My Vampire System Chapter 1953: Magic And Science

Peter was already in his fully transformed state as he burst forward and ran across the field to get to the other’s side. Although Peter looked the same in his current form as he did before, it was clear to Chris that the energy surrounding him was certainly different.

When the two of them had fought against the celestial before, the last punch that Peter had delivered had a large amount of celestial points, given by Quinn in the final moments.

The only thing was Quinn had never returned those celestial points, and right now, Peter had well over a 100,000 celestial points. Giving him enough energy that would rival actual celestials.

As Peter ran, a radiating red aura was following him, looking almost like a copy of himself just delayed by a fraction of a second. When he got close to the others, Peter leapt in the air and threw a punch on his way down.

Erin swung her sword from below with a perfect measure of time. Although Peter was fast, Erin’s actions and eyes could keep up with it. This was something she could always do due to the flow of energy she could see.

People’s energy was more honest than they were, allowing her to recognize what someone was going to do before they would do it, allowing her to keep up with even those that were faster than her.

“I’ll chop your arm right off!” Erin screamed, as the sword clashed against Peter’s arm.

Rather than cutting through it like she expected though, the sword stopped as it hit the strange black outer-casing that Peter had on his arms.

“Die B*tch!” Peter shouted back as his special head tail twisted and went right for a stab. Quickly skimming her sword off from Peter’s arm, she knocked the head tail away from piercing her armour.

The head tail continued to attempt to stab her, and stepping back a few steps, Erin would move the large sword’s position slightly, stopping the stab attacks from reaching her in time, one after another.

‘This woman, I thought she was struggling against the celestial before, so why is she doing well against me?’ Peter thought. ‘My attacks should be sending her to the moon, yet she is matching me back in strength, just like the time before.’

Blocking the head tail from attacking again, it was now moving considerably slower compared to what it was before. Peter tried to twist the tail and noticed that it was slightly frozen.

‘The sword’s power, she’s been using it this whole time, bit by bit to freeze my head tail.’

“You might have gotten better at fighting, stronger in your hits, and faster, but still after all this time, you don’t think when you’re fighting!” Erin twisted the handle on the sword, and the first ring lit up.

Swinging it downward, a whole tunnel of flames had hit Peter, sending him back. An intense heat was felt all over his body, and Erin could hear yelling but was unable to see anything. Using her ability instead, she could see Peter’s energy through the flames.

The tunnel was still swirling around his body, yet the flames were no longer pushing Peter back, and instead he was coming right towards her instead.

Jumping right through, Peter had thrown out a fist again, and it had hit Eirn right on the chest. Sending her crashing back and bouncing off the ground, until she had flipped herself in the air from a bounce and landed on her feet holding her chest.

The armour wasn’t damaged, but the blow was still felt having gone through it slightly.

“So what!” Peter shouted. “It’s worked for me so far, and it will work for me now as well.”


Not too far away from where Peter and Erin had started their fight, Chris and Zero were standing opposite each other around ten metres away. Neither of them had made the first move yet.

“What’s wrong?” Zero eventually spoke. “You managed to summon up the will to go against me, but when reality sinks in, and push comes to shove, you can’t attack me?”

Chris didn’t know what to say, he was still in his partially transformed Werewolf like state. His breathing was slightly heavier in this form.

“You should know you won’t succeed.” Chris spoke. “There is no need for us to fight, if your task is already going to fail.”

Zero laughed as he kept his sword in his sheath and took a step forward. It was the same stance that he had taken when he was ready to fight out against Gorgath.

“And who is going to stop me, that crazy undead man? You? I was the one that made you as strong as you are today, do you really think that I would willingly make you stronger than me?<sub></sub>

“I had a hunch that you might turn on me one day, to disagree with my methods. There is a saying that if you want things done, then you need to do them yourself, but please feel free to stay and do nothing, because right about now, Agent 4 will be completing the long and awaited task that had been given to me by him, then finally I will get my wish.”

Hearing these words, Chris knew he had to act, he had to stop Agent 4 from doing whatever it was he was doing. His claws elongated, his legs bulged and grew in size as Chris launched from his position, reaching Zero, who pulled out the sword from his sheath.

“150,000 soul Qi strike!”

At the same time Chris swung his hand.

‘I know his ability, even if I dodge this attack, it will hit me regardless, so the best thing to do, when fighting against Zero, is to go head to head, and in this body, that’s the best thing for me!’

The large furry arm struck right against the sword, and a glow appeared between the two strikes of power. Both of them using immense amounts of Qi.

Zero’s strike had more Qi due to all of those that he had absorbed over the years, while Chris had his physical strength and his Werewolf form to back him up.

The two strikes of power created a large ball of energy that engulfed the two of them inside. Not allowing for the bystanders that were watching, anything to see about what was going on.

“The amount of power in these fights.” Jessica commented. “If they were fighting on Earth, I fear that the whole planet would have been destroyed.”

The others knew what she meant, most of the time, these great energies in their attacks were just hitting each other, their own bodies, so it was hard to tell how much power was behind each strike.

But if these attacks were directed towards the planet, towards destruction of the planet, it would be a simple thing for these people to do.

It was a good thing they were on this planet as well, since the ground was harder. This planet certainly was a special place, to harbour so many demon tier beasts and still have land that had survived.


In a different location, but on the same planet, Agent 4 had finally reached his destination. The strange device that he had brought with him showed that the energy readings in this particular area were going drastically up and then settling back down.

Currently, he was on a peak of a relatively small mountain. The spire at the top didn’t pierce the clouds or anything like that, but instead it was a special point.

Standing at the top, looking towards one area of the planet, lightning could be seen striking the ground constantly. In another section, large amounts of lava were spewing from the floor, heavy rain in the next and so on.

The planet was a strange one, but at this point, it was calmer than ever, yet one could see all of the chaos that was going on everywhere else.

‘This is it, the point where it connects with the other realms of the celestials. I can feel it, even the red heart is radiating in and out with power.’ Agent 4 thought.

‘There was a reason why we chose this planet in the first place, and this is the location where Immortui told us to put the red heart.’

On the top of the mountain there was quite the flat surface, and carrying the red heart, Agent 4 placed it down. After that he pulled out a piece of white chalk.

“Look at me, a man of science dabbling in magic. Although Zero passed on the secret of immortality to me. He has allowed me to stay in this world for as long as I wish through the Qi drain.

“So, I will do as he asks, and return the favour.”

Smiling, Agent 4 began to draw a circle around the red heart, and started to draw the shapes and symbols that he had been told to memorize.


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