would often happen when a certain someone had chosen to communicate with him, the one that had given the marking in the first place, Immortui.

One of the abilities that Immortui had was the ability to communicate with his dedicated followers, and when doing so the marking would light up.

Due to the marking being on the head of Zero, in the past he decided to wear a cover up, a fake face which covered the marking because it would be obvious when something was going on.

And moments before Zero went over to Erin, he had made contact.

‘You have done well so far.’ The voice rang in Zero’s head. ‘But remember my deal has two parts. You have gathered enough souls over this time, and I will soon come over to your side, thanks to you, but there is one more thing you must do.’

‘I know… and don’t worry, I was already planning to.’ Zero replied back as he looked towards Erin.

One of the tasks that Immortui had given him was to kill the one known as Erin, the leader of the dhampirs. However, even if Immortui hadn’t asked him, it was something that he would have done anyway.

Because for a while now, Zero had been eyeing up Erin’s strength. A lot of Erin’s power wasn’t just due to her dhampir self, but due to the large amount of Qi she had refined in her body.

With the Qi drain skill, if Zero could get his hands on that, he realised that no one would be able to stop him. At the same time, there was a chance that whatever power Immortui was afraid of, he would come closer to it.

‘You always have to be careful with these things, after all, there could be a chance that Immortui will back out of his part of the deal.’

While walking over to Erin, it made Zero think back, think back to when he had first met Immortui. After all, Immortui was a being that was not of this world.

He was stuck in another realm. Although the vampires had made contact, that was due to Richard Eno opening up a portal to the other side a long time ago. Which was why the meeting between Zero and Immortui, the way he had become a dedicated follower was a unique one. Seeing what had happened to him, experiencing what had happened, was why Zero was sure of it, Immortui was able to bring back those that he cared about.

‘I will complete the task without fail!’ Zero inwardly screamed in his head, as he thought back to that day.

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