My Vampire System Chapter 1956: Flying The Distance

Peter and Erin’s fight was in no way a comfortable one for either of them. Although Peter now had a lot more celestial energy than last time, which powered him up in a certain way, it didn’t do much against Erin. Even though he had landed a full-blown hit right on her, it was clear that she was fine, and he would have to try harder if he wished to get the upper hand in this battle.

However, if there was one thing that Peter was, it was relentless, as he didn’t give her a second to recover and had already resumed raining down his fists upon her, throwing them one after another before she could even react.

“Your body probably still hasn’t even fully healed yet, and yet you are trying to attack me!” Keeping the sword in its flame state, Erin felt the need to do more damage.

While the ice sword would perhaps slow down the intensity of Peter’s attacks, she knew it wouldn’t do much in terms of dealing actual damage to him. Thus swinging her sword, she tried to hit the skin of Peter’s knuckles.

It was still impossible for her sword to cut through the strange black substance that Peter had covering his knuckles with for some reason, but the flames coming from each strike would do something as they twirled from the sword and were directed right towards Peter’s chest, pushing him back slightly every time.

‘The sword only emits flames when swung, but if I use the third stage of Qi, I can redirect the flames to more vital points and continue to hurt Peter in this way,’ Erin quickly thought of a plan.

However, just like before, Peter didn’t seem to care about the flames that were burning on his body, and he threw out two fists at the same time, firing them off like a shotgun–full of power and might.

There was only one way Erin could think of to block this attack. Therefore, while swinging her sword again to skim both of Peter’s arms, she herself leapt up into the air through the momentum of the sword.

‘Damn it. This undead can use Qi as well. Even if I had blocked the attack, the power and shockwave would have still hit me. Since when did he get so smart?’

The thing was, Peter wasn’t thinking about what he was doing at all, he had only one thought on his mind, and that was the fuel behind his aggression.

‘Kill.. kill… kill… I need to kill her. That way, Quinn won’t have to. If I get rid of her here, then he won’t have any guilt for doing so. I have to do this, I must take her down!’

While in the air, Erin had forgotten about a small detail. The head-tail raised up and whacked her right on the side of her armour where her ribs would be.

The strike from the head-tail was just as strong as if Peter himself was swinging a sword. Before her body could be flung off to the side, he grabbed her by the foot and swung her by her ankle, slamming her right onto the ground, creating a sizable crater from the impact.

“I’m not done yet!” Peter shouted as he lifted her by the foot again, ready to slam her into another area of the ground. But suddenly, Peter felt like he was no longer holding anything, and as he finished his motion, there was nothing in his hands.

“Where did she go?” Peter thought as he looked around.

Looking at his hand, he still didn’t understand. He had a tight grip and was sure she hadn’t gotten out of it, and yet she had somehow managed to slip through.

“You people are annoying. In fact, it seems like you and Chris are the only annoying ones that are currently here, so I guess it won’t be that big of a problem,” Erin said, “You are strong, but I can tell this is the limit to your strength. You have no trump card and nothing through which you can use to turn the situation around. Whereas for me, it’s different. You haven’t even forced me to the limit.”

Right now, Erin was sitting on top of a large black horse with a strange greenish-blue glow coming out from its body and its nostrils. Aj and the other vampires were wondering where it had come from, they had no clue what this Horse was, but that wasn’t the case for Peter. He knew.

“I was wondering when you were going to use them,” Peter gritted his teeth as he curled his hand into his fist.

Without a doubt, this was one of the four kings that he had seen before, and Erin had control of all four of them. There was still a lot more that Peter needed to do in this fight if he wanted to win.

For Erin, the four kings were something that she had refused to use in the fight against the celestial. She had learned multiple times that she always needed something to protect her.

If the past was anything to go by, she had seen time and time again how people would die, so she would never fully overexert herself and leave herself open if she had to.<sub></sub>

If it came to it, she would even try and run away from a fight before using all of her energy. With Peter in front of her though, Erin had concluded if she wanted to get rid of him, she only needed to use a bit more strength. She would still have room and power to get rid of the rest of them safely.

As for Peter, he knew Erin was right. He didn’t have any trump cards. He just had his fist that he needed to rely on. There was one thing that could help him, but they had left it back on the ship.

Laxmus, in the end, was a lesser Wight, but he was someone who still carried his vampire energy. It was a debate beforehand about whether to bring him into the battle or not, and in the end, Peter decided against it.

This was due to who they were going up against: Erin. She was someone who gained power from fighting vampires. He was unsure if Laxmus’s dead body would do the same thing, but it wasn’t worth the risk, which meant that he would have to fight this battle on his own to win.

“You should have just stayed in whatever hole you were hiding in for the last thousand years!” Erin shouted.

The Horse started to run towards Peter. It was moving its legs swiftly and would almost turn invisible once in a while.

Peter had locked his eyes on its movement, but not just the Horse, but Erin herself was disappearing in and out as well.

‘Can that Horse make her invisible too? But I don’t remember her using this power before.’

When thinking back, the Horse hardly did much of anything, apart from fighting with Oscar with its full force and strength. The full capabilities of its powers weren’t really revealed, and who knew if the King’s strength from the families grew with time? If this was the case, then this certainly would be a tough battle.

Right then, Peter threw a fist, aiming right for the Horse, but it disappeared the next second, making him hit nothing but the air, and before he knew it, a large cut was made across his back.

“Peter!” Vanessa cried. She had been watching everything carefully so far.


Inside the ship, there were Chris, Peter, and the others who had landed not long ago. Laxmus was still in a room, his eyes open. To a degree, Peter could control his Lesser Wights and give them orders and such.

However, it was clear that Laxmus was different from the other Lesser Wights that he created. For one, it still could use vampire aura, nearly just as strong as it could before.

On top of that, Peter never did have to give it many commands or directions on how to fight. All of those things it just tended to do itself, which was why, now of all times, Laxmus had strangely made a move.

It turned its head toward a certain direction, and its eyes glowed slightly red. The next second it opened its wide mouth, gathering the red energy, and let out a small blast breaking right through the ship’s walls.

Flapping its wings, it started to take off, going through the whole it had just made. It stayed still in its place in the air for a few seconds. Once again, its head had turned in a certain direction as if it was searching for something or someone.

Moments later, Laxmus flew away into the distance.


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