My Vampire System Chapter 1958: The Red Wolf

At the same time as Peter was having the fight of his life, there was another battle to the death that was going on at the same time. The beautiful camera work from AJ was capturing everything on the mystic red Wolf.

Chris was large in size, around 9 feet, he was already tall for a human but in his werewolf form he looked even larger than before. His fur was overflowing, floating in place as it wiggled about in the air. Rather than the light grey colour it was before, it was red as if it had been soaked in blood.

The eyes of Chris were intense, narrow like, and glowing a bright red and unlike before, his face was elongated more like that of a wolf’s. During the fight he would make sure his face didn’t change too much, making it easier for him to speak, but he was done with speaking, he needed everything he could get.

“So you have decided to use up all the gas in your tank, so you can burn brightly once more. I guess it’s the only choice you have!” Zero said as he placed his sword in his sheath, charging up another attack.

Chris lifted his head up to the sky, both of his hands out by his side, which dangled a little below his waist, as they were longer in this form. The hairs on his body were still floating even though there seemed to be no expended energy outside of his body.

It was strange, sometimes when those were summoning the great energy in their body, it would leak out. Effects on the ground beneath their feet, or strange phenomenon would occur such as one’s hair standing up on their ends, similar to Chris’s hair now.

Yet there was no energy leakage coming out from him, and his hair was still floating about as if it was the case. Suddenly, all of the hairs stopped floating randomly in place as if in water, and started it to move upright, as if they were all pointing towards his head.

Swinging his head down, and swinging his arms out, Chris opened his mouth and let out the biggest howl of his life.


Just like with the energy in his body, the energy coming out of Chris’s mouth was directed straight at a certain individual. The ground was breaking as the howl left Chris’s mouth in one direction.

Before Zero could even do anything, it slammed right into him. His clothes ruffled due to the sheer power that was being chucked out toward him.

‘This attack is not damaging… my Qi barrier isn’t being affected, so what’s the point of the howl?’ Zero thought.

When Chris had stopped, he pointed both of his clawed hands toward Zero, and ten of his nails shot out from his hands. Condensed forms of energy as fast as bullets.

‘This attack might be too strong for my Qi barrier to stop it, so I will just have to strike it down.’ Zero thought as he went to pull out his sword, but his hand was stuck.

In fact, that was when he noticed it wasn’t just his hand, his whole body was frozen still. No matter how hard he tried, he was unable to move his body, it wasn’t listening to him at all.

‘Is this because of the howl from earlier? How can this have an effect, is it some sort of human instinct, am I scared?’

It was strange, Zero had never experienced such a thing before and at the same time, Chris had no idea what was happening, because right now, he was just fighting based on pure instinct.

The nails carried on forward and just as Zero had expected, pierced through his 2nd Qi barrier, breaking through the skin and entering his body.

‘I can’t move my body, but I can move my Qi… These nails, they are aiming right for my chest and heart, if they continue, I will die. I have to focus on the first stage of Qi, and the third stage from within, and push these out.’

All of this was having to be done in milliseconds, otherwise the nails already inside Zero’s body would reach his heart. Focusing and swirling the Qi around, finding the points where his body had been pierced, Zero successfully used his Qi to push the nails out of his body.

Still not being able to move, all of the nails rushed out in a random direction hitting the ground, going to the sky and more.

‘If I can still use my Qi, then I should be able to use it to command myself. Use the Qi command to get rid of whatever is happening to me right now.’

And that was exactly what Zero did allowing him to move in place, taking his sword out of his sheath. Only haven taken it out a little, the sword was glowing a slight pink but there was nothing Zero could do because Chris was already directly in front of him.<sub></sub>

Lifting both of his hands, the claws clashed against the blade of Zero and his whole body was lifted in the sky, causing him to reach the clouds above.

Jumping from his position, Chris continued to chase after Zero. He reached him quickly and with one of his hands swung it as hard as he could aiming directly for the sword.

As it hit, the sword was flung out of Zero’s hands breaking the bones in his fingers as the sword fell to the floor. Then without holding back it was time for Chris to go on his rampage.

Swinging his arms, his nails dug through Zero’s skin and clothing as if there was no Qi protecting him at all. Deep cuts were made on his body, one after the other.

The only thing Zero could attempt to do was move his arms in the way of his vitals and focus his Qi there, but each time he did this, Chris would simply grab the arm and move it away.

In terms of strength even with the powered up Qi, there was no chance for Zero to out power him.

‘I can’t die here, not when I was so close, not when I was so close to getting them back!’

Thinking these thoughts, Zero was left with no choice to do the one thing he never wanted to do. The mark on his forehead started to glow brightly.

When Chris swung his clawed hand again, and it hit Zero’s body, a clang was heard, he was no longer hitting flesh. The entirety of Zero’s body started to be covered in a strange black substance.

“Just like that undead friend of yours with his marking, I can change my form. As I said before to you, I hate using borrowed power. I guess in the end you were right, I am a hypocrite.” Zero shouted.

The fight between Peter and Erin had come to an end, with Peter laying on the ground, but just then a large light of energy had appeared in the sky, and a giant shockwave was felt.

AJ moved his camera to the sky to see, due to the energy, the clouds had disappeared and the black clear sky could be seen. Zooming in closely there were two objects falling out of the sky.

Then with a slam, a large spiral of pink energy, like a ring, had been shot out, and one of the objects was slammed into the ground. A wave of dust came out, hitting AJ and blocking the view of the camera.

Zooming into the scene, that’s when Chris, no longer in his werewolf form, could be seen lying there, while Zero landed not too far after him, the strange black substance going back into his forehead, with cuts all over his chest, and landing on his two feet.

AJ wasn’t the only one that could see this, the two vampires that were with him could as well.

“Does this mean both of them lost… they’re not moving right, right?” Vanessa said in a panic. She was still holding onto the special sword, but more so she was worried about what would now happen to them.

“I think… I can hear Chris breathing, so at least he is still alive.” Lucas answered. “But I think that both of them are unable to fight, that’s for sure.”

Although both of them probably had expended a lot of energy fighting the two, there wasn’t a bone in Lucas’s body that thought he could defeat these two, even in a weakened state.

Looking at the sight and still filming everything, AJ could only do one thing. On his system he had hit the live button, and titled the story, “The final moments of AJ, and the great unknown heroes that tried to save us”.

“I don’t know what will happen from here… but the world will see everything the two of you do!” AJ shouted.


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