My Vampire System Chapter 1955: A Powerful Wolf

AJ was so engrossed in the fight that he was unable to notice what had been happening so far, the subtle things that a particular person was doing so far. It was only now that he was watching the fight through the camera that he was able to see things from a much wider perspective.

‘If only I noticed sooner, if I told Chris, then he might have been able to come out of this one top.’ AJ told himself.

Although, thinking about it more, would it really have been much help, how would AJ even communicate the trouble that he could see from so far away, without disturbing or distracting Chris?

‘All I can do now is pray that you get through this, you are the hope of this group in the end.’ AJ thought.

Landing on the ground, Chris was still confident, the fact that Zero had created a barrier of what he could only suspect was Qi, meant that he was draining Zero out, bit by bit.

‘This is good, there is no need for me to use the fourth stage, nor is there the need for me to transform completely into a wolf. This body uses the least amount of energy allowing me to be at my strongest, and is the best at healing itself.

‘This fight, I can win this one.’

Zero continued to run around the place swinging his sword, bit by bit, and that’s when Chris went directly towards him once again. Two large strikes of energy, went toward Chris but had missed him as Chris moved from side to side, easily avoiding the attacks.

He jumped one way, then the other, and with the third jump, headed straight toward Zero.

“Where are you trying to hit!” Chris yelled, as he bashed Zero with both his hands, but had hit nothing but the blade, sending him back.

“I thought I mentored you better than this, in all honesty, I never thought that, out of everything, that this would be your downfall!” Zero stated. “Be aware of your surroundings!”

Zero had placed his sword in the sheath again, which meant he would be storing up power for a large attack. However, if that was the case, then it meant Zero had to be confident that Chris was unable to attack or touch him. Seeing this was ringing alarm bells in his head, and made him not step forward for a second.

Instead, Chris started to look around, to see if there was any kind of trap that had been set up.

“A little too slow, don’t you think?” Zero chuckled.

“This… what do I do?” Chris thought

Now, when looking around in the air, there were several Qi strikes all over in the air. They were there just hovering in place and floating about. This was all due to Zero’s ability.

His ability, which allowed him to hit his target no matter what, but it also allowed him to control his attacks, a bit like how vampires could use blood control.

His Qi attacks were floating in place, just waiting for Zero’s ability to be activated on Chris, and at any moment, no matter what, these fifty or so powerful Qi strikes would all come toward Chris at once, hitting him no matter what.

“You… fine, bring it on!” Chris shouted.

Stretching his arms out by his side and spreading his legs, Chris had seen Zero’s ability and he knew that there was no chance for him to run away. The best thing to do was to face them head on.

“Let’s see, how you do.” Zero stated, as his ability was activated and all of the strikes now were moving towards Chris, from every possible angle.

Some of the attacks were a little behind others, so they wouldn’t be hitting him at the same time, and that was what Chris needed to rely on. As the aura came in and struck him, he swung his arms at two of them, as hard as he could, aiming to equal out the attack.

He had done a good job but it was pointless, at the same time several slashes had hit his legs, hit his back, hit the other parts of his body. The slashes were piercing his tough hide, going through the Qi that he had.

‘I have to… I have to fight this!’ Chris thought, as he looked up into the sky, and let out a large howl of energy.

“WHOOOOO!” Chris shouted, trying to activate all of the Qi in his body to reinforce it. In his werewolf form, it was better to use the first stage of Qi, to improve his body capabilities rather than the second stage as a barrier.

All he could hope for was to minimise the damage of the attacks and increase the healing of his body.

However, the slashes of energy continued, there wasn’t just one wave, but there seemed to be several more waves of attacks. They were piercing through his skin, pushing him back, his body trying to heal as the slashes of power hit the inside of him.

“ARGHHHH!!!” Chris continued to scream. “I can’t lose here, I can’t die here. Not when I have finally just started to live.”<sub></sub>

Chris began to swing his hand, trying to destroy the Qi attacks coming towards him, he was taking a step forward as more slashes were hitting him, still piercing his body and his blood was dripping on the floor.

“Come on Chris!” AJ shouted. “The whole world is counting on you, take out this damned fake!”

Chirs swung his hand, but got hit by ten more slashes that were just directed toward his arm as well. He was sure by now the attacks had to be over, only a few more seconds at least.

“Just starting to live?” Zero repeated. “Don’t worry, after I am done with you here. I promise I will bring you back, and then you will see the light, and see how right I was!”

Unleashing his sword out from his sheath, Zero threw out a devastating attack.

“160,000 soul Qi strike!” Zero shouted.

The line of aura that came out was larger, more condensed and powerful compared to before. On top of that, straight after, Zero swung his sword a few more times, throwing more of the Qi strikes, but with lesser energy, out towards Chris.

The attacks were still hitting Chris non stop, but he could see the large attack coming his way.

‘I have to focus on stopping this, if I don’t stop this one, it will be a real problem. I have to.’

Chris thought, as he readied both of his hands, he concentrated his Qi moving it to his hands, but in doing so, the other attacks were able to pierce his body deeper than they would have done.

Regardless, Chris didn’t flinch, he didn’t run, because any of these types of thoughts would just make things worse.

“If I’m going to that damned place, then I will at least take you with me!” Chris shouted, throwing both of his fists together hitting the attack from Zero at the right time.

It stopped it in its tracks, breaking the attack. Showing that Chris was no weaker in terms of power. However, the following attacks had hit Chris, right on his chest and following that, with his energy low, he was chucked onto the ground and fell over backwards.

The attacks had stopped, but with all of the cuts, covering nearly every inch of Chris’s body, it was hard to believe he was still alive, yet he still got up off the ground with blood dripping from his wounds.

“Chirs…” AJ couldn’t help but call out, and an overwhelming amount of emotions were coming over him. “You can… stop Chris, you don’t have to get up again, you have done enough, you have already fought so hard.”

“Look at us.” Zero said. “There is still not a single wound on my body. I know what your plan was. With your strength you were planning to outlast me. After the last fight, you probably thought I was low on Qi.

“If I just ran out of Qi, and you were able to land a few hits on me the fight would be over right? Although that was a good train of thought to have.

“As you can tell I still have plenty of power.”

Chris coughed, and a large chunk of thick blood and mucus came out onto the floor.

“How many, how many more lives did you take behind my back to have this much power?” Chris said. “I can’t believe, for so long I worked for a monster like you. I was wrong about you… and I was wrong about trying to out last you. So it’s time to just go all out.”

A ball of energy looked to be summoning out of Chris’s chest. His wounds weren’t healing fast anymore, and he was still in his werewolf form, but something strange was starting to happen as the energy from his chest spread out through his entire body.

HIs skin, no, not only his skin, but the grey fur all over his body, was starting to turn red.

“Stage 4 Qi, with my werewolf form, using both of my powers at its maximum potential. It might take every last single drop of energy from my body… but now I can see that’s what it will take to beat you!”

Seeing this, AJ had never seen such a beautiful sight before, a red werewolf.


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