My Vampire System Chapter 1959: The World Is Live

When AJ had pressed the button to go live, there was a little more to it than that. As AJ had stated, he wished to write a book, one that could be passed on through the times, about the life of Quinn and those that followed him.

AJ didn’t want the world, the whole universe, to go on not knowing what these people were doing for the humans, the vampires, and all of those that originated from earth. How much sacrifice and pain they had suffered, all for it to be forgotten.

The truth was AJ knew that this would be a dangerous task, ever since he had run into this group at the Chained wedding. He felt like his life was on the line then, and then there were the celestials.

Which was why he knew when he broke the promise to the others, it most likely meant that it too would be the end of his life. Videos uploaded of what had been seen so far were placed on AJ’s personal channel.

Links, as to where to watch them were going on, and also a documented journal of what these people had done so far. As for the live video itself, where most of the people were watching, a brief description of who these people were and what they were doing here was scrolling on the side.


AJ was one of the most followed news channels, streaming channels, and video uploading sites with his own personal reporting videos. After the Chained event, his followership just went up even more.

So it was safe to say, the second he had hit that live button, that two thirds of the Earthlings had received a notification on their devices. Vampires and humans.

Due to the drastic title of the video, it was turned on in the middle of the streets, restaurants, bars and all sorts of places. Those that didn’t know about the live feed received messages from their friends telling them to tune in.

It was then, that the whole world had stopped what they were doing. Stopped eating, drinking, and walking the streets to have a look at what had just happened.

“None of you know about the secret heros who have been fighting behind the scenes your entire life.” AJ commented as he filmed a close up of Chris on the floor, and then soon to Peter.

At the same time, an edited clip of their battle was being shown on the same live feed in the corner of the screens.

“The people I have in front of me are the dhampir queen known as Erin and the leader of Pure, Zero. I don’t have much time to explain, but I hope my uploaded videos can give you context.

“Zero, a heartless man who has killed 100,000’s of people just so he can get stronger, and the dhampir who kills her own friends without a second thought, and now both of them are working together to try and summon a celestial into our world.”

From the conversations that AJ had with Chris and the others, he had learnt a lot of what had actually happened. The only thing was, the people would find a lot of it hard to believe.

What AJ said was the truth, but there was no need for them to know much of the context. At this moment, the whole world thought of celestials as those trying to invade our place.

On top of that, there were many from Pure who cared for Chris and didn’t understand why he had done what he had done. This gave them reason for his actions, and also someone to point the finger towards.

“Zero and that dhampir are trying to summon celestials but why, why would they do that!”

“Well, that dhampir always wanted to kill the vampires, maybe they are calling them to just get rid of the vampires?”

“But what about Chris, he worked for Pure, do you really think he would fight against his own leader if it didn’t have some harm to do against humans, and we all saw those celestials. They attacked humans and vampires.”

It was hard for those that were in support of the dhampirs and Pure to make an excuse for what they were hearing, and they had seen the heroic actions of both Peter and Chris before.

“As you can see, the ones that defeated the celestials before, attempted to stop both of these two, but they have failed. Which is why I am delivering this message to you all.

“These are the ones that are responsible for the chaos that have been going on in our world, and they have always been. Think about it, who were the ones causing trouble with the vampire corps, the ones messing with the Greens?

“We were always told and shown that it was a push and pull from both sides, but that has never been the case!” AJ shouted.

As a reporter, AJ was meant to always remain neutral, most of the public were fifty fifty with their views, and at some point they leaned more towards Pure.

Yet, he had thrown all that away. He could clearly see who was in the wrong. Who were the genuine ones in all of this? Peter and Chris, the two of them, never had to come to this planet.

They could have turned around at any point and time. During the fight with the celestial, they could have turned back, yet they fought until the very end.<sub></sub>

It was too much for AJ to keep quiet about anymore. What he himself didn’t realise was that AJ had a large amount of influence over the people, and they trusted him, more so than he thought.

“He’s right, the vampire corps always helped us, they were even fighting against the red vampires at the time. It was just easy to say all vampires were bad.”

“What does that have to do with what is going on now? I still don’t understand what that has to do with bringing those celestials to our planet.”

While he was making his report, Zero was checking on Chris. He was still alive, although his energy was somewhat faint. Most likely it was his werewolf body that had saved him once again.

After that, he looked up at the drone that was floating in the sky, and Zero could guess what was happening as he looked at AJ on the other side.

“I guess lasting a 1000 years is an impressive feat, not being called out for this long.” Zero smiled at the camera. “But I don’t care, I have only one thing on my mind.”

Clenching his hand in and out, Zero noticed that he wasn’t at full strength. Whether he liked it or not, he had used a substantial amount of energy in that fight.

Running at a quick pace, Zero went to his sword and stepped on the hilt flipping it in the air before catching it. Now that he had his weapon in his hand, AJ thought this was the end, they all did.

Looking to his right though, he noticed Erin had finished her fight. She was no longer on her horse, and instead of going after others as such, she was actually sitting on the floor with crossed legs.

‘She must be trying to regain her Qi. It looks like her fight wasn’t so easy either.’ Zero thought.

Turning back, AJ jolted back a bit. With his superspeed, he was wondering how long he could last, for a second he thought he might even be able to outrun the person in front of him.

The comments were pouring in telling AJ to get out of there, but he knew it was useless. He had seen the speeds that these people could produce. The only reason why they weren’t dead right now was because they could be dealt with at any moment and at any time.

Zero took in a deep breath.

‘Two fights, against that celestial and then these two. I thought I was the only one that was holding back, but it looks like that wasn’t the case at all.’

The mark on Zero’s head lit up slightly once again, and the happy smile on Zero’s face had disappeared quite quickly.

“I know, you don’t need to remind me.” Zero mumbled.

Walking over to Erin was Zero.

“Although that one looks dead it’s hard to tell. The best thing to do would be to destroy its head.”

“That’s what I will be doing,” Erin replied. “I can see his energy is down for the count but there is a small flicker. I need to make sure this one never gets up, so I am recovering my energy.”

“There’s no need.” Zero pulled out the sword which started to light up pink. “I will do it myself.”

Erin wasn’t too far from where Peter was and she had her sword in the ground in front of her, ready to pick it up the second Peter moved, but she was confident that her ability would tell her if he did.

Now Zero stood in front of the two of them, ready to slash Peter’s head off.

“Goodbye,” Zero said, as he took a strike, but not toward Peter in front of him, instead, he turned around swinging it right at Erin’s neck.


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