My Vampire System Chapter 1957: Heal No More

A large black object with horrifying wings and a mauled face with a large hole in its chest, was flying through the air. The movement of its heavy wings showed how strong such a creature this was.

It was hard for anyone who hadn’t seen Laxmus’s true form to believe it was him, but since Peter had resurrected him, this form was a permanent one for him.

Currently, without any order from Peter, it was flying through the air, heading toward a certain destination. Right now, it was flying with a mind of its own as something had triggered for it to act.

Suddenly, as it got closer to its destination, its wings flapped harder making it breeze through the air at a great speed, past the lightning strikes, through the great winds, until the area had calmed down again, and Laxmus had reached its destination.

It hovered in the air, looking down, and Laxmus could see it, a red object that was on the peak of the mountain, shining and radiating with power.

However, the object wasn’t alone, and due to Laxmus’s presence being quite a large one, with the sound of its wings flapping, it caused Agent 4 to look up.

‘That… what is that, is it a beast?’ Agent 4 guessed.

Opening its mouth, a red aura started to gather, and regardless of whether it was a beast or not, it looked like it was ready to attack.

‘I haven’t finished drawing the magic circle yet.’ Agent 4 still had chalk in his hand, it was nearly done, there were only a few more steps to be completed. If the attack destroyed the peak of the mountain then it would destroy the circle as well.

Without hesitation, Agent 4 stood up, and placed both of his hands in front of him, and just as he thought, a large red beam came straight from the creature’s mouth, shooting directly at him.

The crown on top of Agent 4’s head started to light up. The attack didn’t go past his hands as the red ripples started to be seen in the air.

‘This attack, it looks like vampire aura. That’s the ugliest vampire I have ever seen, but why has it come here, is it because of the Red heart?’

Agent 4 had never witnessed Laxmus in his true form, so he had no idea who he was, and quite frankly there was another problem he needed to deal with.

Using the blood armour with the crown was easy, and he had an unlimited amount of usage, but this was mainly due to the red heart.

The special blood armour was created for use by kings and high ranking vampires, without something to supplement its powers in some way, it was almost impossible for a human to use it.

The red beam of energy attack had stopped and Agent 4 placed his hands down back by his side.

“I guess it’s my fault, being portrayed as the scientist of the Pure faction, many must have thought that I was weak, but there is a reason why Zero trusted me with this task, and I will complete it.”


While this was going on, Vanessa had just witnessed a large slash on Peter’s back, blood had splattered in the air, and it looked to be quite the bad wound.

Having witnessed both Peter and Chris fight on the Graylash planet, she thought that nothing could best the two. After all, they had defeated the fighting and powerful celestial that could have easily killed everyone on the planet.

Yet here they were, still finding those that they were struggling against.

With her familiar, Erin continued onward after striking Peter. She knew his strength and wasn’t going to stick around for him to attack back, especially a headstrong person like Peter, who even if he did feel pain would do anything to get a hit in, and she was right.

Immediately, Peter swung his arms backward, with a strong force and amount of energy that the rocks in the area had been kicked up and were flying but had hit nothing.

“I know of your healing capabilities but that wound isn’t such a simple wound, it has my Qi infused in it, making it a lot harder to simply just heal.” Erin said, still riding on the horse who was moving its hooves ready to charge in once again.

“I am not the same as I was before!” Peter shouted.

Peter had learnt a bit about Qi, he had practiced after Quinn had tried to teach him, but in the end, Peter was too furious to think of the training he had done back then.<sub></sub>

Instead he was summoning up massive amounts of celestial energy in his body, and it was burning around him like a giant flame. Expanding the energy in such a way, he wasn’t doing anything specific with it, but the celestial energy had started to expel the Qi energy that was in his body that was allowing him to heal. Soon there was no wound on his back at all.

“Fine… it just means this is going to take a little longer!” Erin shouted as the horse was on the move again.

Just like before, as the horse moved it started to glide on the surface, moving at an incredibly fast speed and once in a while it would disappear from sight and then be in a completely different location.

Seeing how he had been hit the last time, he was trying to find the horse, so he dug his fingers into the ground, cracking part of it. Then lifting a large chunk of it, He threw it, and ran forward smashing it up with his fists.

As he hit the large piece of the ground, smaller pieces were going off everywhere in the direction of the horse. Even if the two of them were invisible, as soon as a piece of land hit the horse, Peter was going to get ready to strike again.

He carefully looked, using his eyesight trying to see anything, until right in front of his eyes, Erin and the Horse appeared, and the sword had already stabbed right through Peter’s chest.

He held onto the sword, but felt his entire body lifted into the air. While on the sword as well, the first ring of the demon tier weapon activated and a tornado of flames erupted from the sword.

The horse was seen continuing to move but Peter was no longer on the Blade. AJ watching the thing was wondering where the body had gone.

Worried that it might have been burned into nothing but ashes, until hitting the ground and landing back down was Peter.

“Is he dead?” AJ mumbled and gulped, but there was movement.

Peter used both of his hands to get up from the floor, his skin burned, the wound on his chest bleeding slightly. For such a wound, more blood should have been spilling from it, but there was very little.

Once again expending his celestial energy in an explosive way, Peter was getting rid of the Qi from his body, ready to heal.

“I’ll keep doing this, until I find a way… a way to stop your little trick. Let’s see who tires out first.” Peter smiled.

Erin smiled back, welcoming the challenge, and continued forward rather than running straight towards Peter with the horse, she decided to go around in circles this time, disappearing, and when she reappeared the horse was running the opposite direction.

Now, the routes and the ways that she could come toward Peter were endless. Peter threw out loaded fists with bursts of energy and Qi. It uprooted pieces of the ground, and made it look like a train had crashed through the area, yet he was unsuccessful again, as Erin had stabbed him right through the thigh this time.

Due to the celestial energy and hard skin Peter had, Erin realised that she was unable to slash through her opponent, but concentrating her power and Qi, to a single point she was able to stab, and stab was what she would do.

Peter continued to throw out his fists, his legs even, randomly hitting the air, but each time, Erin would find a way to avoid all that, appearing seemingly out of nowhere and stabbing Peter again, again and again.

While Peter repeated, healing himself again, again and again, until… Peter started to feel a hunger. The Qi was removed from his body, but a wound that had been made in his stomach was no longer healing.

Erin hadn’t attacked again, she stayed a distance away as she had noticed he was slowing down.

“I knew this would happen, because of my ability I know you better than you know yourself. I can see all of the different energies inside you. You’ve lost this fight Peter.”

Peter tried to muster the strength to stand, but the energy in his entire body was depleted, his form reverted back to normal and he fell to his knees, holding the wound on his stomach.

“I hope you burn in hell, b*tch!” Peter said as he collapsed on the floor.


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