My Vampire System Chapter 1954: Stolen Power

Now that there were two fights going on at once, AJ was trying his best to film both of them without getting his equipment destroyed, Even though the drones had gone through improvements, allowing them to survive through storms, a high degree of heat and so on, there was always a chance for them to break.

In the past, they had broken and they had been improved upon, but a single direct hit from any of these four fighting and he knew he would lose his precious footage.

‘It’s a good thing that all of the recorded footage automatically backs up onto a server so I will never lose it, but these drones cost an arm and a leg. I guess I just have to be careful.’

Most of the drones that were being used were covering Peter’s and Erin’s fight, but the direct camera that AJ was using, he was focusing on Chirs and Zero.

Using his ability, he was running around getting the perfect shots and getting in and out of the range of their fighting. Shockwaves from the attacks from before would hit him now and then, but he just had to suck it up and continue on.

The large ball of energy that was covering the two of them had started to disappear, yet strong shock waves were still coming out from the area, and several loud bangs afterwards.

Now that he could see, AJ could tell that the fight was still going on between the two of them. Sword was clashing against claws, and a display like no other of physical and sword mastery was being put on.

A swing from Chris’s claw went right for Zero’s face, before it was knocked away and hit to the side. Although it looked like there was nothing on Chris’s hands and it was just a normal swing, five large lines appeared in the ground not too far away from where they were fighting.

Seeing another strike, Zero swirled around to the side of Chris trying to move away, but knew it wouldn’t be quite enough. With his other hand free, he threw it out.

A strong invisible force was felt that had pushed Chris slightly away. It didn’t hurt him in any way, but just moved him slightly out of position.

‘The third stage of Qi… Zero is probably the most skilled person in the world, and the one with the most amount of Qi right now. I have to think of all the possibilities he can do when fighting with Qi!’

Just as Chris turned back around to face Zero, he could see a large slash of Qi heading his way.

“100,000 Soul Qi strike!”

The attack had hit Chris’s chest, piercing him slightly, before the attack could go any deeper, he let out a large howl, and used both of his hands, almost ripping the strike apart.

Chris’s face started to transform even more, elongating and looking less like a human and more like a Werewolf. The next moment, the attack was shattered.

“I see now that you have no problems with killing me, and that I should be the same!” Chris shouted in anger.

Bracing himself, Zero quickly threw out two strikes behind him with his sword. It looked almost like he was displaying some type of move set, as he swung his sword here and there, and other places, while shooting out the aura of Qi yet none of them were directed at Chris.

Holding his sword steady, it lit up pink now compared to before and he stood there waiting for the other to attack.

Out of anger, with another howl, Chris started to swing his arms, in the air several lines of energy, like a large scratch mark appeared in the air, and were heading straight for Zero.

Condensing the energy, to only be used in his sword, Zero swung it, breaking right through the energy claw marks. Swinging again and again, Zero broke one after another with his sword.

However, the attacks were strong, as each time the attack hit, even though he was breaking them, he was being moved back, further and further.

Although Zero’s sword and Qi were doing well against the attacks, his arms were feeling a bit heavy and numb from the attacks.

When the barrage of attacks were finally over, Zero looked forward and noticed Chris was no longer there.

“Turn around!” Chris shouted, as he pulled Zero’s shoulder so the front of his body was facing him, and before Zero could react, Chris delivered a strong large fist right to his stomach hitting him in the air.

Before Zero could get away from Chris, he leapt up, now above him. Zero had spun around desperately throwing out sword strikes of Qi here and there, but with a slight tilt of his head, Chris was able to avoid it.<sub></sub>

With both of his hands held together, Chris then slammed it down, right on top of Zero’s body, sending him crashing into the ground.

“I know your Qi is strong, I know your second stage and first stage will protect from all of that. There is a lot more that I need to do to finish you off!”

Swinging his arms again, the claws of energy went straight to where Zero crashed into,. They started to rip into the ground, and were shaking the whole floor around them each time the attacks hit.

‘I know he has a lot of Qi, but he just got off from fighting the celestial. If I keep attacking him, eventually his second stage Qi barrier should be down.

‘The smart thing to do after that, is leave the first stage of Qi to empower the body and heal the wounds, once all of that Qi is gone as well, he won’t be able to attack anymore.

‘I will make this a fight about who will last longer, and if that is the case then my Werewolf body will win!’

AJ, who continued to film it all, couldn’t believe the display of powers that were being put on right now. The reason why he had personally been filming Chris’s and Zero’s fight was because he thought it made a better headline at the end of the day.

The two top leaders of Pure going head to head, a display of Pure powers, it was a pun headline, but sometimes it needed to be done.

The attacks were relentless from Chris as he continued to swing his arms in the air, each time chucking out a claw of energy. At first there was quite a bit of dust from the original set of attacks.

Something strange then started to occur, the ground was no longer shaking, even though Chris was still attacking even at this moment. The dust around the area was starting to settle, which was allowing them to see what was going on.

As it did, a sight that no one expected had occurred, even Chris had a sweat on the side of his face but continued to swing his arms as he watched this.

Standing in the crater, Zero had his hand held up, and around a metre away from his body, all of the strikes that Chris were throwing were just hitting into a type of invisible wall.

It looked like there was a type of barrier that was around Zero, one that didn’t allow any of Chris’s attacks to touch him.

“You have a superhuman body that can heal nearly anything, you have great strength, speed, and a ridiculous amount of Qi. These things are even things that I wish I had.

“However, I would have never subjected myself to become something like you. I would feel less like myself. I wish to do everything with my own strength.” Zero claimed.

“Own strength!” Chris shouted as he gave out a bigger swing than before, and a large claw strike went straight towards Zero.

It hit the strange barrier just like before, but this time there was a slight squint in Zero’s eyes and a bend in his knees.

“Your own power? You mean all your power that you stole from others. Have you really sunk so far that you don’t even realise that?” Chris shouted.

“Do you see anyone by my side right now?” Zero replied. “This is my own power!” Moving his hand away, Zero started to run, moving away from Chris’s claw strikes.

While running he was swinging his blade once again, not aiming for Chris, but just aiming in his general direction as he swung and swung.

Chris landed on the ground, and was ready to go toe to toe with Zero once again, but that’s when of all people, AJ noticed something.

‘No… why didn’t I notice it sooner… what Zero was trying to do?’ AJ thought.


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